For The Dr. Phil Fans

September 21, 2005

From Page 6 in the NY Post:

September 21, 2005 — DR. Phil is hiring — but not paying much. The TV shrink, who makes at least $15 million a year hosting "Dr. Phil," posted a help-wanted ad on seeking full-time and part-time transcribers for the fourth season of the syndicated daytime hit. Unfortunately, the penny-pinching TV host is offering a paltry $7 per hour, and no benefits. Adding insult to injury, the ad reminds prospective employees that they must be willing to work the graveyard shift. A rep for the show declined to comment.

You know, it’s all because he cares! ; )

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  1. TANYA says:

    Thats what most big companies pay? sad huh. Profits go to the rich

  2. Bigfish says:

    That phony probably doesn’t provide health insurance either.

  3. roy says:

    What’s important to dr. Phil is dr. Phil.

  4. vincent says:

    Oh, I see. Because Dr Phil’s a tightwad, Deepak never said those horrible things? LOL

  5. Just Somebody's Grandma says:

    That is extremely low. I live and work in Louisiana and make twice that amount to transcribe. I don’t think I will be applying.

  6. weetah says:

    Dan, that’s unfair.
    i work in television, that’s how it works. you work your way up from the bottom. this is non union. its freelance, which means no benefits, and loggers often work overnights. 10-12 hours. i pay 75-100/day. its not dr. phil, its industry.
    that’s the bottom of the food chain. those are the college kids, and they’re hungry for anything, paid or not.
    i dislike dr. phil. a lot. but its not just him, its all around.

  7. Anna says:

    What is minimum wage now? Think its $5.35 or $5.50? So Dr P wants someone to prove they can/will do the job before heavily investing in them. Well above what they would make in food service. I think TV is like working for congressmen, the experience has value and they will start anywhere they can. Lots of teenagers with no experience work for less.

  8. Shell says:

    I have a poor opinion of Dr. Phil, in general. Nothing surprises me about him. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, in my opinion.

  9. juninho says:

    Hilarious, Dan. Your report makes me want to beat my chest like a gorilla, throw my head back and yell “What do you want me to do?”

  10. Jane says:

    GASP! Gee whiz…so what. If you don’t want the job don’t apply for it.

  11. sensible says:

    Here’s another story about Dr. Phil that hit today. He needs to practice what he preaches.
    From Liz Smith’s column:
    September 21, 2005

    So, what’s gotten into America’s lovable, rationalist pop-culture shrink? I
    do mean Dr. Phil, a man who was unknown before Oprah gave him a forum. Now
    he is behaving like a Diva Deluxe. Last Friday, the good doctor was to speak
    at an obesity forum being held by California’s first lady, Maria Shriver. As
    a condition of his appearance, Phil insisted the governor introduce him. In
    between, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s calendar filled up and he felt he had to
    Maria had Dr. Phil called, not once but twice, telling him the governor
    could not introduce him, just in case he wanted to back out. The day of the
    symposium, she arrived to find Dr. Phil sitting, pouting. He refused to
    speak. Finally she insisted he talk to her, and he said, “I am not happy.”
    Maria said she was so sorry but they had called twice to advise him of the
    change. He stormed, “No one called me.” An aide said nervously, “Yes, Phil,
    they did!” Dr. Phil was still irate: “No one told me!”
    The great analyst of “getting along” continued to huff and puff. Someone
    said nervously that perhaps the governor could come by after all. Maria
    said, “No, we are not redoing the governor’s schedule. Phil, I suggest you
    just leave if you feel this way.” Dr. Phil insisted he had to use the
    bathroom first. Maria indicated it was down the hall. Dr. Phil said he could
    not use a public bathroom. Maria said calmly, “Well, that’s the only one we
    have. Use it or not. Take your camera crew and go.”
    After the doctor availed himself of the facilities, he came back sheepishly
    and said, “I might as well stay now that I am here.” Maria told him he
    didn’t have to and she advised him, “My 7-year-old doesn’t act the way you
    do.” When Dr. Phil pled exhaustion from being absorbed in the Katrina
    rescues, Maria told him, “You’re tired? How do you think those people feel?”
    So just in case you wonder, this exchange was not leaked by the first lady.
    Many people experienced this exchange, and it’s the talk of California and
    TV land.

  12. jan says:

    Transcribers or translators – hmm maybe he needs the for the corrupt documents he flaunts and the copy paste video tapes he shows – ya that would probably pay about $7.00 an hour.
    What a big phony he is – totally disgusting!!

  13. bamaguy11 says:

    Sounds like the American Way!!!
    Dr. Phil is a Conservative
    Maybe he can hire some migrant workers from his home state to work for those wages.

  14. ! says:

    I do not think he calls the shots on how much people are to be paid.
    They probably let him know that the budget of his show will allow for him to hire some folks in that price range. Probably just people who are still in school. Dr. Phil is really not a bad guy as many say he is. He has tied to help a lot of people. His approach to things may not always be as anohter woudl do it but its his show . I have no dislike for him. What he dies on his show is his business. He’s just another human trying to make a living, just like the rest of us. Who are we to judge him.

  15. terps says:

    This is a petty, pointless and small-minded snipe at the man. And I’m no particular fan of the guy.

  16. Amy says:

    I’m a transcriptionist, medical, and average $22 an hour at home. Any transcriptionist with half a brain would laugh…and point.

  17. weet says:

    amy, people who transcribe tv are people who want to be editors and producers. its a whole different ballgame than medical transcription. You get yout $75 a day and you work sometimes 15 hour days and you shut up and take it and move up and on.
    i did. now i produce.

  18. paul says:

    Heard the Shriver story early this am.
    Like mother oafrah like daughter phil
    I never transcribed or translated but I made 8MM + after.
    I hope it makes me a bad person.

  19. Daniel says:

    Does anyone know roughly how much guests are PAID to appear on the show? I’m not talking famous people here, I mean like an average couple coming on to talk about their marital problems. I’m writing a story (fiction) and want to be in the ballpark. thanks!