Taylor Behl Crime Scene

October 6, 2005

It’s unclear what this might mean – but it appears her body may have simply been dumped in a shallow ravine, as opposed to buried.

The scene is in a remote area of Mathews County about three tenths of a mile off Knight’s Wood Road. Sources close to the investigation tell me Taylor was found in a ravine along a dirt road. Her decomposed body found wrapped in a plastic bag with her remains scattered around.

Authorities say Taylor’s skull was removed Wednesday to identify her through dental records. The rest of the remains were removed today. A system was used to map the crime scene detailing where evidence was found. Investigators say so far they have not determined the cause of death and can’t comment on a possible motive but they say their case is focused.

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  1. Cindi in PA says:

    How freaking sad!
    “Authorities say Taylor’s skull was removed Wednesday to identify her through dental records. The rest of the remains were removed today.”
    Odd, sounds like her skull was separate from the rest of her body, I doubt the skull would be removed from an intact torso. Or the skull cut out by authorities at the crime scene.

  2. fishie says:

    One has to wonder about the childhood/upbringing of a man that could put a beautiful soul into a plastic bag and dump her in a ravine like garbage.

  3. Cindi in PA says:

    We had a case here in the early eighties If i remember right. Little infant boy, Zachery Dachery was his name. The mother killed and dismembered him while husband at work. He came home and helped her dispose of the remains. They dumped it into a river. My step father worked the case, said it was the most horrable crime he ever investigated. The father did a short time in jail, he can’t even get a job around here, tried to change his name but the courts would not allow it. Gee, poor guy!

  4. TheAlamo says:

    You know, crap like this is sick. I guess the best way to stop this mess is to literally hang these guys by their thumbs and torture them while the rest of the world watches. It is my guess that after about 5-6 of them, shown on TV, that the crime rate would go way down. But…
    whoever did it will be considered “insane” but can be “re-habilitated” and will serve 5-6 years in a mental institution, then set free….

  5. terret says:

    a special entry that Ben made into his livejournal–
    it refers to his sex with “T”– i wonder who that could be… and with a morbid question at the end
    The time spent with “T” was a lot of fun, and I will treasure that as something very special. I will also harbor the hope that I will get the chance to go there again with her, though I am almost certain that will never be. If I do get that chance again I do have something in mind that I would like to see if she enjoys.

  6. 1inrichmond says:

    I can’t help but wonder if BF did this, how did he get Taylor all the way down to Mathews Co. and how did he get back? Did he take HER car (he doesn’t have one)? If he did, why didn’t the dog pick up HIS scent? I am sure they used something of his too (since he was a person of interest at the time). Also, what happened to the tan Nissan that was impounded? Where are Taylor’s license plates? Who is Grn Erth—Erin? She does say she is a vegetarian.
    I still have a feeling they will find Ben Fawley’s camera down at the place near the crime scene. I think BF was abducted himself (like he said and the police seem to believe).
    I still can’t help but think he may have been set up—pure speculation as we all are doing.
    I have a daughter now at VCU, and I will certainly be glad when this thing is over and solved!

  7. Captain Joe says:

    Do you think that Taylor could have been pregnant from the April meeting with Fawley? Is that why he might have killed her?

  8. Aunt Em says:

    At 5 months she certainly would have been showing by September.
    Look, no offence to dude from Richmond, but Ben’s story doesnt add up. His timeline is off for being abducted, he told police he had sex with her in case they ever did find her and found his semen in her and blamed his ex who had a complaint against him for the abduction. If you were abducted in the wee hours of the morning why would you wait to blog about it and then call the police? How did he get home?

  9. Cindi in PA says:

    Do you think that Taylor could have been pregnant from the April meeting with Fawley? Is that why he might have killed her?
    Posted by: Captain Joe | Oct 6, 2005 11:02:34 PM
    they would be able to tell from an autopsy. But I doubt it.

  10. absynth_minded says:

    News just said that it’s believed she was killed elsewhere in Mathews County and later dumped in the ravine…
    Shallow graves spell haste, but a simple dumping is even more hasty (or more indifferent and the trademark of many a sociopath, take you’re pick.)
    At any rate, my heart aches for her mother… When she mentioned that reality hit her when she walked in the house and saw Taylor’s room and stuff all over the place, I started to tear up.
    It’ll be nice to have some cold hard facts so the that the speculations can rest and Taylor’s memory can live.

  11. Kelly3 says:

    Her mom has carried herself with such grace. Her only child just so sad and tragic. Prayers for Taylor’s mom. Godspeed Taylor!

  12. Belsma says:

    God bless Taylor, her family and friends! I cannot even begin to imagine what they are deaing with in their hearts and minds! Like many–I was trying to “pretend” it was not her yesterday, but I think we all knew it was. Damn, that bright, beautiful girl was taken away from us…because of some jackass–but why? “He’s” been a JA for so long, but why Taylor–well, why anyone? What in the sam hell happened?

  13. Unhappy says:

    When Little Benny first came out with his half-baked alibi – the abduction by “3 or 4″ Bushy Haired Strangers, I read somewhere that you can expect him to weave elements of truth into his fantasy. Well, now we have two: the dirt road (he says he was dumped on a dirt road, the body was found by a dirt road), and the bag (he says a bag was placed over his head, the body was found in a bag).

  14. absynth_minded says:

    Next the camera will show up. Like someone else stated, the is no way that he could not take pictures, shutter bug that he is.
    I also have been toying with the idea that old Ben may have been embarking on the ultimate taboo, SNUFF footage.

  15. Carrie says:

    absynth, what is snuff footage?
    unhappy, that’s true.. I didn’t think of that. The dirt covers him for when dirt is found in his home? The bag on his head would be from the same bags that the “kidnappers” used to kill Taylor.. He is an idiot dumbass to think people would fall for that story.

  16. Carrie-- says:

    nevermind, I found it absynth.. I don’t think Ben is that brave..

  17. Carrie says:

    Well, I guess if he killed Taylor he is brave enough for anything right?! Strike my last comment. What a scary thought..

  18. Denton56 says:

    Can anyone point me to who said that the police believe the crime happened elsewhere in Mathews county? What police authority made the statement?

  19. absynth_minded says:

    On my local news the comment was made. The quote came from either the police chief or an FBI agent.
    They could just be going on the fact that a bag was used (generally for transport) or that blood was found in Ben’s boxspring.
    We should know soon enough…

  20. Trish says:

    This is in no way as disregard to 1inrichmonds’s thoughts ,but this is my idea,If ben was being framed,and innocentI would think that after being abducted going home and blogging about the night before,at some point before or just following his report to the police woudnt a person say hey? Last night I was attacked and now I hear my dear friend is missing,maybe I should go back to the p.d and let them know where,exactly I was dumped(after all if he found his way home he had to have a general idea of where he had been)and voice my concerns? After all if Erin was as he said trying to torture him how better than to hurt someone close to him….Logic tells me if I was attacked and a friend with whom I have had relations with the night before goes missing I would start to wonder (if indeed I had not actually made the whole Erin thing up) if my ex were behind it all, and I would of spilled the beans about all my taudry doings for fear and love of my missing young friend, and even if I were not that close to the missing person,had it just been sex,a normal human being would still fear for that person especially after being attacked themselves.The set up thing just sounds way to fishy.

  21. cosmicmojo says:

    Good points Trish, if Fawley really was abducted, he would have told the police where he was (if he didn’t know, the guy who picked him up could tell him) so they could look for Taylor.
    And if it really happened, the guy who picked him up and gave him a ride back to Richmond would have come forward by now. That’s why I know he wasn’t really abducted.

  22. Amiqueue says:

    This article talks about the Erin connection and says that she was indeed the one who told VCU police where the location in the photos is. It also says that the family believes more than 1 person was involved. I hadn’t realized that BF and JS worked together…

  23. blues says:

    By finding the TB’s body in Mathews COunty (BF’s connection to Erin) by a house (BF connection to previous visits and photos) and in light of BF’s abduction story, there is no way that he isn’t involved in the death of TB. I have been vacillating all along saying that there is no evidence against him, but now, there is no way to exclude him.
    I also thought BF was kind of shrewd in the way he came up with his story, but burying TB’s body where he did was really stupid on his part. He narrowed the field of suspects down to a few, whereas if she was found somewhere else, there possibly would be more suspects.
    In BF’s mind I bet he thinks he’s really clever – smarter than the police – that they won’t be able to figure it out. Maybe that’s just arrogance on his part – the same type of arrogance that allowed Joe Duncan to stroll into a Denny’s with Shasta Greone and not get caught.

  24. Midwest anon says:

    This whole time I’ve thought that more than one person was involved-I don’t know why-maybe becasue teenagers tend to move in packs and groups out of insecurity, or trying to identify with a non-family “tribe”. I’ll be interested to see who starts talking.
    What a mess.

  25. blues says:

    the other par tI forgot to mention is if what someone else said earlier – about ben using his abduction story as what happened to Taylor, I think it’s worht looking at every part of his story. The part I think about is that he said his camera and tripod were stolen. In my mind that means that he had his camera with him that night and is trying to account for it being found later – just as he tried to account for the his DNA on the bags, his DNA on TB, the soil on TB’s car, etc.
    It seems that whatever the highly illegal activity was that TB told Kevin about, it involved BF and his camera. I’m not sure whether BF planned TB’s demise or not. It seems more likely to me that “something happened” along the way, and BF’s “abduction” story afterward tried to account for all the evidence that would point to him.
    jmo, anyway…

  26. Midwest anon says:

    Blues-that sounds logical. I, too, have been wondering about the camera. Maybe the “highly illegal” activity had something to do with TB’s being underage,and possibly being filmed in a sex act–and maybe things went too far. I also think the arson/car theft angles are something to look at.
    She said an “early birthday present”-indicating she would still be 17, correct? Or was she talking about BF’s birthday?
    Do Kevin, Jesse, and Ian (the three her mom said she allegedly was skateboarding with) have alibis for that night?

  27. cosmicmojo says:

    “early birthday present”:
    Taylor would have turned 18 next week

  28. K says:

    I think he was trying to make it look like Erin Crabill murdered Taylor and set him up to take the fall (body on her property, items in outside trash can). Taylor wound up being a pawn in his obsession with Erin.

  29. Midwest anon says:

    Or he put Taylor next to her family’s property as a sort of warning: “look what I can do to someone who crosses me”. He’s got power and control issues-maybe he needed to exert his “power” over someone as a message to Erin-and the world- that he WILL be taken seriously and held in awe for being so “strong”. It seems with BF’s adoption, his child porn, etc., he feels unworthy of “normal” respect and love, and has to force people to respect and love him through manipulation and violence. Maybe he chose the goth community to be involved with because he thought they would “admire” him for actually “going through with it” instead of merely pretending, whereas, in “normal” culture, he would be-and is- a pariah.

  30. curiousmom says:

    I have been following this whole ordeal almost from the very beginning. I cannot begin to imagine how very sad and devastated her family and friends feel at this time. My heart and my prayers go out to every one of them.
    I have played with many different ideas and scenarios in trying to figure out how someone could possibly be so cruel, so animal like, and done something so unnecessary to such a sweet and beautiful spirit. I can speculate and guess all I want, but the only conclusion that I can come to, is that I don’t think we will ever know. I don’t think any of us will ever be able to understand any of this, because only another animal, posing in a human body, could ever begin to understand the events that have unfolded over the past month, and we are not animals. All of us, being real, live human beings, with feelings and thoughts and real love in our hearts, could never in a million years be able to stoop to such a level, that would give us this understanding.
    I, for one, am not going to give the person/people involved in this tragic turn of events, the satisfaction of buying into the fact that they are sick, therefore, they couldn’t help it. I happen to think that this person, or people that are involved, knew exactly what they were doing, and have taunted and played with all of us, right from the beginning, for thier own enjoyment. They have enjoyed the thrill of taking the life of a beautiful innocent young woman who had her whole life ahead of her, and they have enjoyed the thrill that so many people out there were paying attention. To say that such a person is sick, in my opinion, is playing into what he/they, want us to think.
    I will join in what Taylor’s mother Janet said, and say that this person, or persons, are subhuman, and don’t deserve to live and breathe the same air as we do. I hope and pray that justice will be served, and that just as we destroy any other animal that is a danger to society, the same will hold true for this animal or animals who are involved in this.
    My God continue to bless and hold Taylor’s family and friends close, and give them the comfort that they so despearately need right now!

  31. angry says:

    He’ll get his…Even the most hardened and heartless criminals in the federal prision don’t take kindly to men who mess with children, especially child pornographers and molestors. (And yes, he is a child molestor/rapist, she was 17 and in VA,consenual or not it’s a crime under 18!)
    Once, he expressed an intrest in bi-sexuality. I have a feeling he make get that chance to ‘experiment’.

  32. VASteve says:

    I’m very sad today.

  33. blues says:

    >>Posted by: Midwest anon
    interesting analysis. thanks.

  34. Midwest anon says:

    Thanks, blues. Just trying to wrap my head around WHY a person gets to the point of murder, and how, in the process of his life, he throws thousands of warning signals to the world. If only we had the resources to listen to all of the people like him who exist outside of the norm.
    And I agree that Fawley and anyone else involved will get a rude awakening in prison. He probably won’t survive to make it to death row.

  35. VASteve says:

    Midwest and everyone else – we’re not the jury, so let’s not jump to conclusions.
    Let’s instead offer strength to Taylor’s family and her memory and let the courts decide who was responsible.
    Show some respect for the family.

  36. blues says:

    >>Posted by: VASteve | Oct 7, 2005 12:49:45 PM
    With all due respect, this IS a forum for discussing the crime scene.

  37. Midwest anon says:

    VA Steve,
    Well said, and no disrespect intended.
    These sites allow all of us to speak about cases like these in a free way. It’s not always good to speculate-I admit. However, when a case like this happens, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t affect me deeply. I don’t know Taylor, but her face has been in front of me for a month and I’ve prayed and worried right along with her family. I’ve longed for her to be found and for justice to be brought. This affectes all of us-everyday I leave my house, or my neices go to school. The issue of murdered and abducted women is so grossly epidemic as to compel me to involve myself to some extent in the collective process of mourning Taylor and trying to figure out what happened.
    I hope her family sees blogs like this and feels strength-there are literally thousands of complete strangers who lived this simultaneously, and who love and pray for the Behls.
    Maybe this site is the strangers’ therapy. Maybe it’s a place where we can be angry and feel like we’re contributing something. Maybe we’re sick of people hurting beautiful young women and the only place we can express it is here.
    Regardless-my entire reason for being here is to seek answers, offer insight to a community of people who are doing the same, and to try to understand how people can take lives away from all of us. As I said, I will never forget Taylor-never, and I pray daily for hers and her family’s peace through solving this hideous crime.
    Most respectfully submitted

  38. interested party says:

    VASteve – Well said. I’m sickened by some of what I read and how many people’s names are mentioned with little thought. The law enforcement know what they’re doing. There are many “injured parties” here who are undeserving of their names and lives being splashed all over the internet. Most of all, we must consider Taylor’s family and friends. Thank you for speaking up. I thought I was the only one

  39. lonjay says:

    I look across the room in the store where I work every single day at the beautiful picture of the missing girl Taylor Behl, and I say to myself she was report missing just 75 miles away, I went to work today and read the Daily Press to find out that I live only 15 mins away and passed by her body over 10 times in the last month. Who would have ever known? God bless TB’s family.

  40. anon 2 says:

    That’s one of the saddest comments I’ve read. Just makes me want to cry.

  41. Rick says:

    Since we’re rehashing old news,I take it there’s no progress on the photos? Dan, did you notice the pond ON the property from your map link?