Kara Borden’s Sister Witnessed Ludwig Murder Borden Dad

November 14, 2005

Evidently the 13 year old Borden daughter witnessed the crime before hiding in the bathroom.

LITITZ, Pa. (AP) — The sister of a missing 14-year-old girl watched her father get shot to death as he was escorting an 18-year-old man from their home on Sunday after an argument, according to court records.

David G. Ludwig gunned down the missing girl’s father and mother and took the girl away from the house at gunpoint, police said. Neither Ludwig nor Kara Beth Borden, who is believed to be Ludwig’s girlfriend, has been seen since the slayings, and police are treating her disappearance as a potential kidnapping.

Katelyn Borden, 13, told investigators her father and mother were shot after they argued with Ludwig for about an hour in their home near Lititz on Sunday morning.

"As they got near the front door, Katelyn Borden saw David Ludwig with a handgun pointed toward her father and Katelyn saw David Ludwig pull the trigger, heard a gunshot, and then she ran into the bathroom," according to a police affidavit.

She heard a second shot — presumably the one that killed her mother — while hiding in the bathroom. He then ran through the house calling for Kara, she told investigators.

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  1. VASteve says:

    This is just sick.

  2. AC says:

    Does anyone have the link to Tara Beth Borden’s webpage? David’s page is linked to hers. If so, would you post the link for me? Thanks – AC

  3. cindi in pa says:

    If so, would you post the link for me? Thanks – AC
    Posted by: AC | Nov 14, 2005 12:16:12 PM
    Look on the right side of this thread under Blog Roll, drop down to ‘Dark Side” (Planet Huff), Steve has all the links to the web sites in his story.

  4. Pearl in USA says:

    Updating.just on MSNBC.. couple spotted at McDonalds in Lamar, PA and he has shaved his head and girl wearing a ponytail and looked as if had been crying.
    Police said it was a positive sighting.

  5. newsjunkiegirl says:

    She’s been loggin in to her myspace page,,,so maybe they can be tracked…last log in last time i checked was last night at 8pm…

  6. GreatOwl says:

    Looks like David is closing in on 300 comments of hate posted to his blog already. the websies of all the kids in that group are pretty typical of many I have seen with taylor

  7. littletxlady says:

    They have been captured, just a few mins. ago.

  8. littletxlady says:

    they were caught in Indiana.

  9. AUgirl says:

    Fox shows they were indeed caught in Indiana.

  10. willinpa says:

    local news coverage with web links for both kids: http://www.wgal.com

  11. farmgirl says:

    all this story needed to top all stories for the day was to have a sister named Lizzie..

  12. Sarah says:

    Does anyone know if they are still treating Kara as a victim, not a suspect and did the police come to a conclusion of what kind of relationship it was?

  13. Ashley says:

    I think Kara had something to do with her parents murder. Maybe not directly, but in one way or another. I mean it must have been a conversation between her and david. She obviously entertained the thought, which probably gave David the idea that she actually wanted them dead. It sucks because she is so young and has well had so much to live for.

  14. mchenry says:

    On the Abrams Report they just announced that Kara told police she went willingly with David. They said the police will be dropping the kidnapping charge against him.

  15. eyeforeye says:

    If I were one of her siblings, I’d shoot her after the trial was over…

  16. warmachine says:

    In all likelyhood, her siblings will distance themselves from her, with the thought that she somehow was responsible with her parents deaths. I feel no sympathy to Kara, she did not show any to her family.

  17. eyeforeye is a dick says:

    Blaming this girl shows you’re a crackhead or a wifebeater. Stop putting your head in toilet bowls and waiting for someone to make a bowel movement, loser.

  18. Rocker1970 says:

    Since she left willingly with the man who killed her parents, that makes her an accomplice to the crimes. Why hasn’t she been arrested and charged with this double murder yet?

  19. LegalAnalyst1 says:

    It doesn’t matter whether you call it aiding, abetting, conspiracy, joint venture. The bottom line is, she will face life behind bars.

  20. gg says:

    Kara Borden is a minor. She’ll face discipline/juvenile detetention/monitoring until she’s 18. Then her juvi record is sealed, and she starts all over with a clean “adult” one.
    She’ll be out when she’s 18. And Ludwig, ironically, will never see her again. He killed her parents because they said he could not see their daughter anymore. And by doing so, he ENSURED he’ll never see her again.
    She’ll forget him when her life fills with children, daycare, mortgage, PTA mtgs, daycare, and a career. But he’ll still be behind bars because of a stupid, stupid overreaction. And, after realizing love does NOT conquer all, her memory will fade – very slowly and extremely painfully.
    The rest of your life is a very LOOOOONG time.
    *THINK* before you act. Always.

  21. LegalAnalyst1 says:

    If she is charged because she was part of the planning, if she is charged because she was some sort of a co-conspirator, she will face murder charges, even if she didn’t pull the trigger. And the important thing to know about this, in terms of Pennsylvania law, is because she’s 14, she’s old enough to be transferred to adult court, be prosecuted as an adult and face, not the death penalty because of her age, but life behind bars.

  22. Ann says:

    Has anyone noticed how freaky it is that her last name is Borden? Remeber the Lizzie Borden story? Too weird…

  23. Natasha says:

    I read in a recent magazine that they dropped all charges against Kara saying that both lawyers agreed Kara had no part in the murders.
    I think it’s BS.
    I agree with everyone who stated Kara was somehow linked to the murders.
    If she felt she was old enough to date an 18 year old young man AND engage in sexual acts, not to mention the naughty emailing, photos, and phone calls… She should feel WELL old enough to take responsibility for her misleading actions!