Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Murder Suspect Ray Dandridge On Line

January 7, 2006

Harveygirls Update: At left is a picture of the two Harvey girls – Stella (left) and Ruby on right that Ray Dandridge, along with Ricky Javon Gray is apparently suspected of killing in such gruesome fashion.

While it isn’t 100% confirmed, it appears that one of the suspects in two gruesome family murders including the Harvey family in Richmond Virginia maintained a penpal website seeking a soulmate while previously in prison for armed robbery.

Dear Friends,
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover we all make mistakes and what don’t kill will only make us stronger. My friends call me Luckey. I’m 28, height 6′ 0" weight 215. I’m athletically built. I have two tatoos. I’m brown skin with baby brown eyes (smile)

I’m from Arlington/Phila. PA. I love to travel, dance, read, write and play chess. I like to play basketball and football, I like most music, sports, and poetry, yeah poetry and I would ;love to send you some of my work.

I’m an open minded and very romantic and understanding person. I believe in treating others as I want to be treated and respected in life.

235473I’m looking for good friends and my soul mate. I’m still missing that special woman in my life. I’m hoping to correspond with a mature woman who has a sense of humor, dreams, goals and is very open minded and understanding most of all who knows what she wants out of life, and a rea man. Your age, size and race does not matter, it’s what’s in your heart that counts and what’s on you mind that matters to me. I will answer all responses sent to me.

Ray Dandridge # 235473
State Farm, VA 23160 USA

h/t Susan

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  1. abigail says:

    Weird. So now it’s looking like total strangers just went into a random house and used “weapons” from within the home to kill an entire family? Why kill in that manner if it was just to rob, and I thought the police said it did not look like a case of robbery….

  2. Arrests Made in Harvey Murders

    Two arrests have been made in the murders of the Harvey Family, New Years Day, 2006, and the murder January 6 of Mary Baskerville, her daughter Ashley Baskerville, and Percyell Tucker. Both mass-murders took place in Richmond, Virginia. The Bas…

  3. lsdoone says:

    Is it just me, or do others doubt that ‘Luckey’ reads even a Lucky Charms cereal box???//
    This case is so sad. Two families killed because of __________fill in the blankedy blank nonsense reason.
    If these guys needed drug money, why couldn’t they have just taken hockable items, cash, whatever and left?
    I live in Wichita, Ks and a few years ago we had a horrendous multiple murder of 5 all american young people. Folks who were and would, give to society in positive ways. The motive was greed and lust. Not in that order.
    Literally thieves and rapists and perverts in the night, catching innocents unaware and alternatively humiliating and obliterating them.
    What’s scarier, crimes that make some, even psychotic sense, or crimes that are senseless?
    My thoughts and love go out to the family members of those killed in Richmond.

  4. CaptainJoe says:

    Dandridge may have been in Portsmouth VA on Dec 12
    A robber tied up an elderly man in the basement of his Portsmouth home on Monday.
    Police said it happened around 10:00 a.m. in the 600 block of Phillips Avenue when the man answered a knock at his door.
    The suspect had a knife and forced his way into the home. After getting the victim bound, the suspect stole several items from the home.
    The situation was discovered the 80-year-old man when one of his relatives, an off-duty Chesapeake police officer, showed up to visit her grandfather. That made the suspect run off, police said.
    The man wasn’t hurt; a search for the suspect continues. He’s described as a black man, 30 to 40 years old, 6’ tall, 200 pounds and he was wearing a dark jacket over a flannel shirt and blue jeans.

  5. abigail says:

    But I thought it was Kathryn?

  6. CaptainJoe says:

    The cops said it wasn’t random, too.

  7. Mark says:

    “Release Date: 11-05-05”
    Not even two months for Mr. Sensitive. Bryan was about 5’10, maybe 170 lbs, arms of guitar player, legs of a bird. Kathy and the girls? My heart hurts. I cannot imagine the Tucker-Baskerville’s were much more imposing, God bless them.
    “Dear Friends, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover we all make mistakes… I believe in treating others as I want to be treated and respected in life.”
    If Ray and his friend Ricky did these horrible, inhuman things to innocents, he has probably helped convince several million people who previously *wouldn’t* judge a book by it’s cover to consider doing exactly that, if they haven’t already. Troubled times ahead, I fear.

  8. abigail says:

    No shit. Fucking assholes, excuse my french, but I’m so angry. It does not make sense. Just take the money and run. Take whatever the hell you want and just get the hell out and leave the “humans” who act as they are supposed to in this life alone! Geez. Those babies!
    Sorry, it feels good to cuss…

  9. abigail says:

    he cops said it wasn’t random, too.
    Posted by: CaptainJoe | Sunday, January 08, 2006 at 12:
    But they also said it was not a murder suicide. Overstepped your bounds IMO blaming Kathryn, but I was off as well. Thought it was someone who was “after” them for some crazy reason, but it does not seem to be that way. I’m not sure if that makes it “better” or not, just in the fact that it appears to be “strangers” because it’s hard to imagine someone knowing them killing them….dunno.

  10. Dan says:

    In cases like this everyone does their best with what is known. Let’s not take any frustration out on other posters. Stick to the topics and let’s watch the language – it’s a public site.

  11. CaptainJoe says:

    The cops, like the press, get it wrong half the time.

  12. abigail says:

    Sorry for the “language”. Just letters put together to make words that describe how someone feels at a particular time and sometimes it just feels so darn good! 🙂
    Hey, I thought I made my peace offering to Capt J by saying I was “off” as well. I just think we are all confused and angry. Looking at those girls makes me cry…

  13. VC says:

    I have a horrible feeling that there will be other murders these two are connected to, if they are the ones.
    This in no way was a robbery, it was a thrill kill with robbery as dessert.

  14. abigail says:

    I agree, they have had to been sick. There is no doubt in my mind that most people including the Harvey’s would have given them anything to save thier family. It seems as though they were held “hostage” for at least a couple of hours, trying to “negotiate”, and I bet these guys loved feeling they had the upper hand in how things turned out. Sounds like a freaking power trip, maybe a drug induced one. I’m still having a hard time understanding “who” does this. Who has the frame of mind to kill anyone, especially kids!??????

  15. annie says:

    So, this Ray Dandridge guy has the soul of a poet eh! Certainly he has a way with words to entice silly unsuspecting women into his web. Be warned, these guys seldom change their spots, and they are not going to tell the truth about why they are inside, or not the whole truth anyway. They are also usually writing to several women at the same time, telling each woman they are the only one and getting them to send them in all kinds of stuff. It beggers belief that they are now given access to their own website where they can advertise for women, and also the facilities to beef themselves up for when they get outside and carry on where they left off. Those silly women who do get involved with this kind of guy should think first about their poor kids, if they have them, and not introduce this kind of guy into their lives!!! Don’t touch them with a barge pole, they usually ‘aint worth it. Most of them are from very damaged backgrounds themselves, and it is just too late for them to change, though there are always that certain type of woman who belives she can change this kind of guy. They are usually liars and manipulators, they have had to be to survive the types of backgrounds they are from. It’s a way of life. Believe me, I worked with offenders for a number of years, and know this is true.

  16. abigail says:

    I’m not sure if you are making a general statement or if you think Kathryn was emailing this creap, please clarify your statement…Thanks.

  17. annie says:

    Abigail No, definitely not suggesting the Harvey’s knew them in any way. Just a comment on the advertisement of himself that Dandridge was sending out, and hoping to lure women in. These adverts should carry a health warning sign!!!

  18. abigail says:

    Why in the sam hell do prisoners have internet access? Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s allow pedofiles in prison internet access! Let’s make it feel like home to every inmate! Very sad, as there are many people who cannot afford computers for thier kids who really need them for the sake of education, but yet thier tax dollars are paying for computers for criminals? Gotta love it–NOT!

  19. annie says:

    If these guys who are suspected of doing this, had been inside prison for a long time, and had been let out, and they go do another crime, then the chances of them being recognised would probably play a factor in whether or not they would leave any witnesses. The fact that this crime was done in daylight, could speak to the fact that they did not intend to leave anybody alive. Everybody should be aware that it is much easier for a criminal to commit a break in during the day. He usually only has to ring the doorbell, and say whatever, most people are trusting. His biggest problem is being recognised. These guys have a hard time surviving inside anyway, and the last thing they want is to be sent back. Even the death penalty wont deter them, it takes so long with appeals they would be inside for years anyway!! Therefore, more chance of not getting caught if no witness left alive.

  20. annie says:

    I think the only answer in dealing with paedophiles who are let out is to stain them with a pink or purple dye, then they would be recognised instantly, or maybe green would be better! Otherwise they are just able to blend back in with the community, and it is business as usual! I expect the civil liberties people would not like that one though.

  21. Hobo says:

    Seen a lot of death from different causes in my time. What never eases up on me is seeing a child die or being aware of its death. When I saw the pictures of Stella and Ruby, the tears began to well up and I could feel the anger growing along with a sick feeling. I have a lot of credible experience in the area of human behavior and the first and most consistant thought that comes to my mind when children are crime victims such as in the present case, is that the killers felt such power and rage against this family because of the apparant love and trust and protection shared by the family. By killing the family, the killers accomplished two objectives: (1)Their
    power was greater than the family and to validate that power, they had to kill the family in a violent manner which would add attraction or public awareness. Next, a message would have to express their being devoid of core or normal emotion over the deaths of the children. It’s like the more horror or gore they produce, the more vioplent they want to be perceived.

  22. Steve Huff says:

    Just a note — someone asked about inmates having internet access. This is actually rather rare, still. I don’t know about Virginia, and there is the issue of whatever task the inmate might have while incarcerated — for instance, Joseph Edward Duncan III, if you look at his resume, was doing computer work while in prison (Washington State). Therefore, he could have had internet access as far back as 1994.
    What is more likely with Dandridge is he was made aware of a service. He could then send his hand-written notes to someone who would post this to the internet on his behalf. This was how a Texas inmate who escaped a few months back managed to establish a pretty substantial online presence for a guy who was on death row.
    My right wing is showing, but it is a particular class of uber-bleeding hearts who tend to facilitate this sort of thing for prisoners, and will gladly ignore the fact that the charming con they are helping is really most likely a manipulative psychopath who would kill them soon as look at them.

  23. Observer* says:

    Monroe said that Tucker and Baskerville’s home was ransacked and that police believed robbery was the motive. He said investigators also believe robbery may have been the motive in the Harvey family killings.
    I believe the above statement true, but I believe in addition to the robbery, one of the two has a sadistic streak and his motive alone was to inflict pain on other’s, a flaw in him as he feel’s weak and the act alone gave him a sense of power. It is a blessing he is off of the street. This sort of sick-o continues on to hurt others over and over each time worse then the time before. I hope the background and upbringing of this particular individual comes to light in the future.
    I wonder now, how the pair came to know Bryan Harvey and his targeted family.

  24. p says:

    My boyfriend has been telling me all along that I shouldn’t feel afraid in our house because the Harveys had to have been attacked by someone they knew. He thought this even before the police said it. I did not for one minute listen to him or the police. I knew the person(s) were still out there, whoever they were, and I felt less safe than I did before all this happened. I still don’t feel completely safe after these arrests. The newspaper said this morning they are still searching for a car believed to be involved in the Broad Rock family’s murder. And just feeling less safe in general, knowing there are sickos like this out there. I never understood why people leave their house doors unlocked. No one’s going to be opening their doors now to people they don’t know. A barrier is put up. In my neighborhood, there are often kids coming around selling items for Kids Against Drugs, people asking if you need yard work done, etc. These crimes will affect our ability to trust that people at our doors aren’t there to murder us.
    I do wonder if drugs played a part in these guys committing these crimes. It is hard for me to understand people doing this without their brains being chemically altered. They are total scumbags either way. To read Ray Dandridge’s prison penpal ad is disgusting. It always boggles my mind why people that have just gotten out of prison do things that they know can put them back there. Do they like it there? Life in prison is too good for these two.

  25. Observer* says:

    I didn’t think it was a homegrown attack, I thought it was random. It is not safe out and about anymore, anywhere. I believe everyone should have some form of mental awareness at home, and when one is out and about.
    So, I agree with you.
    No it is not healthy to be paranoid, but it is healthy to be prepared. In fact your life may depend on it.

  26. k says:

    Prisoner should only be allowed a book library, paper and a writing utensil…No Access to Computers ever!

  27. k says:

    And one more thing, NO ACCESS to WEIGHT LIFTING EQUIPMENT…for prisoners
    Also, what happened to the older model white Cadillac that was seen leaving the Tucker/Baskerville scene? Now they are found in a SUV in Philly and RPD is on the lookout for a 2003 VW Beetle? Where is this vehicle coming from/linked to?

  28. patti says:

    I don’t think they actually have email access, rather they get friends or family members to post the ads for them, any correspondance goes through the snail mail address they list in the ad.

  29. raindrops says:

    I taught a college class at a prison last semester. None of the inmates there had internet access ever. They were allowed to use non-internet, non-networked computers to do their essays for class if they had earned computer time. I don’t know the regulations for all prisons, but one of the guys had been in another VA facility, and he said they did not have access there either. For most of them in the class, the textbook, some paper, and a pen was the extent of their learning materials.

  30. michele says:

    God Bless these poor innocent babies who had to suffer for whatever reason, They didnt deserve such cruel viscious treatment…..

  31. abigail says:

    Just had a segment on “Inside Edition, Weekend.”

  32. lee says:

    I am just so glad this wasn’t a hate crime……..*sigh*
    I mean, if it was a hate crime, we would be really, really mad and those guys would be in really, really big trouble…..

  33. Hyscience says:

    More On The Harvey Family Murders

    There’s more today on the Harvey family murders in Virginia, but there’s much more to learn as to reasons and motivation for the brutal and inhuman massacre of the family.

  34. jadensmokes says:

    I just read that Ashley Baskerville accompanied the two to the Harvey home as well as to the couples home in Chesterfield that were not slain. I suppose she got her just reward by being killed by Dandridge and Gray. It also appears that Gray’s wife was murdered, and they have also been charged in a Washington, PA murder (not sure if this is Grays wife or not). Something has been mentioned about a Maryland crime scene as well.

  35. Teresa says:

    not connected to the Casper murders. Lewis Casper and Dandridge did spend time in the same prison. ?????

  36. k says:

    T, I agree there is most likely some link here with the Casper’s…since it occured just hours, if not minutes before the Harvey’s were targeted. I have searched high and low for the actual arrest & conviction for Dandridge and have come up empty handed. I can’t even find an acturate release date as now they are saying he was living with Gray in Pittsburg on Nov 5th when Grays wife was murdered. I heard originally that Dandridge was released from the James River Correctional Center, Goochland county, VA on Nov 15th…apparently he got out earlier.

  37. k says:

    Looks like the Extradition hearing will be at 12:30 today. Also police are looking into other violent crimes,up & down I-95 from PA, MD, & VA, including something in Arlington County, where gray is from, in connection with the two arrestees.

  38. Teresa says:

    k- I found something on him in Arlington or one other big northern cities. It was a concealed weapons charge. That is all I could find.

  39. Teresa says:

    GC95005953-00 DANDRIDGE, RAY J. CONCEALED WEAPON Misdemeanor 10/31/95 Guilty
    This is all I have found Dandridge.

    • Matthew says:

      I was attacked on May 19th 1995 by a man in Alexandria VA on Van Dorn St. A white van pulled up and a black man with a hammer attacked me with the claw side. I was struck in the head three times, seven in the back. Police took pictures of my wounds in Alexandria ER and never followed up. I urge anyone with any info as to the whereabouts May 19th 1995 of Dandridge.

  40. k says:

    Good job T…I have to go to work but I’m sure you will find more background info

  41. Teresa says:

    Ok anyone that is from Richmond may have heard about the wreck on Jefferson Davis where the two sisters were killed by a drunk driver not long ago. The house in Chesterfield that they went into, one of these girls lived, which I had read in the paper. My mother just told me that Ashley Baskerville went to their funeral. She did stay at a hosue on that street, maybe that is why this family was spared.

  42. toolgrrl says:

    >My right wing is showing, but it is a particular class of uber-bleeding hearts who tend to facilitate this sort of thing for prisoners, and will gladly ignore the fact that the charming con they are helping is really most likely a manipulative psychopath who would kill them soon as look at them.
    Definitely a possibility, as psychopaths are very deceptive and beguiling. My church supports this type of out-reach program, I’d like to think that they’re smart enough not to fall for a character like this….. Is an alternate life path and atonement for past misdeeds an impossibility for all prisoners? It Is a Christian thing to do…..

  43. annie says:

    It appears that Dandridge was previously convicted for armed robbery. It is not an impossibility for ex-offenders to go straight, but it depends on just how sincere they are about doing so, and the amount of support they get when they get out. Unfortunately, quite a number know how to play along with all this, ’cause it looks good when being considered for parole. I still say that any woman who is willing to get involved with guys who have criminal records for serious offences need a brain transplant. Most of these guys are masters of manipulation, and cunning, and can see an easy target from a mile away!

  44. what? says:

    Hey captain joe, you get this stuff wrong all the time you idiot!
    Who uses boxcutters? People in retail. The murder was done in the middle of the day. Neighbors saw no one enter or exit. So no one did. Kathryn was the last one seen alive. The murders were poorly done. Done by a woman? Do women know how to swing a hammer? Kathryn?
    Posted by: CaptainJoe | Friday, January 06, 2006 at 10:43 PM
    captain joe, why dont you move out of your parents basement and get a job! you are an idiot!

  45. what? says:

    another stupid captain joe comment!
    Who kills children? Women kill children. Andrea Yates, Susan Smith. They killed their children in a cold blooded manner. Maybe she had post partem depression or something. It was done like a women would do it.
    Posted by: CaptainJoe | Saturday, January 07, 2006 at 01:13 AM
    captain joe, why dont you move out of your parents basement and get a job! you are an idiot!

  46. redstripe302 says:

    if you’re dumb enough to invite a convict to live with you, you probably deserve to be killed. Prayers to the innocent victims however. This excludes Amy Baskerville.

  47. redstripe302 says:

    if you’re dumb enough to invite a convict to live with you, you probably deserve to be killed. Prayers to the innocent victims however. This excludes Amy Baskerville.

  48. redstripe302 says:

    Hey captain joe, you get this stuff wrong all the time you idiot!
    Who uses boxcutters? People in retail. The murder was done in the middle of the day. Neighbors saw no one enter or exit. So no one did. Kathryn was the last one seen alive. The murders were poorly done. Done by a woman? Do women know how to swing a hammer? Kathryn?
    Hey dickhead, I bet Lizzy borden was innocent too?

  49. abigail says:

    Lizzy Borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks….
    However, in this case Kathryn did not kill her family some crazy crackheads did.

  50. peery says:

    Only idiots who never met the Harveys could ever make such asinine insinuations that Kathryn Harvey could have had something to do with this. It’s not just insulting but sickening.

  51. Gerry says:

    The more that I read about this case, the angrier I become. These defendants certainly do deserve a fair trial and afterwards we should bring back the elecric chair! These monsters deserve exactly what they get and hopefully this case will cause people to re-think their views on the death penalty. Looking at this poor family breaks my heart. Personally, I am for the death penalty. There are those who argue that it does not deter crime, true. However, it does prevent those who have committed heinous crimes from repeating similar acts in the future. What’s the first thing that we learned in psych 101, “primus non nocerum”, translated, first nothing to hurt. The second thing that we learned – the best predictor of future behavior is… guessed it, past behavior. I would not lose a minute of sleep when these two bastards are wiped from the earth forever, I’ll probably enjoy a celebratory drink. I realize that my comments may seem harsh and callous, but consider Bryan, Kathryn, and their two beautiul children. May this never happen again,God bless the Harvey family.

  52. Angry Celt says:

    Four and a half months on and this still shakes me to what is left of my soul. My question is this…Where was the outrage? Not in the media! Not in the “churches” (black or white)! They were just a middle class family who lived in a neighborhood that had once been a slum, but is now livable; and they were white. Grievous crimes indeed!
    I can promise everyone of you that if the ethnicity factor had been reversed; “Rev.” Al, Jesse Jackass, Calypso Louie Farahkhan, Curious George, Bono and Sponge Bob would have been in the streets. Where were they this time? Nowhere to be seen. This rotten excuse for a country we live in is full of manure when it comes to equality and justice. WE are to blame for letting it continue. Your parents and grandparents can be blamed for this. Thank you social change of the last 60 years…NOT!!!

  53. Steve Ventry says:

    You white people are so stupid. Obviously, this was a vicious, prolonged HATE CRIME against well-meaning, liberals because they were WHITE PEOPLE. When’s the last time you heard of whites invading blacks’ homes? And the national media didn’t plaster this over the airwaves for anybody outside of the crime area; 99% of America knows NOTHING about this! Have you ever HEARD of the “Witchita Massacre”? I doubt it. The female blogger who said it “isn’t healthy to be paranoid” just makes me laugh! Everyone in the whole world is racist, except for naive white people, and you will all continue to be astounded by stories such as this and leave vulnerable your families to vicious crime until you finally realize there IS a difference between the races.

  54. Demetric Burns says:

    I know that I’m not a girl but I’m a old fried i miss you ray you know me this is meat big meat from jersey I’m a teacher know I’m married with a three year old boy my wife name him after me so I have a little meat. I’m going to write you and send you some pictures of my family be bless and stay strong.

  55. john says:

    Man there is some sick things going on in America ….but it happens all over the world and mostly by sick humans who 90% of the time can blame the families. Education is the key and while the world has slums and people are not taught right from wrong and fathers are forced to be fathers to bring up children in the right way. These murders are going to happen over and over and over again. White, black, rocker or banker it really doesn’t make a linkin deference and I should know cause i have spent 20 years observing this due to my mother and sister being murdered at their home. If you noticed these two BULKY men are related, body build and ill educated and I bet a million bucks they didn’t have a father at home. Put some drugs and lack of society control and you have a recipe for child killers, family killers or anyone who is smaller than them. They body build to make themselves bigger because they feel inferior to others, this is a way to make them feel good and of course they wouldn’t have learnt how to do it the hard way sooo steroids would have been used. Sure that sounds like stereoism but I can count 1000 men with similar case stories including my family tragedy. Soooo the next time you see another family slaughter remember it is you and me and your society thats to blame cause the system has failed them.

  56. Angel says:

    You are a psychopath just like your uncle Gray,you should have got death penalty as well, you say you treat people as you want to be you stood & watched while defenceless babies were being butchered like goats,what could they have done to a huge body built like you & your psychopath uncle?you tied them up,you could have taken what you wanted & left because that is what you were good at.I hope you suffer each and every day of your misserable life and as for your uncle I hope the execution date be set so that he meets with the Harveys and GOD face to face….you disgust me!!!!!!