Always Consider The Source

March 21, 2006

It seems some Berkeley Social Scientists – read my Mother wanted me to be a doctor but I couldn’t get out of bed and make it to class, tracked 95 children for 20 years and came up with a model for predicting a conservative personality.

Let’s forget that, assuming they were 25 years of age at the study’s end, few of them probably had made enough money by then to understand the real wisdom of conservatism. But, I digress.

"Remember the whiny, insecure kid in nursery school, the one who always thought everyone was out to get him, and was always running to the teacher with complaints? Chances are he grew up to be a conservative," says the article.

Well, good heavens, what conservative child in Berkeley wouldn’t exhibit such traits? I’d whine, too, if I found out my lunch money was being confiscated, only to be sent off to some third world country courtesy of Kofi Annan, who had the audacity to stick a few coins in his pocket for his nephew – sort of a handling fee, you know.

And insecure? Can you imagine getting caught playing Doctor with little Gretchen down the street, only to be caught by both of her two seemingly interchangeable Dads? I suspect I might head off to the teacher and lodge a complaint, too.

And what good would that do? You’d probably come home to find the thought police from the NEA holding your parents hostage up in the bathroom until you promised to mend your ways.

social ineptness, insanity, and insecurity can all be motivations for conservatism

Yes, little Johnnie was socially inept because he couldn’t find a date for the Prom, at least not one who shaved her legs. And after 20-some years of not being allowed to assume a leadership role in school because, well, they set those aside for the gurls … I suspect the poor lad probably was about half insane.

Thank Gawd he finally graduated high school and opted out of Yale, so he could attend USC and finally get laid. Had it not been for the transition, the poor guy might have never seen the light and ultimately voted for Reagan when he had the chance.

No doubt, had he stayed behind in Berkeley, he’d probably be wearing unsightly sandals with dark socks and following the likes of Jimmy Carter around to totalitarian states, bashing America and building houses along the way.

Where the hell is the fun in that?

Michelle Malkin picks up on the meme.

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  1. T. Longren says:

    Conservative Personality

    I dont really think Ive got a conservative personality, my ideas are more conservative though. Ive actually got an extremely liberal personality, I think. Although, I am whiny sometimes, and I wouldnt say Im n…

  2. stuff it says:

    you’re a sick fuck. your denigration of berkely is based on a bunch of half assed bullshit the likes of which I’ve rarely seen. I forget sometimes just how incredibly hateful and ignorant you so-called conservatives really are. oh and spell this right: “eta hsit adn dei” – hope you have a lovely 10minute hate tonight

  3. PoorPaulaNNJ says:

    As a former California resident, thank god, not Northern, I can attest to the accuracy of your portrayal of Berkeley residents. Actually, I’ve known a total of 95 people living in that city. It’s been proven by a psychologist studying these 95 people, that the ones who whined and complained the most were later to grow up and become Internet trolls. No taxpayer dollars were spent on this study of the Birkenstock wearing, granola eating, bleeding heart liberals of Berkeley. Hahahaha

  4. Stella says:

    a model for predicting a conservative personality…
    Posted by: stuff it | Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 10:45 PM
    SI – Using the model discussed here, and based on the tone of your post, I assume you’re a conservative personality?

  5. Perhaps they should do a study on the liberal blogosphere and opinion media

    Rather than 95 kids from Berkeley over the course of 20 years. This is hilarious:
    Remember the whiny, insecure kid in nursery school, the one who always thought everyone was out to get him, and was always running to the teacher with complaints? Chan…

  6. Yeah- a study done by those that needed therapy after the last election and threatened to move to Canada if they didn’t get their way….

  7. tester says:

    Anybody here actually ever try a pair of Birkenstocks? If you have wide feet, you may want to give them a shot. I have a pair of the hikers (yes, boots…they make more than just sandals)…the ones Backpacker magazine rated as a top hiker. On my second pair actually. Quite frankly, they are way more comfortable than any other shoe I’ve ever had.
    As for this article: Dan is citing a Washington post article that cites a Toronto Star article that cites the study…give me a break. Who knows what the study actually said..

  8. Paladin says:

    In my admittedly limited travels, I’ve found that Conservatives are more likely to be “regular people” while Liberals are pushing either extreme. It didn’t used to be this way, but over the past 40-odd years, the make-up of the two parties has shifted a great deal.

  9. Gassy says:

    Ok, “stuff it”, who’s the whiny one now? Use a real email address next time you want to drop f-bombs, coward. If this was my blog I’d delete any comments from someone not Republican enough to use a valid email address.
    A study comparing conservative/liberal children performed anywhere near Berkeley has pretty much got to be a joke.

  10. Phoenix says:

    “It’s always better to just let kids be kids and keep the psychologists out of the way – to follow the dictum of an aging hippie couple I know who, despite their pacifist beliefs, still let their boys run around playing army with sticks made into guns.”
    Ha Ha Ha…. this ends that article…. So, this aging hippie couple still lets their boys play war with sticks. So, that would mean their boys, Dweeber and Bonger, 57 and 59, are out playing bang-bang…..
    hahahaha…. This is ALL so stupid. Big deal made over watching 95 snot-noses. Gee, how about the years in between when snot switched over to semen and they grew up to have some thoughts of their own that weren’t formed by the oh-so-form-fitting Birkies……

  11. Top 9 Unreported Findings From “The Berkeley Whining Study”

    The results of a long-term study of nursery school children in Berkeley, California have recently been released and the findings may surprise you. Researchers Jack and Jeanne Block spent over twenty years studying the personality traits of Berkeley pre…

  12. Jan says:

    Here is what the study said about nursery school girls who grow up to be LIBERAL:
    Is a talkative child,
    Behaves in a dominating manner,
    Expresses negative feelings openly,
    Is verbally fluent,
    Teases other children,
    Seeks to be independent and autonomous,
    Is self-assertive,
    Attempts to transfer blame to others,
    Is aggressive (physically or verbally),
    High standards of performance for self,
    Tends to be judgmental of others,
    Can admit to own negative feelings,
    Likes to compete,
    High intellectual capacity,
    Is curious and exploring,
    Is self-reliant, confident,
    Tries to be the center of attention,
    Is resourceful in initiating activities,
    Tends to dramatize, exaggerate mishaps,
    Is emotionally expressive.
    And here is what the study said about nursery school girls who grow up to be CONSERVATIVE:
    Indecisive and vacillating,
    Is easily victimized by other children,
    Is inhibited and constricted,
    Keeps thoughts, feelings, to self,
    Prefers non-verbal communication,
    Is neat and orderly in dress,
    Is shy and reserved,
    Anxious in unpredictable environment,
    tends to yield and give in,
    Is obedient and compliant,
    immobilized when under stress,
    Is fearful and anxious,
    Looks to adults for help and direction,
    Tends to go to pieces under stress,
    Has a readiness to feel guilty,
    Likes to be by him/herself, Cries easily.
    The “liberal” traits that are perceived as appealing to the researchers I see as: bullying, willfully imposing themselves onto others, disrespectful of others, domineering, careless, cheater, complainer, unjust, self-centered, disruptive, rude, and more than anything: SELFISH loudmouths. Read the list again. Those kids were the jerks. The “conservative” traits that are seen as negative I see as: respectful of others – particularly elders and those in authority, careful, organized, thoughtful of others, obedient, desires to please, desires to do the right thing, does not cheat, reliable and honest, well behaved, does not want to impose on others, sensitive, seeks guidance in order to do the right thing, does not pretend to know more than she does, is not full of herself- sees the world as something other than herself.
    I would love to have a conservative child!
    Huge holes in the study:
    -23 year olds are not politically mature. They know nothing yet of the world. They have not yet truly worked and earned their way. Their politics are largely formed by teachers/professors, media, and cultural influences – all of which are, especially in S.F., liberal. It is a false to conclude in this study that childhood personality can predict adulthood political affiliation because these 23 year olds will not necessarily remain true to their current political leanings. Liberal S.F. certainly influenced these young adults’ politics.
    -Many of the study’s perceived “well-balanced” 23 yr old liberals would not be liberal if they grew up in a different cultural environment (anywhere but S.F. – look at European kids – similar cultural influence, similar politics). Those liberals would be conservatives if they were properly introduced to conservative thinking.
    -Roughly 100 kids, all from S.F., is NOT a representative sampling.
    -Bias of those Berkley grad students who evaluated the young children. Did they know the childrens’ parents? – any bias find its way into unfavorable evaluations of the disliked/liked parents’ children? Or did those (undoubtedly liberal) grad students see behaviors in the children they themselves had and parlayed them into favorable traits? Were these grad students qualified to evaluate child personality traits? They weren’t doctors. They hadn’t raised children. What do they know?? Could it be too that the self-absorbed liberal researchers of this study describe the traits of the young and adult liberal subjects in glowing terms because they themselves share these traits?