March 8, 2006

I am as upset with the House Republicans right now as I am with the Dems. Maybe I’ll address that later. And I’ve really had it with some of the right wing demagogues passing for radio entertainment these days.

It’s probably good that there are enough things out there to remind me of why I still won’t vote for a Dem.

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  1. shonane says:

    Have you ever considered just voting for the person?
    People are not their labels. Thinking has become too polarized and politicians are put into boxes to twist their arms to support or vote the party line. They all need to start thinking for themselves and forget the party line unless they actually support it. Peoples political views don’t fit into two big boxes. I support and don’t support some policy positions of both parties.
    I have voted for both Repubs and Dems dependent on the quality of the person and their policy positions and offerings. There are winners and losers in both parties.

  2. Rick says:

    I just wish we had a viable third party. The two we have are totally unimpressive.