France Folds – Will The US?

April 10, 2006

America should not bow to mob rule. It is NOT Democracy. The reality is that there are far more Americans who would prefer some reasonable but serious changes made on immigration policy and processes. The trouble is, most of them will be at work while some others are marching around.

I didn’t realize being an illegal alien came with such great job security. Has anyone stopped to wonder how so many of these people can manage that?

They aren’t even all that representative of many hard working immigrants here holding down regular jobs. If they were, they wouldn’t be holding them down today, now would they? Will the MSM care to answer us that? I doubt it.

Witness this. The French government knows it needs employment reform to better compete for business in a global marketplace. Would you hire a 20 – 26 year old if you knew you basically had to employ them for life? Would you hire anyone under such circumstances? Could you afford to?

So much for the glories of the socialist state. The protesters will only want more government services over time, but they aren’t willing to take responsibility for earning their way over the long haul. They want that guaranteed. Imagine an America where every industry was run with the efficiency and management practices of our government bureaucracy. The world’s leading economy, ours, wouldn’t be nearly as vigorus and resilient as it is and every hard working person would ultimately suffer.

Instead of the harder you work, the more you get – it becomes foolish to work any longer or harder than the average. So every effort becomes watered down. There’s no incentive for an individual to do anything else but be average.

Many Liberals and Dems wouldn’t mind going there with the US in the end. It’s absolutely in line with what the far left preaches. Everything for everyone, with noone but government accountable to pick up the cost. It’s a dream state that doesn’t offer genuine individuals anything; it seeks to make everyone simply part of a mass.

Be mindful of the immigration rallies which will be taking place. The MSM may give us one picture, but the Far Left won’t be far behind. In many cases they are marching right out in front. via Malkin

And as for France, well, so much for enlightened cowardly Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin. Here and below.

PARIS (Reuters) – French President Jacques Chirac scrapped a youth job law on Monday after weeks of angry unrest, in a climbdown that undermined his prime minister and handed protesters victory.

Chirac’s decision was a personal blow to Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, who had championed the First Job Contract (CPE) as a vital job-creating reform of the French economy but had seen his popularity slump as mass opposition grew.

The government U-turn over the CPE makes it unlikely France will attempt broader reform of its highly-regulated labour market before 2007, some economists said.

Funnies on France via Dr. Sanity:

By all means, let the protests go on! Soon perhaps, France can achieve the perfect dead-end society socialist paradise

With more from Gateway Pundit, too.

Besides the rioting and torchings, the students raided the Sorbonne and destroyed several of the ancient and rare books from the library.

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  1. chrys says:

    If everyone would just sit and watch – the “powers that be” should realize that there are at least 10 for every one of these protestors. Hold on to what our country needs and what is fair to everyone – not just illegal migrants. Opposing sides will not take to the streets – we are not stupid. They have managed to assemble their friends in mass – impressive. The mere numbers make it impossible (without rally – too much time [how long have they been working on this?]) to show up and oppose. I stick to the comparison between migrants and immigrants – there truly is a difference.

  2. mylena says:

    Hi, just wanted to say, it isnt’ that you can’t fire people in France, it just comes with bigger costs. In the States for every year you worked you get one week there probably 1year for every 1 month-1,5.
    They fought for this laborprotection (same sort of history as the Americans had to figth through after the great depression) Also you should understand it is also a protection from the state itself, if people get easily fired they will receive an base income from the state. In any case, there is just not so much HIGHS as there are in the States (the big earners have a tax rate at 55%). But overall if we have to choose, yes it will be that we want everyone to live above a certain poverty. It is the rich people who actually really pay for it.

  3. Dan says:

    It is the rich people who actually really pay for it.
    Real “rich” people never pay for anything, despite what some Dems would have us believe. The super rich make their money from investments and protect it better than most – and most of what they call “rich” in America are simply hard working successful people and small business persons with above average incomes – ie thay ain’t “rich.”

  4. mylena says:

    and for Dan, I appreciate all your writings, even when I do not agree with them. You really do compare apples with pears. There is just no way you can really understand what and how the social situation happened in Europe (history) and from out an American view (if you don’t know any better) yes it makes sense to think well what would the incencitive be ?
    well i can tell you … selfesteme, trying to be the best, trying to learn more, money is not THE ONLY incencitive.

  5. mylena says:

    for Dan, yes they are in Europe as a big earner will always pay 55-60 procent this happens when you earn more than 120.000), If you earn money from solely income out of investments, you PAY the same taxes in Europe (it will just fall in the category income), it doesn’t make a difference.
    Let’s have european and americans seperated. What is superrich ? You will easily fall within the so called tax minimum, which is then always around 35%. I don’t see how you get out of that if you work. But that taxrate is already 20% lower

  6. mylena says:

    Does it make me a democrat if it means that if I have more money than others I’m happy to give it away to people who needs it ?

  7. chez Diva says:

    Temper Tantrums Work

    Pappa Chirac has once again proven that France is one big cheese eating surrender monkey. Except this time France is surrending to its own youth. The father figure of current day France has buckled under the pressure of continuous …

  8. chez Diva says:

    Mylena wrote:
    “Does it make me a democrat if it means that if I have more money than others I’m happy to give it away to people who needs it ?”
    No it doesn’t make you a Democrat it makes you a Socialist.
    I am half European and half American with family and property in Europe. The rich (aka middle class and above) there are robbed by the government in the form of very high taxes. Redistribution of wealth is not a good policy. In the end it never works and that is what Socialists espouse -taking from the money earners to give to the “needy”. Welfare is a needed social program but as in the USA, it has become a generational economic crutch in Europe. Except that it is much worse in Europe. You did not see riots in the streets when Welfare Reform was passed in the USA. What is happening in France is an embarrassment and will eventually lead to the economic destruction of France.

  9. mylena says:

    To chez Diva, i do not see why it is not workin …. In the Netherlands it does work, it isnt perfect, neither the economy here. I’m in a fairly good situation, living in a protected community, I lived in Philly, Rittenhouse square, but 2 blocks from there it was just living hell. You WILL NOT find that in the Netherlands. Yes the rich get robbed, so do I, I do not mind. And if the people DID REALLY mind they can vote right ? it isnt that they HAVE to take it. In the end people HAVE to work yes… you cant sit on your butt and get welfare, that’s right. I’m only 38, when I got to work there was a shortage, I was very happy with my lowpaid job then and it only got better. There was not a hair on my head who would ever think of going on welfare… dont make a portret of that the european all want to do nothing and live on welfare. The seconds largest investor in USA is Europe…

  10. mylena says:

    young people are reasonable spoiled here there … they didn’t need to go through tough times yet, and i don’t think it is wrong to make them understand they have to, eventually they will need to reign their country, all based on experience they had through their lives …

  11. annie says:

    The big problem with Europe is the European Union, which means that any country that joins has an automatic right for its citizens to go and live in any of the other countries who are members.
    The UK is now part of this, (though we were never given the vote on that), only (as we thought), the trading aspect of it.
    As it is, we now have ANOTHER TEN poor eastern european countries that have just joined, so as you can imagine, it is all one way traffic, because who is going to go east where there is such poverty and no jobs. They are all coming this away, this is people who for the main part cannot speak our language, and they bring their kids, grannies, the lot!! We have to supply them with education and health services, etc, and all the interpreters. Can you imagine how much all that is costing the tax payer, plus, if they have nowhere to live they are also given local authority cheap housing.
    They come here saying they are electricians, plumbers, whatever, and who knows if they really are, because there is no testing of them, and we all know if you have the money you can always buy the qualifications or whatever you need!!
    I am not even supposed to be saying stuff like this because it is considered hate crime, but so many in this country who were born and bred here are saying the same, and we are sick of it, except of course, the left wing liberal loonies who don’t seem to think further than their last thought!
    The powers that be dare not let us have a vote on whether or not we want to be a part of all this European Union stuff because they know they would lose, meanwhile they just bring in laws to shut us up from saying so.
    What they are really after is for there to be this wonderful One World Government all ruled from Brussels, and they are encouraging all the countries in Europe to join, and for the poor ones it must be the best invitation they have ever had, and they can’t do it quick enough. For the richer countries, it is disasterous! Our health service is already in crisis with hospital being closed down, because they have run out of money (don’t forget we have a free health service), and children born here not being able to get school places in areas they live in.
    And you know what, it will get much worse!!
    There is definitely something rotton in the State of Europe!!

  12. mylena says:

    I will keep being a socialist though, besides the taxes I pay, i will spend at least an other 10-20 procent just to causes … it may be good/bad, at least I have the feeling I’m doing something ….

  13. mylena says:

    just to get back to Dan, I think this immigration thing is just a political ball played to get voters back…
    for Annie, i’m sorry you are so negative, I understand that it is scary. Though in the Netherlands there aren’t huge amount of people coming in of the EU living here of working here. Also to get social services you have to be eligable and that can only be acquired when you are a citizen (don’t mix up working in a country with a citizenship).

  14. mylena says:

    i hope people will understand that eventually we are talking about HUMAN PERSONS (immigrants)

  15. The Immigration Chip

    The Immigrant Rights Rally planned for this afternoon in Washington by the “Organizers of the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice — or La Marcha , as some volunteers are calling it — said it could draw as many as 180,000 people to the Mall a…

  16. tester says:

    I dunno, but having co-workers in other countries, I find that they get much much much longer vacations and seem to be paid about the same or more.
    It seems in the US, you literally work your life away.
    As for the different classes…the jump from being middle class to rich is, for the most part, not something that can be done. Those that make good decisions about their education and work smart do well. Those that work hard don’t always do well without also making intelligent choices (work smart).
    One also has to keep in mind that money does not go as far as it used to. If given a million dollars (even tax free) could you retire without modifying your lifestyle? How many million would you need? 3? 5? 10?

  17. Dan says:

    It seems in the US, you literally work your life away.
    I would argue that it is still a choice – you can work hard and often, or not. Each path has its own rewards. But a path of working very hard to create some degree of wealth is not as open in europe – and some places not possible at all. I prefer a world where we have that choice.

  18. Hyscience says:

    French Government Surrenders To Anarchists

    … it’s a bit difficult to be critical of the French and their propensity to surrender to anarchists and criminals, and be ruled by intimidation while suffering from a cultural delusion, when the U.S. senate is doing the exact same thing. The French …

  19. annie says:

    Study what the European Union is about and maybe you will become enlightened about what is happening.
    Meanwhile, carry on in your dizzy haze if that makes you feel good. And don’t call me a negative person just because I don’t want to say ‘hello world’ to all and everybody who wants to come live in my country!!
    Some of us have to pay for it!!

  20. annie says:

    Oh, and Mylena
    Do you realize what your country has a reputation for with the rest of Europe, if not the world?.
    Sorry to say, though you may not care.
    Drugs and Prostitution!!
    Sounds like something should be cleaned up there as well!!

  21. mylena says:

    sure everyone in the Netherlands is either a prostitute or using drugs thats all we do !!! like all Dutch people live in a mill and run around on wooden klompen. Sure you may consider HASH as drugs (you do know that that is the ONLY LEGAL drugs ?) In any case I’m not in some haze. I have worked hard for where i am and my husband too, we are high dollar income earners (above 1 million) and like I said we do give away 10-20 procent away from that to causes. It makes me a better person, not as hateful as you are…

  22. mylena says:

    Annie also as i big investor, you should know that right now the ONLY growing economies ARE countries as Poland, Slowakije etc. if you had put your savings in those countries you would have made 40% just the last year….

  23. mylena says:

    im sorry i ment the only growing countries in Europe (not the world)

  24. mylena says:

    for tester i think you need around well for my age now around 5 million, 10-15 years ago that was half….

  25. tester says:

    I’m not so sure about the issue of choice.
    I understand that one can choose job x working 40 hrs/wk versus job y working 20 hrs/week. But does the cost of living allow for selection of y?
    In corporate USA there is a trend to get more time from workers and reduce cost (such as eliminate health insurance). So the harder you work, the less you get. Throw in off-shoring and you really start changing the employment landscape. Apparently, “The French government knows it needs employment reform to better compete for business in a global marketplace.” Does this competitiveness reduce the choices?
    Keep in mind, I’m not arguing for or against French employment reform.

  26. annie says:

    What more can I say then, perhaps we should all pack up and go and live in the Netherlands.
    Will you take in all 3 billion of us?
    How kind you are.
    Listen, Mylena, there is no comparison whatsoever between the UK and the Netherlands.
    The US and the Brits appear to have been put into the place of the policemen of the world, aren’t you the lucky ones. Cause if you were really doing your bit as far as defence goes, your life style might just be alot poorer. You Europeans have ridden on the backs of the US and the Brits for just about for ever. When are you going to do your share, and not just surrender every time there is a threat??
    Sorry I should have not asked that because I don’t suppose you can even get your head around that question!
    It is all ‘token’ response with you and always has been, and like the French it always will be!!

  27. mylena says:

    annie i live in the States right now, thats where my American husband an I make a living ??!!! so over whose BUTS are we talking about ?
    Are we talking HISTORY here ? the british doesnt have such a bright history either ….
    But eej enlightnen me here: you do now make a real clain here, what are we robbing you from and the US ? for ever? for what ?

  28. mylena says:

    My lifestyle is as follows from what we earn about 35% goes to American taxes, (than I have to do my European taxes as well). average 15 % goes to charity, another 10% to friends, another 15% to savings, we don’t live very BIG, what life style are you talking about ?

  29. tester says:

    “Drugs and Prostitution”
    for some reason, Pittsburg comes to mind every time I hear that.
    Maybe Nevada would be more appropriate. Certainly Canada could fit the bill.

  30. annie says:

    All I am trying to point out is that it is not as rosy posy in Europe as you are making out.
    By living in your ‘rich, comfortable’ world you are not living in the real one.
    So don’t make out that I am negative.
    I am being realistic and reporting things as they are, not as you would wish to believe they are!!

  31. mylena says:

    it is nowhere rosy annie,
    and annie before i got so comfortable is was living in misery, couldnt hardly pay my rent, my toilet and shower wasnt working, i worked daytimes 2 jobs and did night school, don’t bother me that i do not KNOW how it is to be poor.

  32. mylena says:

    well i’m not sure what your age is ??!!! but even in my hard times i wasn’t so negative, i always somehow knew i would get out, and also knew that if i was, i would help out other people as far as i can.
    are you stuck? why are you so angry?

  33. annie says:

    Well, good for you Mylena.
    However, that is not what I am talking about, the subject is immigration and socialistic response!
    That is why, I think, we are talking at cross purposes!

  34. mylena says:

    and tester you are right, it sometimes is people work hard their whole lifes and they will always be poor, it’s sad, I know, if it was me and i could change everything, i would. MONEY is just one thing, it makes life easier, thats all, it doesnt now make you happier.
    I believe when you start working in the States you get around 4-5 weeks a year. In the Netherlands that somewhere between 2-3 months. The older you get the more days you get. I think life beyond work is important too, don’t you ? Healthcare nowadays is a scary thing, it’s getting so expensive.

  35. mylena says:

    annie, well sideways ofcourse, immigration is always an issue when the economics isn’t going well… The Netherland has immigration issues as well, not the ones you’re talking about, merely social issues. radical islamic people just don’t seem to fit in the Dutch liberal society.

  36. chez Diva says:

    Mylena wrote: “dont make a portret of that the european all want to do nothing and live on welfare”
    What I wrote was: “Welfare is a needed social program but as in the USA, it has become a generational economic crutch in Europe. Except that it is much worse in Europe. You did not see riots in the streets when Welfare Reform was passed in the USA. What is happening in France is an embarrassment and will eventually lead to the economic destruction of France.”
    Please take a moment to tell me how the above in any way, shape or form translates to what your wrote?
    And the fact is that it is much worse in Europe. I am from Spain and I know full well how “welfare” affects my country and my people. The biggest victims of social welfare programs are the wage earners. They have no escape from the high taxes found everywhere even on food. At least in the USA one can work hard, advance and possibly become wealthy. There is slim to none chance of that occuring in Europe. The second victims are the “welfare” recipients – they suffer because chronic reliance on welfare shackles them to the state. That is why you see generation after generation on welfare. They became accostomed to the entitlements and prefer to collect a check rather than work like the others who are working to pay for the social program.
    Also Mylena, if you CHOOSE to donate your earnings to a charity than fine. I donate to charities throughout the year but I donate because I WANT to not because my government is telling me to do so by taxing me until I have little or nothing left from my paycheck.

  37. mylena says:

    to chez diva, well if you read tester before, it isn’t always so easy in the States either to get rich …. first you start putting your kids to school… have any clue how expensive that is? my husband has 2 schoolgoing kids it costs almost 80.000 a year(all included) !!!!?? The USA is a wonderful country don’t get me wrong, but without money here it REALLY isn’t easy. If i was a middle earning person I rather live in Europe: the kids go to good school almost free, the health care almost doesnt cost anything.. and you have 2 months holiday. How was I suppose to safe 320.000 to get my kids to school of an average salarY? that problem I wouldnt have in the Netherlands..

  38. mylena says:

    friend of mine (they do financially fine) but just to mention, to put their son to KINDERGARTEN, cost 30.000 a year.

  39. mylena says:

    oh and just to say ofcourse they do live in New York

  40. chez Diva says:

    Mylena wrote :”Healthcare nowadays is a scary thing, it’s getting so expensive.”
    Yes it is because of the numerous lawsuits that doctors have to protect themselves from by purchasing ridiculously expensive malpractice insurance. My OB/GYN now no longer delivers babies not because she was sued but because of the price of insurance. It is simply insane but trust me when I say socialized medicine is not the answer. Again I point to my experience with Spanish “public” health care. I would rather take the imperfect American health system any day over the horrors of a national health care system. My family in Spain has been fortunate because they can afford private care. It’s also no coincidence that big name stars in Spain have private care and when they need it they come to the USA for medical treatments.

  41. mylena says:

    I go to the Netherlands and have access to perfect healtcare, I can’t talk for spain, I can compare the 2, and yes they do more tests here (is it necessary i wonder sometimes, when I was pregnant, i got EVERYTHING), they do more against pain (dentist) i have full faith in the Dutch healtcare providers, so does my husband. Only our kids we have 2 together have indeed free healtcare there. Here the bill is around 2000 a month (which ofcourse our imployer pays most for it)

  42. mylena says:

    sorry for my bad typing, i have my 7 month old trying to walk here at home:)

  43. mylena says:

    I wasnt even aware of private hospitals ? do you have them in Spain? I don’t think we have those in holland, beside the plastic surgery ones…. But to come back on the issue, you think Spain went backwards since it joined the EU? I used to go to Barcelona a lot, work and personal and love it there.

  44. chez Diva says:

    Mylena if your family can afford $80K for tuition you are considered wealthy.
    Yes it is not easy to become wealthy. I never said it was. What I said was that we get to keep more of our money in this country than in Europe and that helps create wealth unless the money is spent instead of saved or invested…in that case it makes who ever is receiving the money that resulted from your savings richer.
    You also wrote :”the kids go to good school almost free, the health care almost doesnt cost anything.. and you have 2 months holiday.”
    Therein lies the misconception. It isn’t FREE or almost FREE. You did pay from the money taken from your salary, purchases and whatever else got taxed. Here in the USA your children can attend public schools at no cost and at little costs to attend a state university, there is welfare sponsored medical coverage for families that qualify. You choose to send you children to private school at a price tag of $80K – if you want to save money you could send them to a public school or university. So if you can’t get ahead ( as in become wealthy) don’t blame the USA’s lack of European style state benefits look at your own financial planning and the decisions you have made as a family.

  45. mylena says:

    for chez diva it is free for the lower earning people, some one has to be the bill … Public school, there is NO reasonable thinking person sending your kid to public school in New York, sorry… that has nothing to do with saving money, your kid is just not getting a good education. Yes and you do want your kid to have a good education, everybody wants to know what you did and where you went to, you will be judged by that, the only way is UP. then once fallen behind … well it better no be you.

  46. mylena says:

    but as i say, as well as my (american) husband and i, are both twisted, we think it both works. Ameria is for the “winners”, Europe takes care of the “losers”

  47. chez Diva says:

    There are private hospitals and medical care for those who can afford it. My family is quite fortunate but others aren’t. My uncle needed a kidney transplant a few years back in the national system he would have died waiting. He received top notch care from his private physician and within 2 years had a new kidney.
    I think Spain was better off before joining the EU. It has been very bad for Spain in my opinion and that of my relatives still living there.
    Barcelona is my favorite city in Spain, followed by Madrid. I love coastal towns and Barcelona has the most beautiful coasts, in my opinion. I’ve also visited the Netherlands and I found it be a lovely country with lovely people.

  48. mylena says:

    Well maybe some day we are thinking of giving up our home in Amsterdam and maybe have a place in Barcelona:)
    yes we are fortunate too. Life here in the States is harder, my oldest boy goes to kindergarten we live in Virginia, a public one, the teachers really get a very low salary, and they don’t have a lot of money to do things (getting books), so we chip in. There is a private kindergarten, which looks all fancy and has everyhing (computers) the teachears are paid well, we are still in doubt what to do….
    Still i think if you do not have money here, access to healtcare can be very bad too…

  49. chez Diva says:

    Mylena we both agree then. I would rather have my molars pulled without anesthesia than to send my (future)children to public schools. It’s not just NY by the way here in FL we have some pretty bad ones. Having said that, I must say that our Governor, Jeb Bush has pushed the idea of charter schools and school vouchers pretty hard here. My sister is now able to afford a private school for her daughter thanks to the school voucher program. I don’t know it NY has that however I do know that President Bush is a big supporter of the school voucher and charter school agenda. The problem is, that the teachers unions don’t and they are fighting equally hard to prevent school choice from occuring. I have to add the caveat that not all teachers hate the idea, I know a few teachers who are looking forward to school choice.

  50. mylena says:

    I do not think the Social idea will hold up, but I still believe in a system that should help the poor, the sick … it’s just in my system of thinking

  51. mylena says:

    Education is in my opinion one of the corners of society. I know Bush has done good things, hopefully he will do a little more. I think teachers should get paid better too :)

  52. mylena says:

    oh well i go pick up my boy from school now :) Wish you a good day chez Diva (how long are you in the States ? do you permanently live there?)

  53. chez Diva says:

    I agree that we should help those who can’t help themselves. What I abhor is a system that had good intentions to start with – as a helping hand that has now become an expected hand out. One family that I know from here (church friends of my mother) have been on the public dole since at least the 1970’s. It is so sad to see four or five generations from the grandparents down to the great-great grandchildren on welfare. They feel that it is an entitlement and that it is something they have earned. When it’s not, it is an ugly form of slavery – economic and financial slavery. I don’t expect this new generation to break free from the shackles only because I see how they talk and act – they too have bought into the entitlement argument.
    Education is the only ticket out of poverty that is why I agree 100% with you on “Education is in my opinion one of the corners of society.” I do think public school teachers should earn more money, their salaries aren’t very competitive but they do work for the government (which means almost guaranteed job security) – so that is the trade-off.
    I know that social aid is a complex issue , it needs to exists but it also needs to be carefully monitored so that it doesn’t become a generational economic crutch – which of course it was never intended to be.
    I am living in the USA permanently and visit my (grandfather, aunts, uncles cousins and other relatives)family in Spain as often as I can. They also visit so it makes the seperation less painful.

  54. The French are Toast

    Just when you think there is no one left for France to surrender to, they get very creative and surrender to …. (drum beat) themselves!

  55. Jimmy says:

    Myelna, interesting how you praise the system in the netherlands,you praise socialisim, yet you are reaping the benefits of the capitalist US. You said you are only 38 and your salary is over a million dollars and you pay 80,000 a year for private schooling. You also mentioned that you used to be poor and then worked hard, so I’m assuming the system in the US has treated you well. You say life is harder in the US with expensive healthcare and taxes, but you must be doing something wrong if you are struggling financially making over a mill a year.

  56. mylena says:

    jimmy : my husband and I work for a DUTCH company in the States (this company is in the nr 100 list of largest companies worldwide), if you didn’t know there are a lot of Europen companies in the States providing millions of US citizens works. So now you have it, I married an American, live in two countries, work for a Dutch company and travel worldwide….
    You haven’t been reading my messages very well (the taxes in the Netherlands are high not in the USA for instance) and NO i’m really not struggling at all financially … you could have figured that out right?
    for Chez Diva I fully agree with you on the social matters. Regarding the numbers of Christians in the USA you would think most of them would be social. Jesus was nothing but social … i wonder what happened?
    My family come over for a month next week, In july we will be heading back to Amsterdam for a couple of months and do a European tour….
    Hope all is well with you and your family….

  57. Jimmy says:

    I guess i thought you were having a harder time here in the states because of your comment above, “Life here in the States is harder.” See it get confusing when you dont mean what you say. Yes, you obviously are not struggling if you can afford 80K private schooling. The average salary of U.S. household is around 40-45K. But its generous you can donate money so people can live the same lifestyle as you.

  58. mylena says:

    oh jimmy yes first you take care of yourself and then the rest :) Luckily I don’t need so much. Yes life in the States is much harder when you are a typical earner in the States, you worry about where and how to put your kids to school (in the Netherlands thats for free, and there are only public schools, yes about 2 or 3 private schools, but they are there for foreign people), healthcare for children is free.
    So yes if I was a typical earner I would prefer living in the Netherlands. (did I mention they also give you 120$ childallowance each month per kid).
    But should I feel quilty now that we earn so much ? I don’t, if I don’t have the job someone else will gladly take my job :) so instead I do give back, pay taxes to Uncle Sam here, pay taxes to the Netherlands, Pay another 10-20 % to charity and local things, and help out my friends and family, ….