Dems Suffer Losses In 06 Mid-Term Elections

May 19, 2006

Pardon the premature headline. You see, like the Left, I’ve decided to just start putting the Truth out there … even if I am a bit ahead of the newz cycle! ha ha ha

Fri May 19th, 2006 at 04:23:39 PM EDT

On Saturday afternoon, May 13, 2006, TruthOut ran a story titled, "Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators." The story stated in part that top Bush aide Karl Rove had earlier that day been indicted on the charges set forth in the story’s title.

The time has now come, however, to issue a partial apology to our readership for this story. While we paid very careful attention to the sourcing on this story, we erred in getting too far out in front of the news-cycle. In moving as quickly as we did, we caused more confusion than clarity. And that was a disservice to our readership and we regret it.

As such, we will be taking the wait-and-see approach for the time being. We will keep you posted.

Marc Ash, Executive Director – t r u t h o u t

And while I’m at it, I want everyone to know I am now breaking the following stories ahead of the newz cycle. So, please, remember who had the scoop!

First Husband Bill Clinton Caught In Lincoln Bedroom Controversy With White House Maid – Blames Jefferson’s Ghost, says Clinton, I was asleep and channeling the other former President. It all depends on what the definition of me is.

UN Security Council Members Caught Circumventing Sanctions In Questionable Arms Deal With Iran

Libby, Rove Cleared Of Any Wrong Doing In What Some Blast As Political Prosecution … throw in Delay, too – what the hell is accuracy when you’re breaking news. – truth out

Depending on what the definition of truth is, of course LMAO

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  1. Hot Air says:

    Crap sandwich: Truthout issues partial apology for Rove story

    [W]e erred in getting too far out in front of the news-cycle.

  2. Kevin says:

    I’m not up on journalistese. Does “we erred in getting too far out in front of the news-cycle” mean “we made it up”?

  3. Stella says:

    I’m not up on journalistese. Does “we erred in getting too far out in front of the news-cycle” mean “we made it up”?
    Posted by: Kevin | Saturday, May 20, 2006 at 03:05 AM
    OMG – Kevin, are you a child? That is a classic “out of the mouths of babes” if I ever saw one!! LMAO!! This is the first good laugh I’ve gotten out of the news in days – thanks!!

  4. The Rather Effect

    Several people have pointed me to Truthouts apology for advancing the Rove indictment story, which Truthout reported on in a way that has (to date) refused to correspond with either a) their enthusiasm for said indictment, or b) an…

  5. Dusty says:

    These people aren’t “journalists” in the conventional sense. Why does everyone keep using that word?

  6. I don’t know, Dusty; I always took “journalist” to be shorthand for “English major with a minor in PolSci who couldn’t score a teaching gig even if they tried.”
    Most “journalists” cannot be considered *reporters*, since reporters are only expected to answer the “W” questions (who what, when, etc.) and leave it to their readers or viewers to interpret the facts as they see fit. “Journalists” get to add their “professional” interpretation of the facts and pronounce what “context” prism those facts should be viewed through, since the reader or viewer is considered too stupid to figure it out on their own.
    In that respect, the Truthout bunch is probably emminently qualified for the “journalist” mantle.