Hooters Co-Founder Marries … Hooters?

May 11, 2006

Yeah, but can she cook? Oh yeah, big surprise! She cooks. lol

CLEARWATER – Ed Droste, co-founder of Hooters, made his business a little more personal by marrying five-time Hooters calendar girl Marsha Posey on Saturday.

The Chapel by the Sea on Clearwater Beach was packed with about 800 guests. Most men wore Hawaiian shirts, shorts and flip-flops; most women wore sundresses and big hats.

The hats were a nod to the Kentucky Derby theme. When Posey, 27, was about to enter the chapel, the sound of a horse race bugle replaced the traditional wedding march.

Posey and Droste, 55, joked around during the ceremony, to the delight and laughter of attendees. Droste is known as a practical joker, and friends said Posey shares his sense of humor.

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  1. I heard she exchanged the orange tshirt for a white one.

  2. Phoenix says:

    “the sound of a horse race bugle replaced the traditional wedding march.”
    Did the fifty-five-year-old groom-to-be slap his thighs and giddyap in place or did he strut the grounds like a gallant steed?
    Did the bride post on her stallion as they exited The Lovely Chapel By the Sea?

  3. jkatl says:

    Her Hooters appear to be courtesy of Dow-Corning.

  4. marsha is my cousin..i love her to death and i dearly miss her

  5. i would say why they had the bugle sound was.. because shes from kentucky..i guess she never can forget about her roots..but obviously family..i no yall are gnna think im crazy or stupid but marsha posey is my blood cousin i miss her to death..i searched her name on google..and omg i found news this news that..its so weird seeing my cousin in news like this is weird..but finally im glad shes in the news cause i can be herd and i wanna be herd..i want her to know that her family still loves her..that she never deserted us..she just followed her passion..and i want her to know..(gosh sad moment) that i have her 3 foot stuffed dog animal and im waiting for her mom olly to take me to krystals like she would everytime we would drive to london to see them..marsha i miss u..we all miss u !!! we love you..doug and dianna also send there love and mammie to..love love love love you..bye

  6. Tear it apart says:

    Waaaaa, stay here in middlesboro and get hooked on meth like the rest of the town. Ok, Cousin where did she go to college?

  7. Carrie Gambrell says:

    Marsha is his cousin. I also googled her because I haven’t heard from her in years. She is originally from Bell County, moved to London, Ky when her sister went to Eastern Kentucky University. Marsha cheered in high school and was a beauty queen. She then went to Eastern Kentucky University and started working at Hooters in Lexington….Marsha, I miss you and congrats on your wedding.

  8. brent says:

    ahaha i didnt think u would actually look her up!i did..
    and i found this..but i doubt she reads it..
    which who cares if they dont belive shes family..screw em we have nothing for them

  9. xyz says:

    that hot ass married an old fuck?
    i hope they have an “open” marriage,
    she is just waiting for the bastard to die,