Astro-Armstrong Update

June 28, 2006

From a comment at a previous post:

One of the more nontraditional forecasters online is Jerome Armstrong, the braintrust behind After working as an options and futures trader, MyDD founder Jerome Armstrong said political forecasting was a natural extension of his interest.

Armstrong does not hide his liberal political bias or the fact he uses astrology to analyze some competitive races, but he strongly contends that the accuracy of his forecasts take priority over his personal views. For the record, he is predicting the Democrats will gain seven seats in the House resulting in a 219-216 majority while slightly increasing their tenuous majority in the Senate. (11/1/2002)

No doubt Zogby was impressed. LOL

Oops – it was a news article simply posted at Zogby – my bad. I’m assuming Zogby didn’t get to read it as he hasn’t incorporated astrology into his methodology, yet!

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