Bloggers For Sale?

June 18, 2006

Could be.

Okay, so I’m looking for connections between Jerome Armstrong and some others and also some candidates – like Ned Lamont.

I think some other things need to be looked into. Lamont just put another $500k into his campaign, I believe. And if I’m reading it right, he’s raised almost a quarter million through on line donations via ActBlue – which is run by the MyDD folks. I wonder if he’s using any consultants? Time to look around.

And to think, I have all my money in Haliburton. Drat!

If anyone’s interested in running for, say, dog catcher, or anything – email me. I’ll work cheap!

You are cordially invited to a reception
in support of ActBlue
Featuring Keynote Speaker and Special Guest

Governor Mark Warner

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  1. Donkey Cons says:

    Kos pay-for-play scam

    Do the Kos Kool-Aid Kidz realize what it means that (a) Kos and MyDD are paid professional consultants, and (b) there might be an agent-client relationship between the uber-bloggers of the Left and the candidates they are promoting? Certainly this was …

  2. Iowa Voice says:

    Liberal Bloggers On The Take?

    RedState has an excellent post up about MyDD founder, Jerome Armstrong:
    Deep behind the Times Select firewall this weekend was an article by Chris Suellentrop that calls into question both the judgment of Mark Warner and the motivations behind some of

  3. kOS, Armstrong – paid political hacks?

    Many bloggers, apparently eager to stop people from “getting engaged in politics,” have been following the money of some of the candidates associated with Markos Moulitsas “Screw Them” Zuniga and Jerome Armstrong, founder of MyDD and are connecting some d