Hillary Clinton: Can We Question The Timing Now?

June 27, 2006

Perfect, absolutely perfect – what a move. Hillary Clinton has hired Peter Daou. Here is Daou’s announcement. Congratulations are in order before I put on my partisan hat.

Let’s look at what just happened – The New Republic, Newsweek and others just finished softening up the preeminent Liberal blog, DailyKos. Perhaps Marcos Moulitsas wasn’t so far wrong when he suggested that Hillary’s camp was at least partly behind some of the current hits he’s been taking.

What better way to enter hostile territory then by opening up a wedge, or at least a soft spot to land. If people become disaffected with DailyKos over any controversy, no doubt Hillary and company will be happy to provide them with a place to land.

This should be fun to watch – good fun, indeed.

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  1. Questioning The Timing, For Real

    Well, well, well. Just as an unknown liberal blogger leaks damaging information about Kos — who’s connected to former blogger Jerome Armstrong, hired on as a consultant for Mark Warner’s presidential campaign — and damages the Kos-Armstrong brand-nam…

  2. Shawn says:

    From what I have read about how Hillary deals with opponents I’d guess the worst is yet in store for Markos. If she unleashes her full fury upon him it will be an amazing show to watch.

  3. Gabriel Sutherland says:

    Pete Daou, now there’s a name that I would guess is on the “Townhouse” list. He was afterall John Kerry’s blogger.

  4. I wish I had stock in Redenbacher Popcorn, because this is gonna be the best movie playing this summer.

  5. Donkey Cons says:

    Roundup: Get along little bloggies!

    Meanwhile, as Dan Riehl points out, Hillary figures if John Warner can do Rent-a-Moonbat, why not hire herself some bloggage? … Ace does the math: Was Dauo on the “Townhouse” list?

  6. Jeff Zizzi says:

    I haven’t been following to closley so forgive me if I am repeating somthing someone else has posted, but it appears to me as if the Democrats are using the far left to promote Hilary as a moderate. If She is shuned by them the centerest on both sides see her as viable in 2008.
    Just an observation from an old timer.

  7. PunditGuy says:

    Hillary Purchases Her Voice in the Blogosphere

    Peter Daou, who after reading some of my comments, has successfullycommandeered a couple of moonbat invasions on this blogin the past, has been hired by Hillary Clinton to help disseminate her message throughout the blogospher…

  8. Congrats to Peter…

    WASHINGTON, June 26 – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign has hired Peter Daou, one of the most prominent political bloggers in the nation, to help disseminate her message in a forum that has not always been that hospitable to…

  9. Jim C. says:

    Jeff, I’ve been thinking of a variation of that for a while. She’ll say nothing and influence other donks to stand back. Then when the crazies go far enough, she’ll condemn them and step in as relatively moderate and a saviour of the party.
    But in my case, it’s a desparate attempt to rationalize the refusal of the Dems to say even one word against their vocal loonies.

  10. rwilymz says:

    So the Kos is in the box “taking one for the team”?

  11. Sy L. says:

    Come on folks. Sen Clinton is far from an ordinary women.
    She is more like Elphiba inn the Wizard of Oz.
    She is fearless; capable of sound military strategy, is not cowardly and has incredile levels of knowledge. Few men or women can match her fitness for the presidency.