Still More Greenwald Sock Puppetry Exposed

July 23, 2006

Sock puppetry on the Internet is one thing – it’s bad enough. Now it seems a hidden studio camera has caught blogger and best selling author Glenn Greenwald using a sock puppet in a recent appearance with Al Franken on Air America. This is going too far!

Be sure and check out Wuzzadem for some more Greenwald sock puppet funditry. And STACLU has a Sunday Funnies round-up.

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  1. Sunday Funnies

    image courtesy of faithmouse
    Update: Dan Riehl has even more sock puppetry!!!!
    Bright and Early blog gives us a laugh and a follow up story about a bear and a boyscout.
    Dr. Sanity has the carnival of sanity
    Dan Riehl says the Kidz are all white!

  2. Donkey Cons says:

    Democrats: ‘Deus dementat …’

    Glenn Greenwald screwed up. Once somebody like that is exposed for their screw-ups, the continued piling-on is just overkill. … But never mind that — Dan’s got video!

  3. Laugh Links

    Welcome to my collection of the greatest videos found online last week. Suggestions and submissions are always welcome, and I hope you continue to enjoy watching these as I will finding them.
    Our Video of the Week this week is a Youtube video pointed o…

  4. Good Lt says:

    Wow. Franken has put on some (more) weight.
    I question the timing.

  5. WuzzaDem says:

    He Said/He Said (UPDATED)

    What’s up, homesock? How’s it hangin’? Hey, did you hear what Glenn Greenwald… Jealous, much? It’s Glenn Greenwald! That’s right. I’ve written a New York Times bestselling book on executive authority, broken a story on my blog about wiretapping that

  6. Dan Collins says:

    Holy shit! That GiGi can DANCE!

  7. Wuzzadem With The Funny

    Okay, it has to do with sock-puppets. But it’s not my post, and it’s humorous, so I’m not counting it against my quota. Hey, it’s just a link. Even if you don’t dig this story– sock-puppets are adorable! Not sure…

  8. don surber says:

    Franken and Greenwald are sick.

  9. Sock Puppetry

    Fun at Glenn Greenwald’s expense. (Background here.) Update: Caught on

  10. There Are Sock Puppets

    And then there are sock puppets. Im still fond of Sherlock Holmes, though.
    UPDATE: And then theres video.

  11. Iowa Voice says:

    Sockpuppetry Ala Greenwald

    Wuzzadem breaks down the charges of Glenn Greenwald’s sockpuppetry as only he can. Pretty good (and funny!) stuff.
    What’s even funnier is that this guy (Greenwald) is actually looked up to on the left. Yikes!
    **Update**: Riehl World View has a vid