The Kidz Are Allwhite

July 22, 2006

I see someone is suggesting more Kosola over an anti-Cynthia McKinney ad. I checked dailykos and her primary opponent is the first ad on the sidebar. But I didn’t expect to see this:

Some people call for a viable third party. Well, I honestly think that the easiest method to create a third party is for the CBC to split off from (or be kicked out of) the Democratic Party. Do I think that should happen? Absolutely not. But it’s a reasonable scenario.

Does the Congressional Black Caucus think the koz kids are all white?

It’s always been obvious the Netroots is lean in certain traditional Democrat constituencies, including blue collar workers and especially blacks. But is the CBC being shoved to the back of the kos bus? Or are the times just not a changin’ all that much?

Meanwhile via Instapundit, I also came across this – Mickey Kaus is pointing out how Armstrong employer Mark Warner seems to be getting a pass on his Lieberman support? Hmm.

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  1. richard mcenroe says:

    The CBC is the ultimate Stepin Fetchit of the Democratic Party. They go to the trouble of excluding every Republican of color from their ranks but Pelosi still makes an example of “Cold Cash” Jefferson while cuddling up to Mollohan… and they do nothing about it. Because they can’t. They long ago gave away any leverage they have in the Democratic Party. All they’re good for now is checking the color bar at the convention broadcasts.
    Any third party based around African-Americans is more likely to be started up by the likes of TV Jesse and Al Sharpton, playing to the insular paranoid streak that colors so much of urban African American thinking today.

  2. MarkD says:

    At some point, African Americans will ask themselves what they get for unwavering support of the Democrats. It doesn’t look like much to me.
    The white man is holding us down rhetoric won’t fly. The people with the highest incomes pay virtually all the income taxes in the country, which sends money to the poor via the EITC. Why is it in anyone’s interest to have someone else be poor, when you have to give them your money?
    The teachers union will block any meaningful education reform, trapping another generation of urban youth without the skills to succeed.
    A third party is not the answer. The fossilized organizations of the 60s are not the answer either. Does anybody think renewing the Voting Rights Act is actually going to change anything?
    If there were simple answers, the problem would be solved. I guess it will take another generation before people figure out that ghetto culture is as destructive as drugs, and that education and skills are the keys to success, and that no organization is going to give you success.

  3. Don Meaker says:

    It is important to note that, just when the first generation of highly qualified black school teachers had made it through the education colleges, the court system demanded bussing black children away from these educated articulate successful role models, and locked the black students them into permanent minority status in white schools.

  4. don surber says:

    Hmm. No wonder they are so supportive of Bobby Byrd

  5. Donkey Cons says:

    Ko$ for $ale!

    Hey, man, it pays Markos’ bills! Besides, as Dan Riehl points out, the whole DailyKos environment is pretty much a Caucasian thing. But if you want the real explanation for Cynthia’s problems, just ask Billy McKinney: “Jews have bought everybody. Jews….

  6. chrys says:

    Not too much longer for the Koz people to be in force – split into “smallness” predicted soon! The “surface view” (isn’t that the Democrat party system?) – anyway – “surface view” always sinks quickly – Koz surely has the “surface view” market well cornered!

  7. Doug says:

    The CBC consists of “politicians” just like non-CBC members. There is only one objective, and that is their Own political power just like non-CBC members. If remaining in power requires their constituents attend “10th-rated schools”; no help except how to increase their “checks” with reparations; and preaching that their plight is “always the fault of someone else”, then that is the platform they have and will continue to run on. 40 years of the “Great Society” has almost brought a majority of an entire race to complete dependence on these “politicians”. It is such a shame!

  8. M. Simon says:

    Did some one say drugs were destroying the black community?
    That is backwards. Prohibition is destroying the black community.

  9. Katje says:

    I’m surprised that anyone could be shocked by reading this kind of think on KKKos. Random dropping in during the week will net you any number of comments demonstrating all manner of racist (and other despicable) views on display there. What makes it all the more ironic is that the Leftists are always the first ones to cry “Racism!” (or sexism, or whatever other “ism” that suits their purpose), usually when no one else has been thinking anything of the sort until they mention it. I honestly believe it’s because they tend to view everything as 2 dimensional, or conceptual, rather than complex and intricate with alternating conditions. It makes for a simpler world to be able to address a simple label to everything; it saves having to adjust for parallax when forming your opinions.
    Except for a few real “backwoods” types, I’ve never really known many racists as such, other than Leftists and a particularly nasty group of inner city black girls I attended school with in Indiana once. I’ve always found racism to be the last refuge of Life’s losers; people who give up, who expect others to do their work for them, to give them what they want, and who look to blame all their faults on someone other than themselves. Of course, this description could also refer to any number of other groups really, but you get my point. What we need, all of us, right now is to band together and pit common sense against gross stupidity in all its forms, even if we have to club it out of people with nerf bats (or aluminum Louisville Sluggers, take your pick — just a joke, folks; I’m not advocating violence, merely making a point as to the respective hardness of some heads). And to start off, we could do with either getting rid of many of these organisations, PACs and special interest groups, or begin making sure they start doing what they claim they set out to do in the first place.