Allen Critic S. R. Sidarth Exposed

August 25, 2006

Update: I understand some are questioning the point of this post, so please allow me to clear this up from my point of view. The Washington Post has been showing us this sensitive, hurt young man named SR Sidarth for a week. Now, we find out that Sidarth is fully capable of using the death of another individual, who also happened to be Hispanic, as a means of feeding his ego and touting his school. That really is not disputable if you read the thread Sidarth himself started and followed.

In essence, this allegedly sensitive young man had no problem exploiting the actual death of another individual for some props and yuks. Now, where is the sensitivity in that? My point in addressing Reyes ethnicity is because it is a fact of the story and said ethnicity did not give Sidarth pause. So, how sensitive is he really to the issues of race when it comes to others? Obviously, not very.

But I am addressing his obvious lack of sensitivity, not calling him a racist. Frankly, I think mocking a young man’s death is just a bit more repugnant than calling someone a silly name. And if you wish to suggest he wasn’t mocking the man’s death by posting that story so it could be held up to ridicule, then you need to either read the thread, or consider extending that same generousity to Senator Allen. Because in Sidarth’s case, holding up Reyes’ death to ridicule is precisely what was done.

And no one can even agree on the origin of the word to conclude it was racist. If Allen is going to hang for being insensitive, SR Sidarth is not worthy of tightening the noose given his own grossly insensitive actions in initiating the thread at issue.

After several days of prominent hammering, The Washington Post re-visits the Macaca story yet again today; however it now appears Allen critic S. R. Sidarth isn’t quite what he seems.

Fairfax Native Says Allen’s Words Stung

The remark stung the young man of Indian descent. What hurt more, Sidarth said, was when Allen gave him a sarcastic welcome to his own country, his birthplace even. It was too ironic, he thought. "I was born and raised in Fairfax County, and he’s from California," said S.R. Sidarth, wearing khaki shorts, a yellow short-sleeve shirt and flip-flops a week after the incident during an interview at the campaign headquarters of Allen’s opponent, Democrat James Webb.

Such a poor victim, this S. R. Sidarth, who apparently has no problem painting VA Senator Allen as cruel. So, I wonder where was this new found sensitivity of Sidarth’s when he began this discussion thread on a UVA posting board by making fun of an Hispanic William and Mary student’s death?

Senior Alex Reyno died Tuesday after jumping into the Crim Dell as he was leading a tour for the Office of Admissions. It was Reyno’s last tour, and he apparently jumped into the water to celebrate the event.

"He’d told people that he was going to jump in the water, and he did," Vice President for Student Affairs Sam Sadler said. "It was his last tour, and he was going to do something different that would be memorable … Regrettably, it took his life."

Here’s one of the first responses to Sidarth’s post – pardon the language:

Date: March 28th, 2006 1:17 AM
Author: enjoythesilence

wow you kids are sick fucks. that was a freak accident – i know people who’ve back-flipped into the crim dell while blacked out and come out fine…he just had shitty joss that day.

in all honesty, I can’t believe you guys use a dead student to further points. jeezus fucking a

The thread and a subsequent comment from Sidarth touting UVA makes it clear our gentle Sidarth had no trouble mocking an Hispanic individual’s death to prop up his college and himself. Now, while working for the Webb campaign, he’s suddenly become overly sensitive to an Allen remark? Gee, imagine that. Here’s the thread.

Date: March 28th, 2006 6:28 AM
Author: S.R. Sidarth

Al Groh left the NFL to coach UVA

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  1. Hyscience says:

    Allen Critic S. R. Sidarth Exposed

    It’s soooooo… easy to be sleazy, especially if it’s part of your party’s agenda….

  2. Sidarth the victim gets a whole story devoted to him at the WaPo (UPDATED)

    Fresh off of yesterdays WaPo piece that strongly implied that the man Senator George Allen called macaca is a victim, comes this piece. We find out what a stellar guy he is in a three page article:
    S.R. Sidarth had b…

  3. chrys says:

    Found you years ago and I found a real knight! Just impressed as I followed a link here AGAIN! Thanks Dan – your “on it” as usual.

  4. quimby says:

    Am I missing part of the thread? In the discussion board I saw, the comment that enjoythesilence (correctly) criticizes for being “sick” is not made by Sidarth, but by another user. Sidarth merely posted the link to the story. The Al Groh comment is made several comments downthread, after the discussion has moved on to the sports rivalry.

  5. actus says:

    “Am I missing part of the thread?”
    Ya. What did Sidarth say? he posted a link. Anything else?

  6. You’re a moron. As guimby says, he’s obviously criticizing a comment someone else made.
    Is this the best you can come up with? Swift boating doesn’t work on everyone you know.

  7. Yes I agree with you in some points.
    I think Sidarth responds in this way, because he was treated very bad by Allen and now all his reputation is messed up for some years.
    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  8. richard says:

    This is a new low for Riehl, one of the conservative blogs I used to respect. Why on earth would you do this, cataloging someone’s “sins” in a way that can haunt him for the rest of his life – especialy when it might not even be the right guy, and even if it were, it’s someone who did nothing wrong, who did nothing to deserve this. (Forgive the run-on sentence.) Please, share with us: why have you done this? Just because the WaPo said good things about him, you feel you have to say bad things? I want you to look deep inside your psyche and try to figure out what your actual motivating factor was, and tell us if, after doing this, you are proud of what you’ve done. I don’t think so. Under your aura of professorial self-importance, supported by some very weak excuses (the WaPo made him seem too sensitive!), I think right now you see yourself as a very small and shameful man.
    Might I suggest that, in defiance of blog etiquette, you simply delete all of the posts and comments related to this topic? As a blogger myself, it’s something I try never to do, but there’s a time and a place to break the rules, and this is such a time.

  9. Mike says:

    I have come across this thread a bit late, but would like to set the record straight. Alex Reyno (not Reyes) is Philippino, not hispanic. So if you are going to use an individual to promote your ideals, please get the facts straight…