America’s Wasteland Threatened

August 8, 2006

Okay, to really appreciate this, you have to stop by Hot Air and scroll down, then click over to Ace and read. I imagine you’ll get it by then.

By the way, people are commenting on various posts, but Typepad isn’t registering them with a count at the link right now. Don’t be shy.

You should also check in and see what SluBlog found. The Passion of the Toys.

And Gateway Pundit has busted the New York Times perpetuating a little photo fraud. Actually, it isn’t so little. Someone better lose their job. Ouch! Busted, big time. Looks like more of a caption problem, but a problem nonetheless.

What’s so amazing is that certainly this is stuff that’s been going on all along. Then one thing led to another and bloggers started taking a closer look at it … now it looks like the MSM is melting down more than anything in this war.

Will they turn out to be one of its casualities? In a sense, maybe they already have. Jeff Goldstein has more here.

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  1. US News & World Report Snookered By Adnan Hajj?

    Allah tucked this at the end of his post. It should be moved up top or to its own post. Dan Riehl called shenangans on this pic a few days ago. I didn’t link him because it seemed premature– he…

  2. mick in the uk says:

    Isn’t this the same man as in your ‘Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 05:13 AM’ post?

  3. Mustafa-no-Brain says:

    It is all beyond a joke now. The two photos you have the subject dramatically crouched with the gun’s stock extended as though “there was someone out there” and in the news magzine cover of the same guy with the tire dump burning in the background, the gun’s stock is folded as he casually stands up straight for the camera “as though the all clear was given about someone being out there”
    What a farce.

  4. Fiddlin Around

    If you take an even casual glance at the big news recently you might notice a common thread: traditional media and political power brokers are [primarily concerned with] manipulating perception of events to fit their reality-based fantasies̷…

  5. Old War Dogs says:

    I guess I was tired

    Sorta related to Spending way too much time on this. I finally broke down and took a coupla my bedtime happy pills the nice man at the VA gives me and disappeared for about 14 hours. Guess I musta needed

  6. Phoenix says:

    “Thousands of radials feared lost.” ??? I’m crying….. hahaha…..
    Jihad goes bust……. ‘Green Helmet’, ‘Gray-hair-slightly-balding’, ‘Fresh-From-the-Laundry EMTs’, ‘Handy Crying Hussy’ all quit because their efforts as character actors are laughed to death the world over…. Producers at Reuters claim they know nothing about the walk-out and blame it on the unions. They’ll replace the positions with anyone who will cross the Litani Blue Line.

  7. Dumps — the hidden “roadblock to peace” in the middle east.

  8. “Fauxtography” alert: NYTimes and USNews; plus Time and Reuters’ Issam Kobeisi

    ***scroll for updates*** Case study number one: The NYTimes and the Lebanese pieta Take a close look at the above photo. (Pay close attention to his shorts, his dustless chest, muscular torso, the dust on his hands, and the hat…

  9. MORE Media Lies: Hezbo With Gun + Burning Trash = Downed Israeli Jet

    I can’t tell you enough times DON’T TRUST ANYTHING YOU SEE IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! And I can’t ask the media enough times, where the hell are all the editors!? How is it all you high paid jackasses manage to…

  10. Dean Ayer says:

    Stop the presses – newsweek lists this same phot as being:
    “A Hizbullah fighter guards the scene of a missile launcher destroyed by an Israeli airstrike on the eastern outskirts of Beirut. Such missiles are believed to have the range to hit Tel Aviv, though the group has yet to successfully launch one.”
    they credit “Stephanie Sinclair for newsweek” as the photographer. To see this image go to: and click on “photo gallery” next to where it says “eye for an eye” When it pops up it says “Lebanon week 3″ click the link where it says “more photos” then click “long war” the first image is titled “hell on earth” when it should say “slow down photo op ahead” – but seriously go to photo number 7 and see that they describe this scene as “A Hizbullah fighter guards the scene of a missile launcher destroyed by an Israeli airstrike on the eastern outskirts of Beirut. Such missiles are believed to have the range to hit Tel Aviv, though the group has yet to successfully launch one.” So is it a missile launcher destroyed? a crashed plane? a Tire dump? I have also seen three people credited with the photo now so what gives with that ? photo #9 says “A Lebanese fire fighter yells as he loses water pressure while working to douse a fire after Israeli warplanes blasted communication and television transmission towers in Fatqa.” but there is no fire, no smoke, and plenty of water pressure

  11. Fauxtography and Intellectual Dishonesty

    Michelle Malkin has several posts and links gathering the blogospheres exposure of staged and doctored photos coming from the Israel-Hezbollah conflict. Many bloggers have clearly shown that Reuters, the NY Times, US News, and other sources of …

  12. Plus + Ultra says:

    Fauxtography Scandal Laffs

    The fake news and photo exposes are proliferating like tribbles. At the same time, the jokes are starting to breed prodigiously too:
    From commenter che-dm at Protien Wisdom:
    I hadn’t been following the problems with modified or staged photographs, bu…

  13. ReutersGate/7 – versione New York Times

    Dopo la Reuters, anche il New York Times costretto ad ammettere il taroccamento (questa volta non digitale) di una sequenza di fotografie provenienti dal Libano. Ad affondare la corazzata liberal, questa volta, è stato Gateway Pundit. I falsi di Hezb…

  14. J.P. Farris says:

    The Media Can Be Inaccurate…No…Really?…He Said Sarcastically.

    “The media can be inaccurate…no…really? Okay so I’m being sarcastic. But there are fallacies and inaccuracies floating around. As I have said in past blog entries sometimes the media gets in so much of a hurry to get a story that they don’t get all……

  15. McBain 4: Fatal Discharge

    More Reuters Photoshoppery caught! Though there’s a very slim chance this could a parody. (Via Watcher of Weasels) Update: More faux-fauxtography here, via Riehl World View….

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