Could S R Sidarth Kerfuffle Lead To Law Suit?

August 28, 2006

No, not against me for reporting and appropriately qualifying what was found on the Internet. However, if an autoadmin administrator was impersonating S R Sidarth, it might be a felony under current law.

I give you this post contrasted with the post below. Obviously the content at autoadmit continues to be edited. However, I saved the contents below when I discovered it and have possibly matched the info to atleast one bio here.

A felony conviction might not bode well in someone’s anticipated career, legal or otherwise. More below the fold. At link, the nick of the post in question has been changed from S R Sidarth to I bump classic xoxo threads.

In any event, what the idiots at xoxo apparently don’t realize is that smearing and harassing someone anonymously on the web is now a serious crime. If the autoadmin kerfluffle goes nuclear, I’m not the one with something to fear. There’s likely enough there now to have the board shut down and the administrator prosecuted on more than one count.

No wonder our legal system is in trouble, too many would be lawyers appear to be extremely dumb. Read below.

Date: September 5th, 2005 3:45 PM
Author: S.R. Sidarth

I am currently a junior at Thomas S. Wootton High School. Throughout my life, my parents have taught me that learning is the most important thing. A strong advocate of education, I do my best in whatever I seek to accomplish and strive to achieve at new levels. I am truly thankful of my family and people who have taught me to taste the joy of success.

Born to a Taiwan-rooted family, I am proud of my Taiwanese heritage – that is why I still learn Taiwanese and Mandarin. Over the years, I have contributed to the Taiwanese New Year festivals hosted at a variety of locations in my community by sharing with others the joy of playing the violin as well as performing tricks on the Chinese yo-yo.

After an instrumental music demonstration hosted by my kindergarten teacher, I knew I wanted to play the violin. After convincing my parents, my dad purchased my first instrument at age seven, and I started playing consistently. I am currently a first violin in the Maryland Classic Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, where I have been playing for the past two years. In addition, I was a part of the New Jersey State Youth Philharmonic Orchestra for two years as well. Places I have performed in include various prestigious halls in New Jersey, as well as at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall with the MCYO, and earlier this year, I won third place in the Maryland State Music Teachers Association Competition.

Besides musical interests, I enjoy the art of writing through my involvement with the literary magazine and various scientific organizations. Last year, my poem “Nature” was published in the 2001 National Poetry Journal. Additionally, my paper “Robotics and Real Life Applications” was published in the 2002 National Robotics Conference Anthology. Last but not least, in conclusion of my summer internship at Johns Hopkins, a research paper on Neurosurgery was recently submitted to the American Academy of Neurology.

Last year, our Robotics Team won first place in the DC Regional Area, and our Math Team placed second in the county. My fascination with physics has kindly rewarded me the first place title in the county science fair; and for this, I was invited last summer by the CIA to personally visit the headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

These events marked a milestone in my life, a milestone with a clear message: a lesson that family ties and self-sacrifice always prioritize on the path of goals and dreams. During the passage of my young life, I like to take challenges. If the possibility arises, I wish I would be able to work in Taiwan as a summer intern to gain more acquainted with my homeland. I hope through my experiences I have gained from education, music, and life, I am able to become a better person and further serve my Taiwanese community.


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  1. Captain America says:

    One point: Don’t comment spam, you already made this comment.

  2. Captain America says:

    “In any event, what the idiots at xoxo apparently don’t realize is that smearing and harassing someone anonymously on the web is now a serious crime.”
    This may be true though anonymity is moot: lawsuits can result for people who smear and harass period. Its really up to poor Sidarth at this point who he would like to point the finger at.

  3. Dan Riehl says:

    Its really up to
    LOL NO, actually it’s up to the law. You’ve heard of that, I suppose? It’s a little bit more than what’s been made up on a message board. I’m comfortable with the facts as posted and qualified and that I went to the trouble to make a call to speak to him and posted his denial ASAP. It’s time top start looking into AA’s hosting arrangements now.

  4. Captain America says:

    Thanks for deleting my post rather than responding to any of the points. Curious what you were trying to prove through your sleuthing in the first place.
    The question remains: Does the character of the minority mitigate calling him a racial slur? This is what I want your opinion on. Is it ok to call a minority a racial slur if he has a criminal record or uses bad words on the internet? Frankly – your posting implies that you’re racist, and I’m not one to make false accusations without asking the source.
    Ed – I didn’t delete your post, the original is where you placed it. Repeating the same comment in different threads is comment spam. As for labeling someone with a racial slur, no, it is wrong under any circumstances. From everyhting I’ve read, it’s never been established as an objective truth that macaca was intended as a racial slur, though it may well have been.