No, Democrats Are Traitors

August 19, 2006

I’ve gone back and forth with this in my own mind and reached the conclusion months ago that it makes more sense to acknowledge it, than to sweep it under the bed.

Hugh Hewitt posted basically a harmless bit today:

Thus it is simply true: Any vote for any Democrat is a vote against victory and a vote for vulnerability.

And while staying mostly neutral, OTB is pointing out that some would take exception to Hewitt’s rhetoric.

I’ve touched on the topic numerous times before and will refrain from it in this post to avoid biasing the discussion. Those wishing for a clue, however, can consult my feeds of the “best written right-of-center blogs” with whom “Even if if you disagree with their worldview, you’ll learn something from them without being insulted in the process.”

To cast the words and actions of the majority of high profile Democrats over the last five years as anything other than treasonous means you either don’t view the threat from Islamo-fascism as being as genuine and significant as I believe it is, or you are simply interested in playing nice, as opposed to pointing out the truth.

Our Nation embarked on the war in Iraq with over seventy-percent approval from the population and overwhelming support for it from politicians on both sides. Yet, seeking purely partisan political victory at home, the Democrat Party has consistently pulled out all the stops to undermine the effort and has succeeded in running it down.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t grounds for some real criticism of Bush, Rumsfeld and Co. But improving our chances for victory while under the Bush administration is clearly never what the hyperbolic Democrat criticism has been about. Were a Democrat President engaged in many of the initiatives the Bush administration has undertaken, we wouldn’t be hearing a peep out of the so many Democrats that we regularly do.

When one puts their own parochial desires over a greater goal which must be achieved and in the process consistently undermines the very effort being exerted, how can it be seen as anything other than a betrayal of America, one coming at an extremely critical time?

The world view of the Left is incredibly dangerous for America. They long ago abandoned reasonableness for acting more like an agent provocateur for our enemies, inadvertently, or not. One can pretend it isn’t so to keep our political discourse nice. Yet, ultimately, it’s simply true in the end.

Too many people in America don’t take the Iraq War, the global war on terror and the threat from the global creep of Islamo-fascism seriously enough for my comfort. And if people and the country are going to start taking seriously that which we undoubtedly should, then perhaps it’s time for the rhetoric to start taking a shift to the serious, first.

Given their currently held views, what a Democrat majority would likely bring about in this country can’t be described as anything but incredibly dangerous for America. So, why is it we should feel compelled to portray that which is so dangerous as plain old everyday political back and forth?

It simply isn’t. It’s a misguided ideology put forth by a number of empty suits. And ignorance of what is crucial to America’s survival in today’s world is every bit as treacherous as some of the dangers themselves. We are less than a decade away from nuclear arms and long range missiles falling into the hands of enemies of America who have given us every reason to believe they would use them. I’m not content to allow the political views of those who would allow that to happen to be called anything less than it is.

It’s as much a form of treason as anything else which could easily and ultimately lead to massive destruction and suffering for America as a whole. There was a time when it was said politics in America stopped at the waters edge. Thanks to contemporary Democrats, that is no longer true. And there is nothing wrong in pointing it out as forcefully as we can.

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  1. Bill Faith says:

    Dan, no one in their right mind would disagree with your general conclusion. I just want to point out that there are still a few exceptions to the “Democrats are … ” rule. Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman come to mind immediately. Also, … Also … I’ll be back when I think of someone else.

  2. mylena says:

    hmm sort of put all democrats in a corner and put a lable on them,
    it just doesn’t work that way Dan neither to the Republicans. Are you really telling me that 48% of the Americans are traitors? what do you want to do with them?

  3. Old War Dogs says:

    Coming out and saying it: The Democrats are traitors

    It’s past time someone came right out and said it: No, Democrats Are TraitorsDan Riehl I’ve gone back and forth with this in my own mind and reached the conclusion months ago that it makes more sense to acknowledge it,

  4. Dan Riehl says:

    what do you want to do with them?
    Nothing, other than prevent them from assuming control of the government.

  5. More on the Rhetoric of Treason

    Well, while Hugh Hewitt may not see Democrats as treasonous, it appears that Dan Riehl does, as the post title from earlier today notes: No, Democrats Are Traitors.
    In the post Dan writes:
    To cast the words and actions of the majority of high profil…

  6. Phoenix says:

    I followed the links and read. What is it about democrats that they harp relentlessly on what went wrong? Name one war that went right. And yet, that is not the point at all. The point is NOW. They don’t like being ‘framed’ as being this or that against our country’s best interests, but they offer nothing valid to keep us secure. Just reading two of the articles left my intellect going…”And?” “Yes?” Oh, and they’re all about the importance of ‘words have meaning’. Okay, so why is it there is no meaning in what they say other than to blame blame blame…….Blame never solved a damn thing.
    Cardinal rule of debate: Offer a valid solution if you’re going to bitch.
    This is Twilight Zone stuff… god.

  7. There they go again : the politics of fear

    According to Orrin Hatch, terrorists are looking forward to a victory by Democrats in November. I wonder what makes some politicians think that they can use the terrorism issue to scare Americans into voting for them or for their party.

  8. Cao's Blog says:

    Democrats are traitors

    Dan Riehl has it, and its excellent. Part I
    Part II
    I particularly like this segment from Part II:
    Leading Democrat John Murtha went on television and pronounced several Marines guilty of cold-blooded murder in Iraq. And we now know he did…

  9. ahem says:

    Dan, I think you fail to make a clear distinction between thought and act: to disagree with the war or the president’s policies is not treason; to villify the president for them (like Gore and other Demss), give classified information to the opponent (like the NYT) and spread the opponent’s propaganda (like the MSM) is, most definitely, treason.

  10. qwfwq says:

    Oh, lefty tools: let me explain it to you in terms you can understand: in terms of the redundant and unconstitutional hate speech laws.
    You may dislike yellow people with perfect impunity in the United States; after all, you are entitled to your opinion, which is covered by the first amendment. Thus, you may stand on the corner with an ‘I Hate Yellow People’ sign. It is perfectly legal–though unsavory. The cops might harrass you, but the court will let you off with a slap on the wrist. OTOH, you may not incite others to harm yellow people. You can’t stand on a street corner with a sign saying ‘Kill Yellow People’. That is clearly a crime and punishable by jail time.
    Your efforts to bring down the administration and impeach the president for a difference of political opinion put you squarely in the treason zone.

  11. Web Reconnaissance for 08/20/2006

    A short look at what’s out there that might draw your attention.

  12. winterbear says:

    oh you loopy rightist: let me explain it to you in terms you can understand:
    oppostition to the failed policies of a failed president is not treason.
    The problem is not difference of opinion. The problem is gross incompetence, cronyism, and a total disregard for the constitution and the damage that is doing to our republic.

  13. mylena says:

    okay dan i got your answer here, dont you think 48% is a little too much to just ignore? i think that’s where you go wrong and people believing this, you’ll loose if you don’t take these people valuable

  14. Original Rick says:

    I’m thinking impeaching the president would be a good idea. If he steps down then we get Cheney for two years. GREAT STRATEGY!

  15. Bill Buckley says:

    The real traitors are those who have squandered American lives, goodwill, and treasure, on a misbegotten adventure under false pretenses.
    They have made our nation and our children’s tomorrow less safe.
    Osama is gloating in his cave, because the actions of this administration have expanded his legions and support more than a thousandfold. Let’s stop giving him the gift that keeps on giving.
    It is one thing to make an honest mistake, but to continue on this course, and to continue to support it blindly, is the real treason.

  16. rwilymz says:

    “The problem is not difference of opinion.”
    I disagree.
    “The problem is gross incompetence”
    Then wither Carter’s impeachment?
    ??? Yeah? And? Name one prez who didn’t crony up to the Oval Office.
    “and a total disregard for the constitution”
    Washington created “executive privilege”; Adams agitated for “alien and sedition”; Jefferson waged undeclared war [against the same pan-islamists, by the way]; … Jackson told the Chief Justice, “That’s a fine ruling; let’s see you enforce it”; … Lincoln suspended habeas corpus [you remember, the deal with arresting people for no reason and holding them until you feel like letting them go]; … Wilson, the Espionage and Sedition acts, and something about checks and balances being the problem with American governance; … FDR packed the court, created government-sponsored ponzis, and threw all japanese in jail for being japanese; … any truly Presidential Historian could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on…
    “and the damage that is doing to our republic.”
    Do me a favor, Mr Unsubstantiated Allegation: define this “damage”.
    “dont you think 48% is a little too much to just ignore?”
    Probably. But then this 48% would prefer to ignore the other 51%. So you kinda got a Mexican Standoff.
    “Osama is gloating in his cave”
    The seat of power fabled in song and story.
    “the actions of this administration have expanded his legions and support more than a thousandfold”
    Really? What’s he gonna pay those thousandfold with? His funds have been frozen. How’s he gonna arm them? Guns and the chemicals to cook C4 cost $$.
    Oh, right, right. He’ll have his funding back after the pressure from NYT editorials curtails international banking cooperation and thaws out his accounts. Forgot about that one.
    Al Qaida is not like Hamas; they receive no government funding. They’re self-financed, from Osama’s private stash and bake sale reciepts.
    A fundless group of a thousandfold increased crowd of pissed-off rabble is a group of pissed-off rabble a thousand times bigger. Without weaspons or the means to get them, they are militarily irrelevant.
    “Let’s stop giving him the gift that keeps on giving”
    Then keep the NYT quiet.
    “It is one thing to make an honest mistake, but to continue on this course, and to continue to support it blindly, is the real treason.”
    That’s eerily similar to what critics were saying of Lincoln, even after he promoted Grant [*particularly* after he promoted Grant, in some quarters]. Victories were few, costs were tremendous, backbiting was legion. Anti-war riots occured in several northern cities, and were worst in NYC.
    Split the Union? Wuzzat the solution? Because you don’t understand the themes, are ignorant of the mechanics, and yet still demand smooth transitions and you’ve discerned a bump in the road, it’s all now a critical mistake, and support for the nation is, itself, treason?
    Advice: stock up on bubble wrap. I have a feeling you’ll need all you can get.

  17. Phoenix says:

    Bubble wrap? How about Saran Wrap? We should Saran Wrap the entire United States for thirty days. Nothing in, nothing out. Airtight and secure.
    I wonder how many outside our fine little bubble of in statu quo ante bellum would die? A thousand-fold?

  18. mike says: