Where Have I Seen This Before?

August 8, 2006


A Hezbollah gunman aims his AK 47 at a fire caused by an explosion in Kfarshima, near Beirut, Lebanon, Monday, July 17, 2006. Lebanese TV stations broadcast video pictures Monday claiming to be an Israeli military aircraft falling to the ground in the area, but Israeli military said no aircraft was shot down over Beirut and there was no immediate confirmation of the cause of the explosion. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla/AP) (Hussein Malla – AP) :

A Lebanese Hizbollah guerrilla aims his rifle as smoke rises from a burning object in a Beirut suburb July 17,2006. Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz said on Monday that no Israeli jet or helicopter had been shot down over Lebanon but did not rule out that a drone many have been downed. REUTERS/Adnan Hajj

And check this out via Allah at HotAir. Scroll down! ha ha ha ha


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  1. The Press at War IV

    The staging of the news with respect to the current war in Lebanon is well documented and despite former Reuters freelance photographer Adann Hajj actually doctoring photos, other instances of clear Hezbollah media manipulation are occuring. Many blog…

  2. Phoenix says:

    ha ha ha………. TOO funny…. Now U.S. News & World Report is cringing…..
    “I’m gonna shoot me a tire, by Allah!” JIIIHAAAD !!

  3. Phoenix says:

    Hey. Wait. a. minit.
    This could be for real. You know when you go camping and grab the flashlight to go out into the woods for a pee? You come back to stand by the fire and there you are – aiming the stupid flashlight into the fire. Everyone does it, so don’t pretend you never did it. This could be the same kind of dufus syndrome.
    I think you might be ‘over-propangandizingpoopoo’ here, Dan. Ha. Ha. Ha. .. Keep it up. I love being tricked. :)

  4. US News & World Report Snookered By Adnan Hajj?

    Allah tucked this at the end of his post. It should be moved up top or to its own post. Dan Riehl called shenangans on this pic a few days ago. I didn’t link him because it seemed premature– he…

  5. DirtCrashr says:

    Nice to have an AK ,but at that distance he’s only ever gonna shoot tire-sized groups at best – it’s not an accurate rifle past 100-yds. At Clear Creek you’re supposed to roll the flaming tire down a big hill, shootin’ guns takes place in another area – but it could easily be anywhere in Northern California too.

  6. Biggest Victim of Israeli Genocide? Mickey Mouse (Update: Monty Python; UPDATE II: RETRACTION; UPDATE III: Another Photo Debunked!)

    UPDATES: So many updates, just keep scrolling down. Near the bottom, you’ll se another Hajj/Reuters photo debunked. Once is a lucky shot. Twice is lottery winning lucky. Three times and its time for the IDF to start thinking about taking…

  7. J. Summers says:

    I think there must have been some confusion. The editors of Reuters must have asked Hajj or one of his buddies for pictures of Tyre burning. The fauxtographers, not likely English native speakers, didn’t understand homophones and so they took pics of tires burning. ;->

  8. The Sandmans Lament

    Took a brief nap this afternoon, and while I was asleep an entire propaganda war waged by photojournalists, stringers, and caption writers seemed to unravel like a cheap sweater! Allah has the roundup here including The Passio…

  9. “Fauxtography” alert: NYTimes and USNews

    Case study number one: The NYTimes and the Lebanese pieta Take a close look at the above photo. (Pay close attention to his shorts, his dustless chest, muscular torso, the dust on his hands, and the hat tucked in the…

  10. Old War Dogs says:

    I guess I was tired

    Sorta related to Spending way too much time on this. I finally broke down and took a coupla my bedtime happy pills the nice man at the VA gives me and disappeared for about 14 hours. Guess I musta needed

  11. Phoenix says:

    ‘Tyre burning.’ ha haha…. This just gets funnier and funnier….. ….’didn’t understand homophones..’ Ha Ha Ha….

  12. Steve O says:

    He’s shooting at the tires!!
    He hates tires!!

  13. MORE Media Lies: Hezbo With Gun + Burning Trash = Downed Israeli Jet

    I can’t tell you enough times DON’T TRUST ANYTHING YOU SEE IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! And I can’t ask the media enough times, where the hell are all the editors!? How is it all you high paid jackasses manage to…

  14. Veteran NBC correspondent on why Israel/Hezbollah war coverage is so slanted

    Ike Seamans at NBC6.net has written a piece explaining why he believes the news reporting of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is so slanted. He opines:
    Because almost none of the American television networks have a vast stable of experienced …

  15. ultram says:


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  16. Lisa says:

    Bruno Stevens acknowledges (Libération) that it was indeed a tyre dump which was burning, his convoluted explations on how his “tragic” mistake happened is absolutely hilarious.
    Well done to all of you. Good job guys. Congratulations.
    “Pour revenir à l’image parue dans US News, magazine dont l’orientation éditoriale est notoirement pro-israélienne, ce que vous appelez un dépôt d’ordures est un parking de la caserne de l’armée libanaise à Kfar Chima, dans la banlieue est de Beyrouth, sur lequel se trouvaient des camions affrétés vraisemblablement par le Hezbollah, contenant au moins une rampe de lancement de missiles et plusieurs missiles. La mise à feu incontrôlée causée par le bombardement israélien a provoqué le décollage intempestif d’un fragment de missile suivi par sa chute et son explosion sur le stock de pneus et de camions désaffectés à l’arrière de la caserne. Les images de la télévision libanaise montraient un objet métallique de taille importante en feu, chutant de très haut à cet endroit précis. L’hypothèse d’un F16 israélien abattu, avancée au moment des faits, paraissait crédible ; mais après être retourné personnellement trois fois sur les lieux dans les jours et les semaines qui ont suivis (il fallait attendre la fin de l’incendie), je suis arrivé à la conclusion que l’explication la plus plausible est celle du missile endommagé retombant ; j’ai photographié à cet endroit une rampe de lancement de missiles accréditant cette hypothèse… où est la fabrication grossière que vous dénoncez ?
    Lorsque vous écrivez : «On n’a jamais vu les “combattants” du Hezbollah», le démenti est simple : sur cette image précise, par exemple !
    Je vous enjoins, M. Trigano, d’appeler France 2 et de leur demander de pouvoir visionner l’entièreté de la cassette filmée par leur cameraman Talal Jalouni, à Netzarim, lors de la mort de Mohammed al-Dura. Les quatorze minutes de cette vidéo sont absolument insoutenables ; je suis à votre disposition pour vous montrer les photos et des plans des lieux (détruits quelques jours plus tard par l’IDF…).”

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