Original Scholastic 9/11 Study Guide

September 7, 2006

Updated: Here’s the pdf for section 5 in html below. That’ll give you a feel for what they were like in pdf. And here is a file of the original main page of the guide.

h/t BizzyBlog

Bootleg unedited copies of the movie are said to be starting to make the rounds in Europe.

When I saw through email that Scholastic had pulled the original Path to 9/11 study guides in pdf off line, I recalled that Google often caches pdfs in HTML. Sure enough, they were there. I saved them as separate web pages and loaded them up below.

Might be interesting to contrast and compare. I wonder, will the Dems or Scholastic go after my right to broadcast, too?

Student Resource Sheet 1

Student Resource Sheet 2

Classroom Discussion And Debate 1

Classroom Discussion And Debate 2

Beyond The Classroom Discussion And Debate

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  1. Tom Blumer says:

    Nice job. You’re about 10 minutes ahead of me.
    I have a “pretty version” of “Beyond the Classroom” in PDF on my hard drive, but otherwise you’re good to go.

  2. Tom Blumer says:

    In my non-legal opinion, the fact that Scholastic’s Materials have become part of the debate, that they were online at one time, and that they were accessible, means that fair use applies.
    If they don’t agree, well, let the docs be posted on 10,000 blogs; then they can try to come after everyone.

  3. Tom Blumer says:

    I’m not going to post my docs because (believe it or not) I have other pretty important posts to get to.
    BUT…. If you’re hurting for bandwidth and need a mirror, let me know.

  4. Dan Riehl says:

    Well, if you want to post the actual pdfs let me know I can link to the post.

  5. Tom Blumer says:

    Actually I have one doc you don’t have (the overall discussion guide cover sheet) plus the PDF of the Beyond the Classroom.
    I’m going to attach them to an e-mail to you. I just did. Enjoy

  6. Tom Blumer says:

    Just got your gatekeeper message and responded, so you should have the attachments shortly. Please advise that you got them intact and usable.

  7. Bizzyblog says:

    They Can Run, But They Cant Hide Department

    By now, everyone knows that Bill Clinton and members of his admnistration have succeeded in altering ABCs The Path to 9/11 mini-series that will show on September 10 and 11. People connected with the project who spoke with Hugh Hewitt could not …