A Democrat Ate My Baby

October 26, 2006

Update: You want to see a face from the other side? Tell me we don’t have to take these pathetic losers down.

A Democrat ate my baby!! Does that sound like an outlandish, silly claim? Obviously it does.

Do we want our politicians resorting to what seem like over the top, outrageous, or low political tactics to win an election? I think I speak for many moderates and conservatives when I say we don’t. And in an ideal world, perhaps we should be demanding more than what we might have seen, or will be seeing from some. Unfortunately, it isn’t an ideal world.

I honestly cannot remember seeing a time when one party and the media have so conspired to tilt an election. Day after day of Mark Foley and still that silliness drags on. Yet, you don’t see many stories on North Korean nukes.

Is the Democrat leadership too liberal? Not to worry, certainly moderate is what they’d be. And people believe that because the MSM has told them so. And what about some of the candidates – Bob Casey in Pennsylvania is poised to take a seat in the Senate for PA … and even astute political observers can’t tell you much about him. The stealth candidates we are seeing is a bit amazing to me – Jim Webb, Casey, Lamont, besides knowing he is anti-war the media hasn’t looked at these candidates with anything like a discerning eye. Yet that same media has been tearing apart, or down every Republican or conservative candidate they can get their lens on.

And yes I absolutely do believe that the MSM has abdicated its responsibility in this election more egregiously than I have ever observed before. In some cases they have reduced Republicans to shadow boxing by keeping the discussion away from issues and looking only at Republican faults.

I might not agree that all is fair in politics, at least I don’t believe it should be. But this year strikes me as very different. Center-right and Conservative candidates are fighting a battle with one of any campaign’s weapons, the media, clearly aligned on the other side.

And because of that, perhaps we need to hold our noses or shield our eyes a bit more than what we might like. There are less than two weeks left in what has become a most confounding political season. And if it means we have to get down in the muck a bit to win, I’d rather do that and clean up later than sit and whine like some pathetic loser … I mean, Dem.

Gentility be damned, it’s time to loose the mud of political war.

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  1. snapped shot says:

    Dan, you’ve got a way with words!

    “A Democrat Ate My Baby!”

  2. Phoenix says:

    Why does the title of this post make me sing that Bobby Rydell song, “Has Anybody Seen My Baby?”
    oooh…. it’s looping….. annnnh!

  3. katie says:

    The outrage people feel about Foley isn’t silliness. Its a perfect
    opportunity for people to realize that republicans are sleazy.
    Like Dan’s opinions.

  4. Shalimar says:

    You’re an immoral, paranoid, worthless sleazeball, since when have you ever needed an excuse to unleash mud and slime? It’s mindless sycophants like you who have given the Republican party such a horrible reputation.

  5. Phoenix says:

    What outrage about Foley? Even the people who insist on keeping this non-story in the headlines are bored with it because it is a non-story. Pathetic bi-sexual emails some slightly sleazy stuff to adult young men? That’s a big outrage? Jeepers. Seems to me it takes two to tango, and if those young men did not welcome the advances all they had to do was say ‘no’ or to hit the ‘delete’ button. Foley didn’t screw anyone, but for sure, *everyone* has made sure he’s screwed for life.

  6. Shalimar says:

    “Foley didn’t screw anyone”
    How can you possibly be positive that Foley never crossed that line even once, have you been following him around 24/7 for the last 12 years? Pathetic emails to people who aren’t even half your age are a sign of something seriously wrong, morally and psychologically, he deserves to be screwed for life. Your lack of concern for 16 year olds is shocking, hopefully you don’t have any children.

  7. Phoenix says:

    Don’t you think if Foley had actually had butthole congress with a young man, that young man might not come forward?
    On the other hand, I’ll boink your mother if you’ll give her a bath. And then I’ll talk about it. :) Yum.

  8. Ed Meese Jr. says:

    You’re an immoral, paranoid, worthless sleazeball, since when have you ever needed an excuse to unleash mud and slime? It’s mindless sycophants like you who have given the Republican party such a horrible reputation.
    He’s a shitty writer, too. Most conservatives are.

  9. Auntie Occident says:

    “Yet, you don’t see many stories on North Korean nukes.” I only hear/read about them every day. Maybe you should pull your head out of Hannity’s ass. Besides, North Korean nukes doesn’t play to any conservative/Republican strength because it’s only another cockup on their watch.