McCaskill’s Links To Voter Fraud Deepen

October 27, 2006

It appears Democrat Senate Candidate from Missouri, Claire McCaskill may have even more links to an organization linked with both ACORN and incidents of alleged voter fraud.

America Votes is a George Soros funded organization which appears to operate by different names in different areas, in part, to implement voter registration programs. America Votes touts its relationship with ACORN here:

ACORN achieves these goals by building community organizations that have the power to win changes – through direct action, negotiation, legislation, and voter participation.

According to this source, Todd Patterson is, or perhaps was the Missouri state coordinator for America Votes.

Todd Patterson
MO State Organizing Director

In 2004, Todd Patterson was a Senior Adviser to the McCaskill campaign and was also listed as a resource, along with ACORN, to a Leftist International organization involved with monitoring American elections. Or see pdf here.

As previously posted, since 1999, Claire McCaskill has been Missouri State Auditor, one of her responsibilities being to audit for election fraud. The question is, was one of her Senior Advisers linked with a group which should have come up under her audit, as it was linked to voter fraud in 2003?

The article below looks like it might be of interest, but it doesn’t seem to be archived in full. And Patterson appears to be involved with fund raising for McCaskill this election cycle.

Todd Patterson , a government consultant and political strategist , says , " Not … John and Mary also were organizers with ACORN ; John is now executive …

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  1. Dan Collins says:

    That’s good work, Dan. I’d provide trackback to you from PW, where I’m guestblogging, but I don’t know how. Because I’m an idiot. But it’s still an important piece.