Iran And Syria

November 21, 2006

Hopefully any notion of talking to Iran and Syria is off the table due to the assassination today. And it appears that Iran might be headed in the wrong direction from what we might like.

if the top theofascist is now to be the guy who gives Ahmadinejad all his crazy ideas, that changes the equation, doesn’t it?

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  1. yyy says:

    God are you really this stupid?
    We talked to the Soviets, we talked to Communist China.
    When you don’t ‘talk’ to your enemy then you don’t have a hope or a prayer of figuring out his strategy or of finding any common ground or making any progress on any front.
    The ‘we don’t talk to terrorist states’ has not gotten us very far.
    It may make YOU feel good to say ‘we won’t talk to you anymore nah, nah, nah’ but it is ridiculous from the standpoint of how a government need to act.
    Of course I don’t expect your pea brain to comprehend that.
    So, let’s see, I’m stupid, I’m an anti semite, I’m a liberal fool who wants to live under the mullah’s myself…
    That about cover it?

  2. Kate Logsdon says:

    Only a nut like you would think you can find “common ground” with terrorists states like Iran & Syria.

  3. Dan Riehl says:

    figuring out his strategy
    Uh, I think they fly airplanes into skyscrapers. How clear is THAT fucking strategy for you, numbnuts?

  4. yyy must be a connoisseur of only the finest vintage lies if he thinks there’s anything to be gained by talking with terrorists.
    The only talking we did with Japan and Germany once the shooting started was to demand their unconditional surrender ;->

  5. Cindi says:

    That about cover it?
    Posted by: yyy | Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at
    Can I say the cunt word here?

  6. jenny says:

    Nothings off the table. Iraq meets with Iran and Syria this weekend. It’s about time!