Rahmagod – The New Democrat Delay

November 13, 2006

Actually, this is a fairly compelling profile if you enjoy reading about individuals who dedicate themselves to success in a specific endeavor, placing it above all else. Don’t look for balance in the profile of Rahm Emanuel. It’s all politics all the time, ending with this from Emanuel on Republicans.

"I’ll tell you this," Emanuel shouted out to his staff. "The Republicans may have the 72-hour program. But they have not seen the 22-month program!"

"Since my kids are gone, I can say it: They can go —- themselves!"

I mentioned Delay in the title, as this is pretty much the type of thing for which some demonized him in the past. Perhaps the team you play for makes a difference with the media? Ya think? Though I imagine many inside politics type actually admired Delay, as well.

If you don’t want to read the longish glowing profile – My DirectDeposit Due Dilligence has the cliff notes scrawled with the juice of some apparently very sour grapes. Here’s a short taste:

Rahm masterminded the D-Day invasion.

Rahm is every new Democratic precinct captain in the country.

Rahm wrote every progressive blog post this cycle.

Rahm single-handed won these elections.

When the world ends, it will be because Rahm blinked.

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  1. Felix says:

    “Though I imagine many inside politics type actually admired Delay, as well.”
    I respect Rove and Newt.
    DeLay, however, was never anything but a corrupt petty thug.

  2. Steve says:

    “Pretty much the type of thing for which some…?” Weasel much?
    You don’t seriously believe that being profane and hard-charging is what led “some ” to demonize Delay? It was the corruption, the egregious gerrymandering, the using Federal resources to track down errant lawmakers, the vicious lying and dirty tricks, and — oh yeah — the corruption that warranted demonization. Delay wasn’t just an asshole–he was, as the other commenter put it, a thug.