Whoops, Sorry Again, AP

November 30, 2006

via Hot Air

Update: See-Dubya makes an excellent point about the “burned alive” story. If, as one eyewitness told the AP, all the victims were members of the al-Mashadani tribe, then even if it happened the way they said it happened, this may be less a case of sectarian violence than bad ol’ family feud.

Nah, there’s a better way to do away with alleged victims when a phony witness is giving details to the AP … you just choose someone who moved first to Syria and then back, but out of the neighborhood, last year – and probably to Syria, again. That way, they’ll probably never show up.

Dec 2005 — The al-Mashadani family are middle- class Sunni Arabs who live(d) in the Hurriya district of west Baghdad. Fifteen years ago Mohammed and his sister Ban had each achieved modest prosperity.

Mohammed was a captain in the elite Republican Guard, proud of his uniform and his car, a considerably grander vehicle than anything driven by his neighbours. With the fall of the old regime in 2003, the 37-year-old lost his job and went to live with his mother, Selma.


Mohammed and his family were terrified. He fled to Syria and stayed there for a month and a half. But he left behind his wife, four daughters and two sons. After six weeks he called from Damascus to say: ‘I miss my children too much. I am coming home even if they kill me.’

The family rented out their house in Hurriyah and moved to Dohra, a tough, mostly Sunni, district in south Baghdad. Mohammed plans to move to Syria with his wife and children if SCIRI wins the election on 15 December.

See Hot Air link above and Michelle’s post here each with several links to read more.

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