The Saddam Hanging Video

December 31, 2006

If you haven’t seen the actual hanging and want to see it, the video is at this Jawa  link.

I found myself tearing up earlier tonight, not at the ruthless dog in the video linked above, but at the state ceremony for Gerald Ford. Perhaps future generations will look back at our politicians today and think of how Washington was better when people were civil to one another, if so, I can only imagine how bad it will eventually get.

When I look at the Democrat opposition today, particularly the leadership, I find it hard to believe we have many very good people in DC. They look like a group of basically distasteful, self serving jerks.

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  1. Phoenix says:

    Steel is doing a thing about 2006 and the singular moment of the year to “you”. After going back and forth about ‘do you want something personal or something worldly’, it hit me: ‘This year I came to realize the ‘sickness’ that is liberalism.’
    Personal and worldly all wrapped up in one. Sad stuff.

  2. hobo says:

    Thanks for your note on Gerald Ford and “future generations,” etc.; simple, clear, moving. Volumes could be generated from those few words.

  3. “think of how Washington was better when people were civil to one another”
    I don’t believe that ever existed other than in the most superficial manner. Politics has always been dirty low down (literally) back stabbing business ever since the ancient Greeks.
    The difference today is media (not MSM, but the whole expanded concept of media itself). All that’s happening is we’re getting a better view on what has always existed. To some degree there may be a media availability feedback mechanism that amplifies certain behaviors – ex. Al D’Amato’s inflatable “pork pig” antics on the senate floor would have been meaningless without a camera there to capture it. IOW, the presence of media prompted Al to do the stunt.

  4. Saddam Hussein Execution Video UNCUT (Warning- Disturbing Video)

    I made the observation that those who support the death penalty should face the consequences of their support. I would not exclude myself from that requirement.
    ThoughI take no joy in viewing it there is a bootleg (looks like a cell phone v…

  5. old trooper says:

    The Founding Fathers would have never intended to form a Government that would become a career field for professional politicians. The self serving buffoons from both parties are out of touch, totally, with those that they were intended to serve. Those men that authored the Constitution could not have imagined anyone that would stay in elected office for so many years.
    I am, now, more than ever in favor of term limits for elected offices. I am fully in favor of prosecution to the fullest extent of the law for those that leak classified information to the media, accept favor or cash for their influence or abuse the public trust. Both parties are guilty of those offenses.
    I do not expect the 110th Congress to be more ethical or honest than the last one. Career Politicians are the Culture of Corruption, from both parties.
    Happy 2007 All!

  6. Sti says:

    In the bag he looks beheaded. Rope too long?

  7. Phoenix says:

    Hear, Hear, Old Trooper.
    And may the blogs continue to hold the MSM to account.

  8. Melbourne says:

    A country that is proud to show ALL the people from men, woman and children aged from teens to 5 year old children chant with joy firing both fully automatic and semi automatic weapons in the air. Who ever thinks this is normal behaviour is seriously disillusioned. Unfortunately the vast majority of the middle east are brain washed.
    On another topic regarding this video showing Saddam being hanged. Do you honestly believe this amateur video is remotely realistic? Firstly when a person is hanged they do NOT die instantly, he DID. Secondly the way the noose was put around Saddam’s neck was loose and on his left shoulder. When a hanging takes place the noose must be tight/firm around the neck/throat with the tied up noose directly behind his/her neck. Last of all and what personally confirms that this is nothing more then a total hoax. If you look carefully, the person taking this footage directs the cell phone camera to his left at least a good 3 feet or 1 meter to show the viewer the metal trap door where Saddam should be standing, the footage then directly shows Saddam standing and falling supposedly to his death. Saddam was clearly not standing on that metal trap door.
    This was very poorly staged who ever done it.

  9. Holiday says:

    Melbourne, You are decidely incorrect about the correct method for execution by hanging. Death, when the procedure is properly applied, is instantaneous. The knot is placed behind the left ear. Death is caused by a broken neck, not strangulation. Finally, the knot was tightened by one of the executioners immediately prior to the big drop. Besides the unprofessional taunting and cruelty, the execution was flawless.