AP’s Carroll Has Been Here Before

January 3, 2007

Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston from Hot Air are heading to Iraq and could use your support, just as other blogger imbeds Michelle links could.

While Jamil Hussein is only one issue she’ll be pursuing, I came across something interesting regarding AP editor Kathleen Carroll. When it comes to a lack of attributed sources and bogus reports, apparently she’s been there before. Not only did she applaud that coverage by the AP, she even took a swipe at blogs over a year ago in speaking about it. It seems some things never change, so I doubt Carroll will take Michelle up on her suggestion to visit Iraq herself.

Given this, what should we have expected from Carroll? She goes off on blogs, forgetting that the AP has the largest keyboard of all. I’m thinking Kathleen’s time may have just about come. Apparently the goal of the journalist is no longer to report the news … it’s to help people. I wonder, did that excuse the lies pushed about the Superdome?

With the emergence of the Web log, or blog, Carroll warned against opinions claiming to be fact. “Blogging and citizen journalism is a wonderful thing, but we can’t let ourselves become prisoners of the loudest shouter with the biggest keyboard,” she said.

Carroll said she and the AP were proud of the now infamous Superdome coverage during Katrina. You know, the coverage that was so WRONG:

The stories were told by residents trapped inside the Superdome and convention center and were repeated by public officials. Many news organizations, including The Associated Press, carried the witness accounts and official pronouncements, and in some cases later repeated the claims as fact, without attribution.

But now, a month after the chaos subsided, police are re-examining the reports and finding that many of them have little or no basis in fact.

… but helped people, I guess.

Carroll, praising the resourcefulness of reporters, said a New Orleans AP sports reporter used her knowledge of the Superdome to report the conditions of the makeshift shelter. After using a pay phone to dictate stories back to AP bureaus, the writer slept in her truck each night to escape the conditions inside.

Kathleen Carroll has sent many journalists to the Gulf Coast for Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

Amid the disaster, the executive editor and senior vice president of The Associated Press said the news coverage has made her proud.

“The events of the last 10 days should renew all of our spirits about what the (journalism) field can do to help people desperate or in need,” Carroll said Saturday during a speech at Kansas University.

She spoke as part of Kansas Editors Day at Alderson Auditorium in the Kansas Union. KU’s School of Journalism sponsored the event.

Don’t forget to see Michelle’s post and visit the links for all the imbeds if you can.

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  1. Jamilgate Flashback: Katty Carroll Defended Phantom Reportage At The Superdome, Too

    She gushed with praise for reporters reporting stuff that just didn’t happen during Katrina as well. Michelle Malkin, Curt from Flopping Aces, and Hot Air’s Bryan Preston are all shortly departing for Iraq to find the Man Who Doesn’t Exist….

  2. Tood says:

    AP has become an active anti-American fifth column in the war on terror. This is no longer an overstatement.
    They are trying to dilute and sugarcoat the flying Imam’s story as well.
    Apparently, they don’t think their own lives are at risk. Maybe nature programs some creatures to proactively weed themselves out of the gene pool. This could explain why suicide bombers and leftists possess the self-eliminating psychology that they do.

  3. Going to Iraq

    Paging Kathleen Carroll My blogging has been lighter than usual the past few weeks due to family time, Fox News duties, holiday chaos, holiday illness–and, yes, planning for a trip to Iraq. As you know, ex-CNN newsman Eason Jordan…

  4. LaughingGas says:

    Hope to see Michelle on Ogrish.com very soon.

  5. ZF says:

    We have our new deer in the headlights. It’s ‘fake but accurate’ all over again. These people never modify their stance until they are run over. Wait for the bump!

  6. stu says:

    Iraq police and the Libby trial:
    ‘Apparently, they don’t think their own lives are at risk. Maybe nature programs some creatures to proactively weed themselves out of the gene pool.’
    Alot of comments like:
    stuff that just didn’t happen……….
    shortly departing………..
    deer in the headlights………….
    she’ll be pursuing…………..
    Carroll has sent many journalists to the Gulf……….
    So, I guess it’s all spy stuff and it’s not like some it’s related or anything and they REALLY don’t want it talked about, which is probably why Carrol is laughing when they all get there.
    Hopefully Malkin and the others aren’t getting set up because the DC stuff can get real nasty and I don’t know much about Iraq, but it’s probably more badder.

  7. Been There, Done That:

    Jamil Hussein-gate is not the first time that Associated Press’ Kathleen Carroll has dealt with unattributed sources and dubious reports: she applauded AP’s Katrina coverage and took a swipe at blogs who criticized it. (Riehl World View)…

  8. Mainstream journalism has become like the Senior Tour of the PGA. Big names, inferior golf.
    Worse, actually. More like the old alums at Homecoming weekend, trying to recapture their lost glory. They still send money and have power, so the college has to be nice to them, but their day has passed.

  9. Born Free says:

    Carroll is a member of the Pulitzer selection committee. Figures.

  10. APs Carroll Has Been Here Before

  11. Media Glutton says:

    Now that it’s admitted by the Iraqi military that Jamil Hussein does exist, what idiotic story are you conservative goofballs going to harp on incessantly next? I can’t wait to not care!
    source: http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003528028

  12. Glutton – Patience, young Padawan. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet.