Hagel: If You Thought He Was Crazy Before …

January 26, 2007

Hindenburg Think Chuck Hagel is crazy? You may be convinced of it after reading this. It seems his options are wide open due to his visibility – no doubt like being last in RWN’s straw poll.

He could get "star" Obama to break ranks with the Dems and run as his VP, or maybe recruit NYC Mayor Bloomberg to form a new party. Call it the Anti-Party – Anti-food, Anti-war, Anti-smoking, Anti-gun! It could be the first political party that isn’t for anything at all except themselves. At least Dems have the socialism thing going for them as a cause. Unfortunately for Hagel, even Bloomberg supports the war.

This is either a joke, or the first trial balloon in history with a name all its own – the Hindenburg. Key to getting a wite up in the Washington Post – denounce the war. They’ll think you just might have what it takes to be President. I can’t wait to see if they endorse Cindy Sheenhan in 2008.

Hagel Ponders White House Run As War Criticism Raises His Profile

But with McCain appearing increasingly isolated on the issue as public opinion has turned overwhelmingly against the war, Hagel is acting like a politician who believes his stock is climbing. In other words, he is considering a White House run.

Hagel joked during the interview about teaming up with New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, a moderate Republican, and also floated the possibility of joining a bipartisan unity ticket with a Democrat — with his name first, of course.

Hagel clearly admires Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and calls him "a star," but he doubts the two could ever team up given the vast difference in their parties’ principles. "I don’t know if it gets to that point, but there is a shift going on out there, and there’s nothing like a war that does that," Hagel said.

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  1. Zifnab says:

    Dan, you hack. Have the chutzpah to actually post on events rather than rampant speculation. If Senator “Straight Like a Boomerang” McCain can run for President on the McCain Doctrine of sending in more troops than we have in uniform, then Hagel can run on the “Only Republican who doesn’t actually support epic fiscal responsibility in wartime” platform. You know, the conservative platform.
    But when you’ve got over half a dozen candidates in the field already, maybe you should pick on guys like Brownback who are against the war and ACTUALLY running.

  2. Darth Malice says:

    Boot this wretch out of the GOP ASAP!

  3. The Decider says:

    Obviously anyone who criticizes our leader is insane!

  4. Patrick says:

    Methinks that running to the middle and losing the right does not bode well for a general election, let alone a Republican primary.

  5. Darth Malice says:

    I want Bush to win,that is why I am hard on him.Rinos and Dems WANT to fail.

  6. DoubleLeftWingPatrick says:

    The answer is… three words… Fred. Dalton. Thompson. Mark these words.

  7. Blogs of War says:

    Chuck Hagel Considering White House Run

    Chuck Hagels arrogance and willingness to compromise Americas troops and national security in his pursuit of personal power is stunning:
    He said one possibility is forming a presidential exploratory committee and despite his outca…

  8. Legalize says:

    “Boot this wretch out of the GOP ASAP!”
    How surreal. You must be a Dem plant. No thinking person could possibly want one of the few credible GOPers left holding office more substantial than county dog catcher, OUT of its party. That said, I am happy to assist you in your cause of forever rendering your party irrelevant in American politics; I will happily welcome Senator Hagel away from the ranks of the 28 percenters.

  9. Darth Malice says:

    You can have McCain,Warner,Lugar,Graham,Specter,and the Maine wicked sisters as well.I would much have a smaller RINO free party that can re-boot and become stronger!

  10. Rick says:

    Hagel’s national constituency is merely the media scraps from McCain’s table. Last week on one of the nets’ news programs, I heard Hagel described by the reporter as an “influential Republican Senator.”
    A genuine LOL moment.

  11. Darth Malice says:

    Rick he is at 1 percent in GOP primary polls.A third party run will be like Buchanon-No where!

  12. Pug says:

    “You can have McCain,Warner,Lugar,Graham,Specter,and the Maine wicked sisters as well.I would much have a smaller RINO free party that can re-boot and become stronger!”
    You’re well on your way to “Mission Accomplished”!
    Keep up the good work.

  13. scarshapedstar says:

    Didn’t Glenn Reynolds use to snark about “crushing of dissent”?

  14. Bill Adkins says:

    What will you do with a Hagel/McCain ticket?

  15. sglover says:

    Check out the thread called “Think Positively”. It’s a thread that begins on a charming, whimsical note, with Riehl wishing for the death of Americans whom he dislikes. You can find it here:
    In it, you’ll find Riehl claiming that he’s a vet, and then, after much shucking ‘n’ jiving, finally revealing that he was NEVER in the military.
    What sort of pathetic worm feels the need to lie like this?
    If any of you right-wingers take this lickspittle seriously, you’re welcome to watch Riehl kill whatever “reputation” he might have, with his own two hands.

  16. sglover says:

    Gotta retract that last. I misread a passage.