San Fran Nanny’s Kids Are Acting Up

January 7, 2007

The Left is all a twitter over House Speaker Pelosi’s statements regarding possibly not funding any additional initiative in Iraq. (video at link) But they are over looking some of Speaker Pelosi’s bigger Democrat kids who appear to be acting up, particularly Joe Biden who said that Congress lacks the power to second guess Bush’s military strategy.

Any Pelosi obstruction to a new Bush plan might end up being resigned to the House.

Other Democrats distance themselves from Pelosi on additional troop funding

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Some of the other leading Democrats in Congress aren’t ready to echo House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s suggestion that lawmakers might hold up funding for additional troops in Iraq.

On CBS’s ”Face the Nation” today, Pelosi said Democrats won’t cut off money for those troops already in Iraq — but that President Bush would have to ”justify any additional resources.” The comment comes as Bush puts the finishing touches on a plan that could put thousands of additional U.S. troops in Iraq in an effort to stem the sectarian violence.

But Pelosi’s second-in-command in the House Democratic leadership, Steny Hoyer, told Fox News he doesn’t ”want to anticipate” that possibility. And the Democrat who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Joe Biden, says Congress doesn’t have the power to second-guess Bush’s military strategy — because lawmakers had voted to authorize him to wage war. Biden appeared on NBC’s ”Meet the Press.”

The Senate’s top Republican, Mitch McConnell, agreed, telling Fox News that Congress can’t ”micro-manage” the tactics in Iraq.

When asked about Pelosi’s remarks, a White House spokesman said Bush welcomes any ideas on Iraq that ”lead to success.”

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  1. old trooper says:

    Ms Pelosi is in for a surprise.
    The Dems are not going to take orders from a Limousine Liberal like her.
    Kerry lost a Presidential Election because he was one of those , came across as one of those and still did not get the message.
    I am very content to sit back and watch, at this point.
    The 2008 elections may not come soon enough for America to wake up, recognize the threat and Vote Right next time.

  2. Phoenix says:

    “When asked about Pelosi’s remarks, a White House spokesman said Bush welcomes any ideas on Iraq that ”lead to success.”
    This is like his father saying “Read my lips.” Only Dubya means it.

  3. As much as I think he’s otherwise a moron, Biden appears to understand the constitutional difference between the legislative and executive branches. A notion seemingly unclear to Pelosi so far.
    A president can “consult” with congress and then completely ignore said input. That is the president’s prerogative. War powers just says he has to consult and report. Then he’s got 60 days before the congress can pull the rug out financially (at their own peril).

  4. Congress Dictating Iraq War Funds

    On Meet the Press Presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) told Tim Russert the Congress cant cut off funds in the Iraq War. Heres the pertinent portion of the transcript:
    MR. RUSSERT: You said the other day that this is President Bu…

  5. larry says:

    you might be a little overly optimistic about bush there, phoenix. just like his daddy, he’s pretty good at *talking* tough; at *sounding like* a genuine reagan conservative, testicles & all, but…..
    never underestimate the bush family tendency to piss all over their supporters – their base – their core. just as mister “read my lips” rolled over and raised taxes – enraging his base – junior has spent like a drunken sailor; allowed homeland security to strip-search little old blonde-&-blue grannies; and refuses – absolutely REFUSES – to defend this country’s southern border. etc etc etc etc ET CETERA.
    i’m trying not to sound all conspiracy-y here, (trilateralists? bilderbergers? shadow government established by the 1947 roswell alien visit?), but…he’s not a stupid guy. i firmly believe he’s advancing his agenda, whatever it might be….and the fact that we conservatives, his alleged base, don’t like it means nothing to him at all. if his mystery agenda declares “time to cave on iraq”, you can be sure that’s just what’ll happen. his ‘supporters’ mean no more to him than his enemies do. which would be fine, if we – you know – if we *knew what the plan was!!*

  6. “*sounding like* a genuine reagan conservative, testicles & all”
    What Bush v2.0 have you been listening to? I’ve never seen that one.

  7. Phoenix says:

    I have no argument with you, Larry. I just said Dubya means it. How he gets what he means may very well come down as you put it.
    I’ll add this to your testimony: I like that the man doesn’t give a rat’s ass about ‘we the people’ to the point of not caving when he knows he’s right. It’s not that I think he’s taking advantage of us – he just knows he can’t ‘deal’ with us and get the job done. Look at what he’s facing. Who in the hell would want his job? Yeah, he sucks bad for explaining things to a nation, – a nation where over half the population has no idea where Iraq is, and I don’t blame him for not being a smooth operator. Too bad about his personality. People hate him because of it. Just be a leader and get the job done. I don’t need to be schmoozed. I’m waiting to see what he says tomorrow. And if he wasn’t advancing his agenda, I’d be very disappointed in him. He has stayed true to it since 9/11, and I’m not about to aggrandize the mistakes. This is a new war, new enemy – rules haven’t been written for this. My hat is still off to him.