Amanda Marcotte: It Gets Worse

February 4, 2007

h/t Instapundit for this analysis from Beltway Blogroll.

"What this move symbolizes in the blogosphere is that Edwards team understands how to move to the left on the issues," wrote Jerome Armstrong of MyDD. "The early move by Edwards to consolidate the liberal wing of the Democratic party at the beginning is very smart."

But now Marcotte’s attempts to airbrush her past are fast becoming a black-eye for Edwards, even as he earned raves yesterday for a speech at the Democratic National Committee winter meeting in Washington. "Edwards should demand Marcotte’s immediate resignation from the campaign," wrote K.C. Johnson of Durham-In-Wonderland, who blogs about the Duke case and acknowledged being a supporter of Barack Obama, an Edwards presidential rival.

You can see Michelle Malkin for Marcotte’s treatment on New Orleans. Isn’t that where Edwards Announced?

Or, you can go to Google cache. I guess Edwards isn’t planning on getting many votes from Utah or South Dakota, or reaching across party lines. And Christians … fahgit about it.

And I’d advise you not to use the word “boy” either, Kathleen

See, the folks at Townhall are not all that keen on the 1st Amendment most of the time–whining endlessly about rap music and TV shows and other forms of entertainment having non-conservative-approved material in them and all that–but if someone is busting out the word “nigger”, so long as it’s used in the old-fashioned Confederate-flag waving way, then all of a sudden they’re the fucking ACLU.

Too Sensitive For Their Own Good

I can’t wait until Nigger Jenkins and The Flying Kike-Boy fight over the Cruiserweight Championship next week! Oh, you’re offended? It’s just a discussion about racial tensions between blacks and jews, and the ending will promote racial reconciliation, at least until the Zionist Conspiracy gets involved.

Don’t believe the hype

While the media runs around jerking Bush off about Zarqawi’s reported death, it’s important to remember that BushCo and Zarqawi had a symbiotic relationship to play up his “membership” in al Qaeda.

Today’s “Jesus cries when women fuck” update by Amanda Marcotte

Well, the Texas House of Representatives got Republican Jesus and he reminded them that out of of all the things he hates, which are multitude, nothing incurs his wrath more than women’s sexuality.

Don’t relegate yourself to the used cunt lot

Of course, if you’re a perverted religious nut, the blood and the pain of “cherry”-breaking is probably a de riguer part of a woman’s life, both to give the man a cheap thrill of actual blood while enacting the sex-as-violent-possession construction that is part of virginity fetishization and to remind the woman of her religious teaching that womanhood is suffering (see: Genesis).

Nathan Tabor continues to mourn for all the thwarted sperm

Polls demonstrate that the average woman’s craving for abortion falls somewhere below her craving for stubbing her toe but high above her craving for Young Republican cock.

Will the feminists stop hiding in Jonah’s closet and under his bed?

If Goldberg’s wife were performing her wifely duty of tying him and beating him every night before running off with other men so he can lay around feeling bitter and turned on, he’d burn off some of his weirder urges and we might even be spared his ridiculous column.

Teen Endangerment and Grandmother Incarceration Act passes the Senate

The idea behind this law and behind parental notification laws is that if men can’t lay claim to the uteruses of women that they fuck, they damn well should get ownership of the uteruses of girls that they made by fucking.

Body by Jeebus

If ever you needed more evidence that “Christianity” is becoming more of a brand name than an actual religion, this article about a Christian fashion designer who is attempting to take on the Midwest is what you’re looking for.

Incest is a family value

By god, you rape your daughter and she better stay raped! What’s state power for if not to help patriarchal asswipes get their rocks off raping and forcing pregnancy on their very own teenage girls? What the hell do you think god made daughters for if not extra concubines to rape for yourself or sell to your friends?

Of course, Utah has always been known for harboring those on the cutting edge of pure patriarchy,

South Dakota women might as well die for fucking

it appears the wingnut opinion on the proper lifecycle of the womb-body is–one begins as a bright-eyed, innocent virgin, loses your virginity in some weird post-wedding masculinity rite, preferably with maximum blood, fall pregnant immediately, and then die in childbirth so everyone can remember you fondly.

Bitter Scribe
Sep 24th, 2006 at 8:10 pm

Let’s face it: The right wing has made “liberal” into a synonym for “nigger lover.”

Today’s Republican Party is for, by and about bigots. If it weren’t for racial bigotry, no Republican would be elected dogcatcher.

2 Amanda Marcotte
Sep 24th, 2006 at 8:22 pm

Agreed 100%. Calling attention to that on a regular basis is critical for breaking off swing votes that go to the Republicans. Republicans know that being the party of racism is going to start costing them more votes than it gains, and they’re trying to run from that. It needs to be hung from their necks like an albatross.

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  1. Buzzy says:

    Edwards apparently didn’t take a good look at exactly what the November midterms actually indicated and instead made the bold move to try to capture the 1% of Democratic voters that aren’t offended by this crap. The Democratic party is much more centerist this time around and Edwards wasn’t getting out of the gate anyway.

  2. madne0 says:

    Only one word can accurately describe this woman.

  3. How to become a leading Democrat’s blogmaster Updated/Correction

    Amanda Marcotte: A bleepin’ embarrassment Last week, far left-wing blogger Amanda Marcotte began her stint as Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards’ “blogmaster:” This is both my first post to the Edwards blog and my announcement that I’m joini…

  4. M.A. says:

    Oh, no! John Edwards hired someone who doesn’t like racists and sexists!
    And she uses the same words they use on HBO! Eek!

  5. SDN says:

    No, John Edwards hired someone who needs to move to Iran so she can get a taste of what misogyny and patriarchy are REALLY like.
    And as for being the “party of racism”, remind me again which party has a Kleagle as one of its’ respected elder statesmen?
    Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

  6. I’m confused… Is the problem that Amanda is allegedly scrubbing the record or that she is a liberal? Both?
    I think that most of us liberals can stomach some profanity without having to run off to Sunday school and have our ears washed out with holy water.
    The only thing that reflects on Edwards is that which Amanda posts to Edwards’ blog.

  7. Rob Crawford says:

    “I think that most of us liberals can stomach some profanity without having to run off to Sunday school and have our ears washed out with holy water.”
    That she’s a bigot doesn’t bother you?

  8. Robert says:

    Great post, Dan. I’ve got some material along the same lines at my site:
    Amanda is the gift that keeps on giving.

  9. hehe – Dan did a Google search of “Nigger + Marcotte” to find those quotes. Who’s the racist?
    He is attributing comments made on her site by trolls to her, too.
    Great work, Dan!

  10. splashtc says:

    What’s her history-seems she must have been abused as a child-to be filled with so much hate.

  11. Robert says:

    Which comments were made by commenters, rather than by Amanda, LA?

  12. Many people says:

    Oh, don’t worry, Riehl, I’m sure she was just saying “neighbor,” not “nigger.”
    You stupid fuck.

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  14. Lonewacko says:

    John Edwards judgment highly questionable (Amanda Marcotte)

    From our “it’s the small things, ain’t it” department comes the news that the John Edwards campaign has brought on Amanda Marcotte as their “Blogmaster”. Marcotte is a contributor to the site, and has…

  15. nandrews3 says:

    Considering the garbage that Dan Riehl fills his own blog with, it’s kind of amusing to see him trying to manufacture outrage about anyone else. Go ahead, whine on, see if anyone cares.

  16. Pablo says:

    “Oh, no! John Edwards hired someone who doesn’t like racists and sexists!”
    No, he hired someone who is a racist and a sexist. Nice of you to miss the elephant in the room, though.

  17. BCMG says:

    That she’s a bigot doesn’t bother you?
    Of course it doesn’t bother them! Dummocrats boast the only KKK Kleagle in their party, regularly Photoshop blackface on minorities on their blogs, throw Oreo cookies at African-American politicians with whom they disagree, use the “N” word in public regularly, support policies that keep poor people poor and dependent – all the while preaching to them in a condescending and patronizing tone, “You need these antiquated outmoded policies that have kept you poor for 40 odd years,” – just so they can bribe them into voting for their “leaders”, call powerful independent African-Americans “house slaves”, (and are too stupid to understand the irony of their remarks,) and think that lowering academic standards for African Americans is the ONLY way they can get into college. And that’s NOTHING compared to what they say about Jewish people. Bigot doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  18. Pablo says:

    “The only thing that reflects on Edwards is that which Amanda posts to Edwards’ blog.”
    Mmmmmmm….truthy! You keep repeating it, LA. Heh.

  19. Pablo says:

    BCMG, don’t forget the fact that White male = guilty bastard, regardless of whatever the actual facts might be.
    Nope, no racism or sexism there. Oy.

  20. BCMG says:

    Maybe if the Duke Lacrosse players wrote a children’s book, (see Tookie Williams) the lefties would take up their cause. Oh, wait. They only do that if you’re part of a gang like the Cryps – a gang who is responsible for the senseless deaths of many many poor African Americans.

  21. Stone Bunkum says:

    John Edwards and the Bray of Pigs

    2008 Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards has appointed a female chauvinist blogger as his campaigns ‘Blogmaster’. Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon has announced her role in Edwards’ run on his blog, and it appears political expediency has moved her…

  22. Good Lt says:

    Here’s more vintage Marcotte asshattery – this time, the delightful yenta is seen accusing innocent people of rape, conservatives of proxy-rape and rape apology, conservatives of murder and whites of racism, etc. Real deeeeep stuff:

  23. John Edwards’ Very Normal, Very Patriotic New Blogger

    A dramatic reading of Marcotte’s not-at-all-unhinged new campaign blogger, from Michelle Malkin, swearin’ like a sailor. (Tastefully bleeped out, of course.) Dan Riehl posts a lot of her more psychotic rantings, which alas have a curious habit of disap…

  24. V the K says:

    Dang, that woman has a bigger obsession with menses than Andrew Sullivan.

  25. rooster says:

    The condescension and arrogance are overwhelming. What an angry, unpleasant person. This is what happens when you fail to keep score at little league sporting events.
    Has anyone else grown tired of rhetoric like that employed by Ms. Marcotte? How can this be taken seriously by serious people? It all reads like a tantrum. Is this what we’ve devolved to as a society? Has honest debate been traded for lock-step agreement? Superficial labels are employed to demonize the non-believers. Feet stomp in righteous declarations, insinuating that those who disagree are the enemy.
    No humility.

  26. “The early move by Edwards to consolidate the liberal wing of the Democratic party at the beginning is very smart.”
    Yeah, smart move! Look what it did for… uh… that guy who ran against Lieberman in Connecticut… c’mon, it was just a few months ago… nuts, what was his name again… Anyway, there’s someone we’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future, yessir!

  27. Moonbattery says:

    More Marcotte Moonbattery

    A persevering willingness to railroad the obviously innocent Duke lacrosse players is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rabid moonbattery of John Edwards’ official blogger Amanda Marcotte. Riehl World View has gathered some Marcotte quot…


    John Edwards website has a blog.
    His blogmaster has a blog.
    What is it about the Left and their love affair with vulgarity? And, how did such an apparently unhinged lefty get the position as blogmaster for Edwards?
    See Malkin and HotAir.
    Update: A lot…

  29. BatesLine says:

    Amanda not gone

    I don’t really have time to blog tonight, but I should at least follow up on this story. A day after Salon reported the campaign of presidential candidate John Edwards had fired the two far-left bloggers he had hired to run his website’s blog, Edwards …