Getting Inside the Shooter’s Head

April 17, 2007

Report below from interview through some bloggers I have known a while – also a second story written by Cho.

Apparently the first victim wrestled with Cho for the gun. Emily was shot while running away. Allah has word he told someone he was going to kill people at VaTech.

via blogger SASS

Emily had broken up with Cho-Seung-hui about two weeks prior to yesterday, what had started as a promising relationship had turned into a controlling, almost volatile situation. Cho Seung-hui was very dependent upon Emily. He looked to her as his ’saving grace’ and felt that every spare moment the two had, should be spent together. At first, Emily was charmed by his attentiveness, but began to slowly feel isolated, controlled, stagnant. Cho Seung-hui didn’t take the break-up well, for the past two weeks he had been trying to convince Emily they belonged together.

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  1. nowinger says:

    We don’t want to hear about his Amreican girlfriend, we want to hear about his ties to radical Islam!!! For god’s sake, please stay focused on the big picture. Someone gunned down 50 people with a legally purchased gun, the only explanation is that he was an Islamic terrorist, either as a lone jihadist or as part of a larger plot.
    Please stay on topic Dan.

  2. Bill's Bites says:

    Virginia Tech: The Day After

    See previous: At least 32 dead in Virginia Tech rampage; Anti-gunners seize the moment before bodies cold. Below the fold: Police Preliminarily Identify Virginia Tech Gunman, Won’t Release Name as Campus Reels From Tragedy Gunman Kills 32 at Virginia Tech

  3. Hard Right says:

    And you have the nerve to call anyone else sick, you POS TROLL.
    Poor girl. Hooked up with the wrong guy.

  4. nowinger says:

    Awe, come on now Hard Right, wasn’t it you who was telling me there wasn’t any evidence that she was his girlfriend?
    Just keep on telling yourself it doesn’t matter. He was a radical IslamOfascist, Islam made him do it, the muslims made him do it. He was most certainly a muslim convert himself.
    In other news, the military made a deal with a marine to give him immunity for his testimony about the Haditha non massacre. Sad to say, there are liberal traitorous Democrats everywhere, rank and file Marines and the military JAG office.
    Karl Rove’s email still missing.
    But, never fear, the South Korean was a jihadist!!!

  5. Hard Right says:

    For the nth time-there was no evidence….AT THAT TIME. Such a simple concept, yet you don’t get it.
    Wonder if she made complaints about his behavior to the university?

  6. Hyscience says:

    Breaking: VT Killer’s Name Released

    Just flashed on FoxNews: The killer is VT student Cho Seung Hui. The first victim was Emily Hilscher, 18, after which another 31 students and staff were executed. (Image – The Daily Telegraph). Hilscher and Seung-Hui were neighbors in rooms 4040 and 4…

  7. nowinger says:

    I’m still learning, see, yesterday I thought that when he was described as ASIAN that meant he was ASIAN. I didn’t know that ASIAN was a pc term for arab/muslims, nor did I know about the threat posed by ASIAN MUSLIMS.
    See, so yesterday, when the reports said the first shooting was a domestic disturbance and involved the shooter shooting his girlfriend or ex girlfriend, I naively assumed that the victim was his girlfriend or ex girlfriend.
    I will admit I’m a bit confused though about the MSM cover up here, since it appears the alleged Asian is a real Asian, and not from Indonesia, or even China, but South Korea, where I am not aware of any muslim populations and further, that the girlfriend mentioned in reports yesterday turned out to be his girlfriend.
    I doubt she made any formal complaints to the university, you know, since the feminists run the universities they generally take stalking complaints seriously. But, its possible she DID make a complaint and that is what sent him over the edge on his rampage. No wait, that can’t be it. I forgot, it was Islam that made him do it.

  8. imaginewhirledpeas says:

    Hey Hard Right, Why do you let that fool keep chivying you into sparring with him? He/she/it is a classless, homophobic,racist bigot who blames Bush and the “neocons” when it rains. Just ignore the idiot and maybe it will put it’s aluminum foil hat on and go slither under it’s rock.

  9. Hard Right says:

    I’m done. It was fun for a bit, but I’m bored. She’ll never leave though. Her kind enjoy doing things like the above.

  10. Jessi says:

    The SASS article is made up. Emily was not dating Cho at any time. It is sad to see people making things up for attention during this terrible time!

  11. nowinger says:

    I must say I really enjoyed making ridiculous posts about the South Korean ‘jihadist’ and having you fucktards who thought I was being serious agree with me.
    There are 1000+ posts at LGF about this guy’s connection to Islam and terrorism. He writes an entire essay on pedophiles and evil parental figures but you numbnuts focus on Ismail Ax as proof it was all about Islam. You call liberals conspiracy freaks and YOu are the ones whining yesterday about how “Asian” was code for arab.

  12. Aussie says:

    When you Americans are finished navel-gazing, may I suggest that the developing world is full of (hordes! of) young men like this shooter, and they project their fragile narcissistic egos into various anti-western stances such as Jihad or Hindu nationalism (Shetty and Gere), or Chinese (and now Korean) grievance victimhood.
    Some, like this shooter, or the 9/11 jihadists (they are all the same!) will go all the way. It is time you start psych-profiling every visitor to your country, rejecting the time-bombs.
    Or you could all take up ‘concealed carry’, which is easier.
    -Advice from a friend who spends a lot of time in Asia.

  13. bloodrage bob says:

    this would all be *so* much easier for you if the asshole shooter was just another white guy, wouldn’t it, noyyyinger?
    THEN you wouldn’t have to be running around in a tizzy squealing at the top of your lungs; shaking your little fist at the ignernt boob rednecks wondering if this guy was yet another instant jihadist? WHY would them inbred cousin-marriers think the asshole was muslim? just because we’ve had an inconvenient spate of them recently? the mere THOUGHT of “someone not white” being blamed for ANYthing just *kills* ya, doesn’t it.
    what a fucktard you are, noyyywhinerLOLzifstamfordkelvinbobnab.

  14. Ibrahim Pelesic says:

    “THEY WERE AT WRONG PLACE AT WRONG TIME” president Bush set speaking about 33 people dead at Virginia Tech.
    – How “COLLEGE” can be a “WRONG PLACE” and “STUDYING” at ” WRONG TIME”?
    It is just shameless cowering of failure of this administration to make americens safe in there homes. Innocent people are paying price for that.
    Do something. America.
    Just changing politic, the leaders, and way of interacting with rest of the World after WWII, made Germany the most prestigious country at World today.
    Wake up America. “COLLEGE” newer was “WRONG PLACE” and ” study ” NEWER WAS ” at “WRONG TIME” (except in Middle Age) , but “OUR KNOWLEDGE” can be late, and price what 33 fallen heros at Virginia Tech payed, is to high. But, like all heros, they tried and they succeeded, living this world with powerful message : Coexistence and Peace at Earth.
    Make your choice. You have so many good choices in next presidential election, and I hope, your choice will be “Peace”. And do not forget, I am telling you from refugees experience: only truly democrats can build democracy and make Peace work.
    White, black, women,.. Doesn’t matter if Country or peace is in question.
    – “Let America be America again”…
    My condolences to You, to fallen American Heros families, and to all Mankind. It is really planetary tragedy for all of as. Ibrahim Pelesic

  15. Hard Right says:

    Those who agreed with you Nowinger? That was maybe one or two people. Not to mention you’re the one saying 50 people were murdered. The number is 32.
    So belief that the media isn’t being straight with the public, is a conspiracy theory? Funny, I thought the theory that Bush suppressed votes and stole two elections was a conspiracy? Now even if you consider the “Asian” thing a conspiracy, that’s one versus how many from the moonbats?
    Lastly, you cared more about Muslims than the victims. You then went on to mock the incident, but we are to believe you care, are a decent person, and are smarter than…anyone? Yeah, we’re the fucktards allright. (roll eyes)

  16. Hard Right says:

    Ibrahim, if that’s who you are, the Dems are not the answer. They will just surrender or talk and do nothing when action is needed. If you truly believe that the Dems are our only hope, you are beyond reason.

  17. templar knight says:

    Aussie, you are as likely to find the lost civilization of Atlantis as you are to get the politically-correct liberals and even most conservatives to make any kind of serious effort to police who is allowed into the US. That would be racist, and unkind. Perhaps someone’s feelings might get hurt. We are a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter, and no one cares.
    I sit at my dinner table Sunday and listened to my sister and some of my wife’s relatives discussing how awful it was for Dom Imus to have called some basketball players a name. A NAME, mind you, that is all. Frankly, I can’t stand Don Imus myself, but the guy called someone a name.
    When I brought up the black stripper who accused members of the Duke Lacrosse team of rape and kidnapping, and the fact that these students faced 30+ years in jail if convicted, they didn’t think this was such a big deal.
    Those nice basketball players are scarred for life, they said, as if these gals had never heard such language. Scarred for life, mind you, never to be the same. But did they want to hold the black stripper to the same standard as Imus. Oh, no, she just wanted the boodle, or she is disturbed, as if either of these reasons excuse the felony she committed.
    I said, “So you consider calling someone a name worse than a felony crime”, and they said, “Well, if you put it that way, but that’s not how it is.”
    Would someone please tell me how it is?

  18. Aussie says:

    Good one, Templar. Yeah its the same here, spoilt stupid ‘educated’ bourgeosie, never seeing the real world, telling the rest of us how we ‘must’ behave, because somehow magically (ideologically) they ‘know’. I have a 4 yr degree btw, but nothing in that study prepared me for streetlife in, say Delhi or Beijing. Masses of young men hanging around, with weird ideas. In Delhi the game is to mention America and see how many sentences it takes an Indian college grad to say, ‘Hiroshima’. Usually only a couple. Or a Chinese to bring up Clinton (Clinton) bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade 1999 (1999!).

  19. tally says:

    Ibrahim, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is an expression. it means the students had the misfortune of becoming innocent victims. example: when the london bombings occured,the commuters were in the wrong place at the wrong time. it doesn’t matter if a democrat or a republican is in office, we are always going to have bad things happen because we are a free society. the second worse school shooting occured at university of texas in 1966, a democrat lbj was president. the third was columbine in 1999 when clinton was president.

  20. Virginia Tech Shooter’s Girlfriend Identied

    Update: New reports suggest that Hilscher was not the girlfriend of the shooter at all, and that she had no known connection with him, and suggest instead that he was some sort of stalker. This contradicts earlier reports. However, another new report a…

  21. billfry says:

    the only person i know of who married their cousin was fdr.

  22. Kelvin says:

    and Giuliani

  23. Fran says:

    That Sass blog is full of bunk! Typical bs from a wannabe journalist.

  24. Hard Right says:

    Kelvin’s parents seem to have been brother and sister.

  25. Anne Marie says:

    Get your story straight Dan!
    Whoever wrote that is full of crap and you should remove it immediately.,10117,21581747-2,00.html?from=public_rss
    Need any more proof Dan?

  26. Hard Right says:

    Anne, someone posted it allready. Are you asking for a correction on the main page?

  27. Katie says:

    This poor girl, Emily’s name has been dragged through the mud by the press without reason. She didn’t even seem to know him. Likely, Cho was waiting for someone he could follow into a dorm (since his key card wouldn’t have gotten him into other dorms at this time), and since Emily’s boyfriend dropped her off around 7 or 7:15, she became the target. He followed her into AJ and shot her. Ryan came out to help her, and also got shot. Please stop with the reporting that she was involved with him or knew him at all. He was sick and deranged and wanted to find a way to kill people. She was truly just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I feel bad for everyone involved in this tragedy, but especially for her family who has to put up with this incorrect reporting from the media.
    Dan, can you remove this except from your site? It’s clearly false.

  28. Payned says:

    Mr. Riehl, I would like to apologize to you for the misinformation I posted at Sass. It is clear to me at this time that most likely, Emily did NOT have a serious relationship with Cho.
    The students I spoke with were either mistaken or confused, I am not sure which, but we have retracted our post and put up links to explain our decision to remove it.
    Again, I apologize.
    Best Regards,

  29. Dan Riehl says:

    It happens in blogging, Payned. SOmetimes we are the news as it is getting made – warts, rumors and all. It was my decision to link it and my responsibility in that sense. But thanks just the same.

  30. viviena says:

    i just got here! Better late than never.
    rumours of a relationship between cho and emily.
    Why not! She’s gorgeous and smart, way out of his league. a big challenge for him to chase her.
    do keep me updated on your findings of a relationship!