History? Science?

May 12, 2007

The failed history of misnomer consensus science? How dare you, sir? We don’t need no stinking science! Don’t need no stinking history, too! This is a matter of faith, my friends! The Great Awakening meets the weather channel, narrated by evangelist Al Gore! Say it with me, now!

Our Blather

Our blather, that farts green ribbons,

Humongous be thy frame,

thy Oscar come,

thy shill be done,

everywhere, as it is on CNN.

Give us this day our carbon credits

And forgive us our capitalist footprints,

As we forgive communists with trade wars against us,

And lead us not into SUV’s,

But deliver us from prosperity,

for thine is the serfdom,

without power,

except for Gore,

for ever and ever,

Oh man!

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  1. Aussie says:

    Penelope Canan, a professor of sociology… leans toward Gore’s way of thinking.
    – Sums it up.

  2. ET says:

    The sky is not falling. Gore’s movie is on the fringe of the real science, and maybe so is ‘swindle’. The truth is in the middle, and it is not as inconvenient as Al would have you believe (vote).
    The point is: calm the fuck down. let’s have a conversation. and let’s keep the damn lights on.