Did Obama Just Say That?

July 23, 2007

I’ve been listening in on the Democrat debates and a question just came up on schools – long story short – why do some pols send their kids to private school?

Obama said he sent his kids to a private school because he had taught there and it was five minutes from his home, which made it the best choice for his kids.

Yours? I guess we can bus them.

The debate at Howard University was scheduled to begin just hours after the Supreme Court ruled against public school programs aimed at achieving racial diversity, a certain topic for the event.

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois called the ruling "wrong-headed."

"It is the but the latest in a string of decisions by this conservative bloc of justices that turn back the clock on decades of advancement and progress in the struggle for equality," he said.

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  1. stan says:

    I totally disagree with your reading to his answer to the question. He is stating that, his position in life means that he can send his children to the school where he happens to be a teacher. Also, he goes on to say that his worries about those who can not afford to send the children to such school.

  2. “He is stating that, his position in life means that he can send his children to the school where he happens to be a teacher.”
    1> Why does “his position” give him a pass on what he apparently advocates for the rest of us, based upon his take on the Court’s ruling?
    2> If he favors sending his children to a school where he is a teacher, then I would love to see his viewpoint on home schooling … just to see if he is consistent enough to put up with the mudslinging he will get from the NEA if he is consistent.
    As for affording such a school … the problem with our schools is not money. If money were the issue, the Washington D.C. public schools would be putting out the best-and-brightest of today’s generation. The greatest problem our schools face is a bureaucracy more interested in building empires than equipping kids, values “academic freedom” over the full development of the basic skills our kids need to function as adults, and pushes a social agenda that too often runs counter to the societal principles that have historically proven beneficial to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  3. wardmd says:

    The bottom line with the RULING is that it says that schools may not FORCE diversity (in schools where no forced segregation exists [in the case before the Supreme Court, ONE school was released from it court ordered diversity program, and the other NEVER had any forced segregation). In other words, you can’t enforce a REMEDY for a problem which does not exist.
    As to Senator Obama (and he is by no means alone), this is simply another demonstration of the hypocrisy of the political elite (forcing policies on “the rest of us”, which they, themselves, do not practice).
    The list of these double-standards is almost endless:
    – Public Schools (with or without forced “diversity”) for US, private schools for THEM;
    – Conservation, car pools, etc. for US, private jets for THEM (and/or meaningless “carbon credits”);
    – Taxes on INCOME (especially for those who have the audacity to try to become “rich”) for US, no taxes on existing WEALTH (take a look at the number of MILLIONAIRES in the ranks of the Democrats in Congress).
    Back to the issue…
    WE, THE PEOPLE, also have a “freedom of association” (as interpreted by the supreme court), which includes the right to live in self-segregated neighborhoods. These self-segregated neighborhoods also include self-segregated neighborhood schools.
    Unless you are asserting that ALL members of ALL ethnic groups THINK exactly the same way about all matters, then this entire concept of “racial diversity” is an insult. “Diversity” (in education) should be based on a diversity of IDEAS, not skin tone. Clearly that is NOT the case (in most Public Schools – where liberal ideology is preached like a religion, and conservatism is avoided like the plague).
    The ruling simply restores freedom of choice (association) to the individual, which probably explains why Obama (and other Liberals) think that the ruling was “wrong-headed” (because it takes the decision away from GOVERNMENT and returns it to WE, THE PEOPLE).

  4. seekeronos says:

    Spot on, Ward. I could not have said it any better.