So That’s Why Novak Hates Blogs!

July 28, 2007

Initially I didn’t check out this Examiner item in which Bob Novak suggested Heaven has no blogs.

On blogs: “I’m 76 years old, and pretty soon I’m going to a place where there are no blogs.”

Instead, I first came across this from Novak today in Human Events. Along with writing on Rove’s advice to House Republicans, Novak offered something on Pentagon Earmarks:

Earmarks cited in Coburn’s letter to Gates include more than $40 million for 21st Century Systems Inc. (21 CSI), sponsored by Sen. Ben Nelson. In defending the earmark for a company that employs his son, Nelson claims support from the Pentagon.

And three comments down:

Hey Bob – Nelson doesn’t "claim" support from the Pentagon. We have a 2005 letter from the Air Force supporting their work. You knew that before you wrote this and other columns. Of course, you’ve never let the facts get in your way.

David DiMartino, Office of Senator Ben Nelson   Jul 27, 2007 @ 02:20 PM

Sucks to be human and the Prince of Darkness to some, I guess.

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  1. Grover says:

    I see that West Virginia crackhead John Cole over at Balloon Juice has a long post up on bloggers. He notes, in part:
    “Old Mantra: Blogs are a breath of fresh air because we are independent and can fact check your asses, and can work to defuse the spin of the liberal mainstream media.
    “New Mantra: Blogs are great because we can willingly serve as part of the Bush Administration’s propaganda apparatus.
    “Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. At least people are no longer pretending to have a shred of integrity and independence. Hacks.”
    Cole’s addled brain is no more logical or accurate on this subject than any others on which he periodically has a spontaneous brain fart.

  2. docweasel says:

    //played in 2/2 polka time:
    In Heaven there are no blogs
    No beer and no hotdogs
    And when we’ve hung up our clogs
    Our friends will be writing all the blogs
    (with apologies to Frankie Yankovic)

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  4. “Bob Novak suggested Heaven has no blogs.”
    He just said “place” not heaven. There’s other “places” I’m told.
    Maybe Novak has a better idea where he’s going than we do ;->

  5. DOD Whistleblower says:

    That comment left by Mr. DiMartino of Sen. Nelson’s office is a misstatement of fact. The Pentagon does not support Sen. Nelson’s earmark for his son’s company. Sen. Nelson knows this, as does his spokesperson. DOD circulated a memorandum mere weeks ago stating that it did NOT want the earmark and that instead it wanted to spend scarce defense dollars on “higher priorities.” The real question people should ask themselves is if Sen. Nelson’s son will get a big raise if his company gets the $7.5 million earmark from his father.

  6. Fred Beloit says:

    I live in Florida, a state of many pleasures not the least of which is to vote against Nelson. Nelson, another argument for term limits.

  7. Fat Man says:

    Docweasel: You beat me. But if there is no beer in heaven, who cares whether there are any blogs?

  8. Different Nelson. Ours is Bill Nelson. He’s a tool too though.

  9. Fred Beloit says:

    Right, Purp. BEN Nelson. What I said still goes though.

  10. Why Does Robert Novak Hate Blogs?

    Dan Riehl has the answer. (Riehl World View)…

  11. Kinlaw says:

    Grover: So you too have noticed the fall of John Cole into the fever swamp (pit?)? I used to love Balloon Juice, it was an everyday day read for me. What in the hell happened to that guy? Fine, disagree with the president, dislike him, criticize him, hammer on him, hate him as president even,whatever. I didn’t read his (or any other ) blog because I agreed with everything I read there. He is just a caricature of the raving left now. That he can even say in any seriousness that “blogs are just propaganda now” shows he has just lost it. What, all blogs John? Gosh, I guess we should all just drop the whole thing and go back to dead tree and network journalism, because we all know how objective that was. Jeebus, talk about a dropoff in rationality.