Not Really, Allah

August 24, 2007

Allah is usually spot on when he writes headlines for HotAir’s We Pick, You Click news items, but I think he missed the point on this one: NJ Cops Already Looking for excuses not to comply with state AG’s immigration order.

It links to a New York Times piece. I saved the screencap below when this first broke and was going to post on it, but decided to let it play out. All the AG did was kick a politically un-catchable football to LE without enough clear guidance to make this move effective.

Read the passage below and tell me how how a perfunctory claim that one is indeed a citizen is subject to challenge without potentially walking right into a law suit for discrimination, and or racial profiling? It’s item 13 available via the pdf linked here.

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  1. Larry Sheldon says:

    Seems like the obvious thing is to check _everybody_.

  2. Dan Riehl says:

    “the obvious thing is to check _everybody_. ”
    True, but how do you do that? Citizens don’t have a green card and the AG’s order doesn’t spell out how status is to be checked.

  3. K says:

    “then how do you do that?”
    Right. How is the illegality determined. The police aren’t deciders. And courts won’t do anything if they can avoid it.
    AZ has a statute re. no bail for illegals. The local courts simply refused to check. After some prodding a few sullen promises were extracted but everyone knows they are BS.
    The fact is that our government employees and legal system do not want to do impede illegal immigration and will subvert any statutes or directives. Said employees have nothing to gain, they have great jobs, won’t be fired, and don’t need the grief of taking on tough problems.

  4. Cindi says:

    We had a couple of INS agents in work the other night. I asked them if they couldn’t stop the illegals from crossing the borderS, could they at least keep people from NJ from crossing over into PA. ;))

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  6. Pablo says:

    Race doesn’t need to be an issue. You don’t suspect someone of being illegal because of their DNA, you suspect them because they’re obviously foreign born (determinable by accent alone) and their lack of proper documentation. This should be applicable to all illegals, regardless of where they came from. There need not be anything racial about it.