Thompson To Announce He’ll Announce?

August 30, 2007

I don’t know, folks. If Fred has anymore hitch in his git along, he’s going to have to hitch a ride back to Tennessee and git any hope of becoming President out of his head. But there is still time. What’s going to matter is what happens right out of the gate. My gut is, if he stumbles and people don’t quickly fall for Fred, Romney may be the ultimate beneficiary, making this a contest between Rudy and Mitt. Huckabee has yet to capitalize on his strong second in Iowa.

Fred Thompson’s campaign-in-waiting will hold a 4 p.m. conference call today with supporters to brief them on plans for the former Tennessee senator’s presidential announcement next week, according to an e-mail obtained by

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  1. bloodrage bob says:

    much ado about nothing in the dog days of summer. election still 14 months away. whether thompson does great or bombs, it’s not gonna be because he “waited till september of the year before (!)” to announce.
    this might turn out to be an interesting election, though. quite a few “anybody but” candidates in the mix. ANYbody but mccain. or hillary. or rudy. or edwards. (“ever’body but me needs to give up their 30,000 sq. foot homes and SUV’s!”)(he’s a bright guy, ain’t he?) or mitt. (“i’m a conservative republican who presided over the installation of hillarycare in my state; i also signed off on the ‘have a gun, go to jail’ billboards. but i’m conservative! really!”)

  2. seekeronos says:

    Or Ms. Rudi “The Second Ammendment really doesn’t apply to YOU” Guliani.
    Seriously, if Fred! is no better off than the other dead-heads running for POTUS this time around, Hitlary will sweep into power faster than a dunderheaded Austrian Corporal did in Germany of 1933.
    “And thus endeth the nation”.

  3. nowingker says:

    I know it’s bad when I agree w/Seek on anything, Hilary will be indeed bad, not as bad as Bush the Lesser,it is impossible to be as bad a President as Bush, but she will be bad.
    You guys will be begging Baby Jesus to turn back time so we can get Al Gore in the White House instead of that heartless arrogant know it all b***c. And forget about the idea of Bill being able to control her this time around.

  4. Fred Beloit says:

    I know it’s bad when I can agree with nowingker on anything. I’m really having a tough time with candidates from both parties, and the announced and yet to announce. Even Dan expresses some malaise with the entire political hash. And we are in for at least 13 more months of this. Dog days indeed.

  5. ec1009 says:

    Obama in ’08. The most qualified man or woman for the job.

  6. bloodrage bob says:

    “obama”. LOL. aside from the color of his skin and the “d” they print after his name, what might b. hussein obama’s myriad “qualifications” be?
    “well, he’s *black*!! (kinda) and …. um ….. he’s so well-spoken!! and …. uh …..he went to private school just like bush did! no … wait …”