Harkin Owes An Apology

October 1, 2007

Take the politics out of it and there’s no excuse for a sitting US Senator to make this kind of official statement on the floor of the Senate. video here h/t Hot Air. This is beyond over the top, it’s just flat out disgusting. Given the context, Harkin must be full of hate to have said this in what are obviously prepared remarks.

HARKIN: I’ll just close, Mr. President, by noting that in August, seven soldiers published an op-ed in the New York Times criticizing the current strategy in Iraq. Tragically, two of those soldiers were subsequently killed in action, making the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

I can only assume by Mr. Limbaugh’s definition that they too were “phony soldiers.” Now what’s most despicable is that Mr. Limbaugh says these provocative things to make more money. So he castigates our soldiers, this makes more news, more people tune in, he makes more money.

Well, I don’t know. Maybe he was just high on his drugs again. I don’t know whether he was or not. If so, he ought to let us know. But that shouldn’t be an excuse.

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  1. Observer says:

    From Rush transcript
    They’re a Hillary Clinton front group. They will continue to be used as an accredited source by the Drive-By Media, despite the fact that they have now been demonstrated to make things up, take things out of context, and embarrass those who report what they say. They will continue to be a source, because this is the ’08 playbook that we saw break down last week, and the Democrats may still introduce their resolution in the House castigating me. I don’t know. The House doesn’t go into session ’til two o’clock. We’ll have to wait and see. I don’t know if they will do that or not. If they do it, it is just an effort to try to portray themselves as pro-military because they know they have to because they know the impression they have accurately created is that they’re not pro-military, from Jack Murtha to Harry Reid claiming defeat, to John Kerry’s lifetime of criticism of the soldiers. So they’re going to try to deflect the criticism away from their pet organization, MoveOn.org, whose “Betray Us” ad backfired totally on them. It was a Wellstone moment for them, as this will be. But since you will never get an apology from Jack Murtha for mischaracterizing you as murderers, since you’ll never get an apology from John Kerry, since you won’t get an apology from Media Matters for America or anybody that works there, to all of you in the US Military, I want to apologize to you for them for the, again, firestorm over something that did not happen regarding your valor and your commitment to freedom and democracy last week on this program. I really regret that it happened, and I apologize to you on their behalf since they won’t.

  2. Observer says:

    Rush has made available on his site his rebuttal today transcript to Reid and Harkin

  3. Will Becker says:

    Rush has the liberals peged and they know it.All they can do is discredit him. But it doesn’t work.

  4. mxh says:

    Waaaaaaah! Mean traitorous treasonous terrorist loving Defeatocrat said something nasty about sweet and nice Rush. Waaaaaaah!

  5. bloodrage bob says:

    i look forward to harkin’s classy response the next time alec baldwin opens his yap. “well, maybe he was just beating his wife or abusing his kid again. i don’t know.” that would be ok with the liberals, right?

  6. mxh says:

    Bloodrage Bob may seem like a tough internets warrior on the outside, but on the inside he is delicate like a snowflake or a flower. Poor Bloodrage. Now, he must retire to his fainting couch and fan himself vigorously.
    Obviously, Hitlery Klinton took time away from her busy schedule of hiding evidence of her murder of Vince Foster to tell the mean mean Defeatocrats to insult the helpless and cute kitten that is Rush. Next, Senator Barack Osama will emerge from his Al Qaeda funded madrassa to say something mean about gentle souled Rush. Damn you, mean Defeatocrats. Waaaaaaaaaah!

  7. BobInStamford says:

    Oh the horror!! An EVIL librul insults a patriot and veteran like Rush. The simpletons who read the ‘Limbaugh Letter’ so that they can get tips on how to respond to libruls when mocked must be outraged!
    Surge on, heroes! Do not be deterred!

  8. mxh says:

    Shut up, Defeatocrat BobInStamford! Your cruel insults demonstrate that you lack basic human decency. Personal insults have no place in our politics. That is why Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter exist: so that they can return polite discourse to America. That, and so that they can remind people that the Democrats are actively working to aid our enemies kill us all.
    Baby Rush Limbaugh weeps in his manger. He weeps for your soul, Defeatocrat BobInStamford.

  9. Old War Dogs says:

    2007.10.01 Politics and National Defense Roundup

    [Updated frequently throughout the day. Please come back often.] Today’s absolute must reads: Whatever else you do today, people, don’t miss Returning soldiers gunning for Democrats; For the left, the Iraq war nightmare is still yet to come. (Helmet tips:

  10. Terry Gain says:

    I see and our one trick pony is again polluting this site. This provides me with another opportunity to point out that The Surge is working.
    So Boob, how was your day at the laundromat? Did you get all the brown out?
    Given the good news from Iraq the soiling must have been extensive-not that I need to know the details.
    Keep up the good work. The longer you dummies continue to suspend disbelief the larger the GOP victory in 08. Railing against your country winning a war ain’t exactly smart but if you were smart you would have listened when I pointed out, ad nauseum, over the last 4 months that the Surge was working. So SurgeOn with your denials Boob. Please.

  11. BobInStamford says:

    Poor sad Terry Gain. Trying to convince himself that 4 months of limited ‘success’ in Iraq makes up for 4 YEARS of failure. Perhaps another carrier landing by your leader will cheer you up or a comment from the vice-decider that the resistance (how DARE they resist, btw) is in the ‘final throes’. Your mouth-breathing kind would be funny if it didn’t cost billions and get a lot of innocent (read: unarmed) people killed.
    Semper Fi, hero. Carry on!

  12. mxh says:

    Exactly, valiant warrior-brother Terry Gain! It’s only the phony soldiers who believe that short term military gains are meaningless in the absence of political reconciliation among sectarian groups who have been fighting this same battle for the past thousand years. Phony soldiers like the noncoms from the 82nd Airborne who had their op-ed published in the Defeatocrats’ favored treasonous rag, the New York Times. One of those phony soldiers got shot in his phony head before the piece was published and two phony others were killed in country shortly thereafter in a phony car crash. That’s what doe-eyed fluffy soft Rush was talking about! And then mean Defeatocrats had to go and get all mean on him. Waaaaaaaah!

  13. Terry Gain says:

    Don’t feed the new troll.

  14. mxh says:

    Right on, valiant warrior-brother Terry Gain! Screw that troll, Bloodrage Bob. I could tell that he wasn’t one of us by the way he was mean to the traitor Baldwin. That’s what separates us from the mean Defeatocrats–we’re even nice to the traitors (who, btw, should all be shipped off to Gitmo for some harsh interrogation (wink wink)).
    So, nobody feed Bloodrage Bob! Let him live of his own hate bile and the blood of the kittens he strangles. Kittens like the cuddly and sweet Rush. It’s just enough to make me . . . . Waaaaaaaaah!

  15. “Maybe Limbaugh Was High”

    Sen. Harkin:

  16. Terry Gain says:

    More bad news for the leftards.
    Maliki Meets New Anbar Awakening Leader
    October 1st, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.
    Baghdad, Oct 1, (VOI) – During his meeting with the leader of the Sunni Anbar Awakening Council, Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stressed his government’s support for the Anbar tribes, a statement released by the premier’s office said on Monday.
    “Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, the former leader of the council who was killed last month by the evil people in the world, wrote his name into Iraqi history and took responsibility for fighting terrorism,” read the statement that the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI) received a copy of.
    “The Iraqi government will continue offering all kinds of support to Anbar tribes, which cooperated with our armed forces in purging Anbar’s land (of militants),” the statement quoted al-Maliki as saying.
    Addressing the Iraqi prime minister, the current council leader praised the government’s efforts in backing Anbar tribes despite growing pressures from some Iraqi factions to withdraw support for the tribes.

  17. mxh says:

    Careful, valiant warrior-brother Terry Gain! Do not let the “leftards” distract you from the topic at hand: the exclusive use by Defeatocrats of personal insults in order to make a point.
    Today, one of our own 82nd Chairborne soldiers, Glorious General Rush, was grievously wounded by a harsh personal attack from Senate Defeatocrats. We cannot let them get away with this! Calling attention to the fact that the lovely and vivacious Rush struggles with the demon Vicodin and the devil Oxycontin is the kind of barbaric attack hitherto reserved solely for warfare among the swarthiest of peoples. What next? Pointing out that he got out of service by claiming a particularly nasty pimple on his butt? Why the very thought of it makes me . . . . Waaaaaaaaah!

  18. pld trooper says:

    Bottom line, Harkin has no credibility.
    After being caught lying twice about his service, Harkin is simply not credible.

  19. ET says:

    mxh’s sarcastic “waaaaaah” proves his total lack of understanding of the emotions us conservatives are feeling as we watch recent developments on the war front and the home front. As we see our military succeeding in Iraq and the hapless dems shooting themselves in the collective foot, my reaction goes more like, “haHAhardyHarHarHAR…”
    Liberals suck.

  20. mxh says:

    You mistake my sincerity, Jolly Princess Soldier ET! For I too would gladly sacrifice the lives of soldiers in Iraq in the hopes that it will help Republicans make political gains in 2008. First, as the tender and juicy Rush has pointed out, many of the dead soldiers there were phonies to begin with. (Here’s a live phony soldier: http://armyofdude.blogspot.com/2007/09/real-deal.html)
    Second, soldiers have body armor and guns to protect them. Republican politicians have only their record of corruption and pedophilia. Advantage: guns and armor.
    But thousands of additional dead and wounded soldiers may not be enough. With all the Republican retirements and the Defeatocrats crushing the Republicans in fundraising for the first time ever, we need to focus on this new opportunity that they have handed to us–their meanness to the sensitive and plucky Rush. Have you forgotten already? They mentioned his drug abuse. We must scream it from the mountaintops! Waaaaaaaaah!

  21. daveinboca says:

    Over the past year, Gallup, Pew, Zogby, Rasmussen have all taken polls that show about 35% of Americans consider themselves conservative & 20% liberal.
    Those pesky facts never stop the surreality-based community from yammering endlessly about stealing elections yadda yadda yadda…. Harkin is one of those s***-for-brains libtards who resemble their hare-brained “we are losing” leader, Dingy Harry Reid.
    They always think they’re going to win and then they lose because they are loo-zers.

  22. bloodrage bob says:

    i see where that lil’ yankee wuss, stamford bobbie, has find hisself a new girlfriend. (his very first!) listening to them coo back and forth to each other is sorta like watching the love scene in a sockpuppet opera: unattractive losers coupling noisily. well, what the heck. even liberal pansies and fat chick liberals gotta get laid SOMEtime, right? it WOULD make for a fun youtube video when he tells her, “no, no, it’s ok: i *like* 400 lb. women”. and she tells him, “no, no, it’s ok: i *like* 6-second sex”. in sockpuppet operaology terms, that’d be the “lying duet of the desperate losers”.
    get a *room*, liberals.

  23. Gregory says:

    Give the Trolls a break. They are STILL waiting for the Democrats to defund the war and impeach Bush. It can be mighty depressing after electing them to the House and Senate to get us out of Iraq, the Dems don’t defund, but instead approve MORE money and send MORE troops. Just how are those impeachment proceedings going? Oh yeah…they’re not. They are just lashing out.

  24. Terry Gain says:

    They are just lashing out.
    Quite so. And they never lash out at America’s enemies. Never. They lash out at the people supporting the troops fighting America’s enemies. The only time they talk about the troops is to draw attention to the few who haven’t performed honorably. They then claim these tiny few are representative.

  25. BobInStamford says:

    “Hisself”. Learn English, redneck or you and your kind will all be working for Mexicans, smoking meth and watching nascar. Wait – most of you already do. Hahaha!!!

  26. Fred Beloit says:

    The Lefties are reaching new depths of desperation and despair each day as the good news from Iraq is appearing more often in the reluctant but necessarily profit-minded MSM. They also see their pacifist and socialistic hopes and dreams going up in smoke as their leaders recognize they now must support the war or be sent out of government to earn at least a partially honest living in the private sector.
    Think of the cast of characters they have going for them: Harkin, Reid, Pelosi, Levin, Kennedy, Feinstein, Boxer, Kerry, Penn, Baldwin, etc, etc. What a team. O tempora, o mores.

  27. Phony Soldiers and Otherwise

    Don Surber:Senate Plurality Leader Harry Reid voted against denouncing the Betray Us ad, in which a general that Reid voted to put into battle was smeared by MoveOn. Today, Reid denounced Rush Limbaugh for calling the phony “soldier” Jesse MacBeth a ph…

  28. jj says:

    BoobInStamford, you know Mexicans are taking the place of rednecks, and the rednecks are all going to college on Uncle Sam. They saw the blacks getting a free ride, so they decided to take a ride on the freedom express themselves. Everybody wins, the rednecks get educated, and the Mexicans start singing country music and watching NASCAR on ABC. And voting Republican. You won’t like that.

  29. chris says:

    Thats great news. Maybe when Parker gets out of prison he can see the great strides that the Mexicans have made.

  30. mxh says:

    Why will you people not stay on topic? This is about the Defeatocrats being mean to delicately peach fuzzed Rush Limbaugh. When all of you go spinning off in a million different directions, the Defeatocrats and terrorists win.
    People, this is our biggest electoral asset right now. Graft, whoring and gay sex has not poll tested as well as expected. We must focus the voters’ attention on the meanness of the Defeatocrats. Because the MSM will not carry this message for us, we need to form our own media, we need to go old school. We need to bring back Town Criers.
    I call on all of you to go to the middle of your town (or Walmart) and cry out to the voters that the Defeatocrats have been mean to our deliciously glazed Rush. Let “Waaaaaaaaah!” be our war cry.

  31. Fred Beloit says:

    mxh, I am sorry for you. You have chosen to be against your government in a time of war. That probably made you feel courageous and righteous when the war, after the initial victory of toppling Saddam and having a free election for Iraqis, was not going well. And of course you then supported surrender (redeployment was Murtha’s euphemism). But your lack of any knowledge of military history caused you to completely misunderstand warefare and left you now holding the bag.
    Furthermore your leaders made the same mistake and hung their fortunes on an enemy victory. Now, being nothing else than politicians, they are changing course. They see the odds have changed against our enemies. Your leaders are gradually moving to stay the course or the surge is working.
    Of course now you are disappointed in them and your own judgment and you are bitter. It is understandable you feel this way. It is a good life lesson for you. All I can say to cheer you is, go frig yourself.

  32. mxh says:

    It is I who am sorry for you, Troll Fred Beloit. You are obviously sad and French. You will not stand with our great and glorious General, the perfumed and moist Rush Limbaugh. Therefore, you are just another Defeatocrat. I weep for you, Troll Fred Beloit. I . . . . Waaaaaaaah!
    p.s. I am now known as “Rush’s Right Arm.”

  33. Fred Beloit says:

    “p.s. I am now known as “Rush’s Right Arm.” by mxh
    Yes I know, dear old pal. You are also known be many other terms of endearment, like BobinStamford, mxh, a– h—, Hero of the Stupid, chris, Mr. christamfordmum, s— head, Rebop Bob, Ape in a Pettycoat, Fool and His Money Parted, Jammin’ at the Gym, White Hipster, Friend of George Bush, Basement Bob, Runny Nose, I-do-it-all, Mr. Meth, Hillwilly Bob, RV runner, and simply Bob.
    Don’t be too sorry for me, Bob. My candidates have not showed the bottoms of their shoes to my hopes and dreams as have yours to yours.

  34. Fred Beloit says:

    “You are obviously sad and French.” Well, I may be French, my nom is pronounced bell wah, accent on the wah. But I know not sadness, not while I have good friends like you to cheer me.

  35. Fred Beloit says:

    Let me make a tiny correction in that slightly erroneous, though polite, last comment. I am Irish/German, not French. My name is pronounced as is the small city in Wisconsin, where I purchased my small trailer. If I had friends like you I would be sad indeed, so sad I might kill myself. Hope this helps.

  36. rwilymz says:

    Limbaugh is a private citizen and a partisan cheerleader. He has the right and, as partisan cheerleader, the calling to make inane, childish and ridiculous charges against elected officials.
    Tom Harkin is a US Senator, a member of the government, and — when acting **as** a member of that government, he is *not* a private citizen with rights to backbite; for him to make inane, childish and ridiculous charges [which frankly verge on the slanderous] against a private citizen, no matter how famous [or in-], is beneath his dignity and outside his scope.
    It takes on the air of an umpire charging into the stands to confront the fan who accuses him of needing glasses.