Huckabee: Too Clever By Half

December 31, 2007

Update: Hmm. They claimed to have decided to not run negative ads just ten minutes before the event, hence the negative posters were still up. But they cancelled the ad hours earlier. Doesn’t the Bible say something about not lying?

An official at KCRG-TV9 TV9 in Cedar Rapids confirmed that the station received the 30-second spot from the Huckabee campaign shortly after 6 a.m. today but was told at 10:01 a.m. not to air the commercial and the station did not show the paid advertisement.

Huckabee is playing games with the media in an effort to get more free media time for his negative attacks on Romney, while pretending to not be engaging in them. Witness this report from 8 AM this morning on his morning jog:

Huckabee got a zinger in at the end of the run, as the press surrounded him the second he finished. One reporter asked who would win in a footrace — him, or his rival Mitt Romney. "Get him out here!" Huckabee challenged, adding, "though he’d be running both ways the whole time."

But suddenly at Noon, no more negative attacks while standing surrounded by five placards of negative attacks and showing an attack ad to the press … and pledging to keep it positive from now on? How about, he doesn’t want to spend the money to buy air time and hopes the media will carry his water, instead? I’d like to think the press won’t lie down and play dumb for Huckabee, though I doubt it – some want him to be the nominee so bad, they won’t bother exposing the charade.

It’s the sort of gambit that will instantly trigger cynicism among the political class, especially given the confusion that surrounded the move.

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  1. Cory says:

    Is Huckabee so stupid as to think that nobody would notice what he was up to?

  2. Slublog says:


    Dan Riehl calls Mike Huckabee’s press conference about his campaign commercial too clever by half. Allah says it’s cynical. I agree, and would add that it’s somewhat transparent and slimy. Did he think he was fooling anyone with this?…

  3. Mike Huckabee Thinks Iowans Are Stupid

    This is what in politics is called utter B.S.
    That Huckabee still showed the spot to dozens of reporters jammed into a press conference will ensure the most skeptical, bordering on cynical, coverage on every national news broadcast tonight and in al…

  4. ras says:

    “Is Huckabee so stupid as to think that nobody would notice what he was up to?”
    Or perhaps Huckabee has caught on to the “hey, the press is being nice to me” strategy for ensuring a weaker R nominee, and so he figures he might as well use it to advance to the next round.

  5. Blogs of War says:

    Mike Huckabee Melodrama: Pulls Negative Ad – Then Runs it for the Media

    A bizarre bit of political theater from the Huckabee campaign:
    Talk about political jujitsu!
    Mike Huckabee is holding a press conference right now in which he was supposed to unveil a new negative ad against arch rival Mitt Romney.
    But Mr. Huckabee …

  6. Huckabee Wont Run Negative Ads – Like This One!

    The leeward and winward sides of the blogosphere are united in excoriating Mike Huckabee for a press conference in which he denounced negative ads by playing a negative ad against Mitt Romney which he claims he decided not to run because he is …

  7. huckabee says:

    Huckabee is an ugly person with a black black heart.

  8. SDN says:

    Bill Clinton with a tinsel halo. Retch!

  9. Bruce says:

    When your campaign for president has to resort to tactics to get your message out, something’s off.

  10. the wolf says:

    Seriously, who plans on voting for this idiot? If Huckabee represents the GOP, then the GOP has seriously lost their conservatives.

  11. Richard says:

    I hate to say it but Huckabee an the anti-Christ. Besidees did anyone read about the money he took from an organization doing stem cell research and advocating for gay marriage? The guy is a joke. But I am tahnkful that he is looking after out country as far as Pakistans crossing the border are concerned, at least SOMEBOBY is watching, geesh. Her other ad actually says we have “principles we believe in which are more important than politics” but the way he says it is more like I cultus anti-American kind of way, like he wants to form the nations in his own image. That is if he had an image.
    Perhaps he should try hunting again, and deeming the duck he just killed a metaphor for the fate of those who don’t vote for him.

  12. BobInStamford says:

    Jesus hates stem cells. Thats why he killed Natalee.

  13. Ken says:

    Huck is the worst type of Christian leader — disingenuous, a liar, speaks out of both sides of his mouth, etc. His type is what allows atheists (and Dems) to point at Christians and make all sorts of accusations re: hypocrisy. He embodies so many bad traits that I just don’t see how any republican could ever vote for him.

  14. seekeronos says:

    And now for the vague RPG (role playing game) reference:
    *seekeronos equips holy hand grenade: Offensive modifier +15 Accuracy +22*
    *seekeronos readies special attack: Godwin’s Law Violation*
    *seekeronos uses special attack: Godwin’s Law Violation*
    >> “Mike Huckabee makes Hitler seem like a nice guy!!”
    *–> Mike Huckabee takes 0 points of damage*
    *–> Adolf Hitler takes 0 points of damage*
    *–> This thread takes 145,098 points of damage*

  15. David says:

    Why not check out Jonathan Martin’s post today and see if you still think this was some sort of staged show?
    Obviously, it wasn’t. I hope that you will correct the record, especially your snark about not lying.