Another Republican Debate

January 10, 2008

Alright, I need to revise and extend my comments, because I try to stay honest and I’m letting my personal first choice for an electable candidate, Romney, get in the way.

This was McCain’s night. Forget the Fox focus group, though  Fred was good and will gain some points. But, big picture, honestly, John McCain did himself a world of good tonight. And that when he’s already leading and has the momentum. It pisses me off to have to admit it. I don’t like him, not even sure I’ll vote for him. But look for the polls to show it – John McCain won this debate.

He is wrong on immigration, the Bush tax cuts, judges, etc. But no one effectively wrapped that around his neck. He was able to spin it and will probably get away with doing it, possibly right up until he wins Michigan, South Carolina and who knows what. Will he get the nomination? Just a hair too soon to say. But if he keeps up like this, it’s hard to see what stops him.

The Fox focus group claims Fred Thompson won the debate. His main play was the Huckabee attack. That was sure to play well with the base.

Honestly, all in all, I think the debate will be a wash with Fred gaining some from it. But I also think McCain did himself some good. Romney did well, too. But McCain did better early, particularly for the South Carolina base, which has a large military element. If Mitt wants to win Michigan, he’s going to have to win it on the ground and airwaves. Nothing particularly stood out that will win it for him tonight. But he didn’t hurt himself, either.

Hot Air has the video of Fred going after Huck. And, unfortunately, as Bryan points out, Fred won’t touch McCain. I’ve hinted here and said privately I suspect Fred is a stalking horse for McCain. It’s hard to conclude anything else. Sorry, Fredheads, I realize you bought Fred. But what you’ll find in the bag when you get home, is called John McCain.

OoooooW!!! Fred just blasted Huckabee out of the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

McCain on jobs – if you Google you might find something I heard on the car radio from a McCain live townhall on NPR. He said he’d support paying people who lost high paying jobs the difference in salary they experienced from having to take a lower paying job. That’s an entitlement I haven’t heard if, he was no more specific than that.

Oh, goodie – it’s a musical production. I love the anthem, but really. Get on with it. Michelle is live blogging.

While the timing makes this an important debate tonight, my gut feeling is it won’tbe a big deal. I hope I’m wrong. But drama is often hard to achieve in debates and that a couple have had some, more might be too much to ask for. But we’ll see.

Ace has a thread up – Hot Air was yielding a 404. I’ll update as we go, assuming there’s anything worthy of note.

Oh, one reason I’m not thrilled is because that idiot Ron Paul is in it tonight and it’s only an hour long. I can only imagine the time that’ll be wasted on him. And he always annoys the hell out of me.

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  1. Roy Mustang says:

    Fred’s record is exactly the same as McCain’s save for illegal immigration. Fred is pro-life, fiscally conservative, voted for McCain-Feingold, etc etc. Fred’s personality is completely different than McCain’s, of course.
    You people shouldn’t be surprised or that upset unless you care about personality more than policy.

  2. Snooper says:

    We live blogged and came up with:
    Hunter beat Rp because my dead cat can beat RP.

  3. Aye Chihuahua says:

    Gotta say it was Fred! all the way around tonight.
    McCain’s stand on immigration alone is enough to make me not want him. Add in his stand on “torture” and he becomes completely unpalatable for me.
    Will I vote for him if he is on the ticket? Yes.
    Will I have to hold my nose while doing it? Yes.

  4. What's Going On Here? says:

    “This was McCain’s night.”???
    Why do I even come to this blog anymore? Dan has clearly lost his mind.
    Fred ’08 – I’m all in!

  5. Peacerose says:

    I predict Fred will hit McCain at the time and place of his choosing.