McCain On Meet The Press

January 27, 2008

He just got done trashing Thad Cochran as a big pork guy in response to McCain being challenged on his notorious temper. This is the all spin zone, not really worth watching. zzzzzzzz

McCain confronted on flipping on the Bush tax cuts. Pure spin. It’s because of the economy now, blah, blah, blah. No straight talk here. Just the usual BS. The guy graduated at the bottom of his academy class. He’s not very bright, just folksy. He changes his mind but he hasn’t changed his mind. What a crock.

Update: Same BS on the economy, I have all these people around me. Anyone notice they are all as old as dirt, too?

Update: Gawd, I hope they don’t man-kiss. I swear, I’ll puke. Moving onto economics.

McCain perpetuates his lie as regards Romney’s time tables statement that never happened. Russert allowed McCain to read the first part of the quote and has not confronted McCain with part 2, where Romney indicated he would veto any time table from Congress. So much for the "hard" questioning Russert.

We might be looking at a love fest.

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  1. Allen Wood says:

    Tim Russert was ridiculous when he interviewed Romney. The whole time he was trying to catch him in a trap and the whole interview was about flip flopping.

  2. Peg C. says:

    Thank you for watching so we don’t have to!

  3. jjshaka says:

    They will prop up John for no other reason than making sure the next president is A) Liberal and B) kisses their ass 24/7.
    Everyone else is the enemy to them who must be destroyed.

  4. Sierra Faith says:

    McCain and Open Borders

    McCain needs to come clean — but he won’t.