Iraq, ABC And Jolie

March 16, 2008

Did ABC turn on Jolie due to her support of the war effort?

And a round up from Jules – Five Years On.

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  1. BobInStamford says:

    5 years of amazing victories and liberations. Only another 95 to go, patriots!
    And kudos to your leader for his inspirational words on the economy. He declared himself an ‘optimistic fellow’. Quite a leader, that Decider. Well done once again! That broken old man should have more photo ops with the Decider. America is rallying around him!

  2. templar knight says:

    I’ve been working on my brackets, Boob, and missed the “inspirational words on the economy”, but thanks for the heads up. In my spare time this evening, I’ve also been schooling another one of you Leftist dunces. He can’t seem to get his facts straight. Reminds me of you. Anyway, the economy is the best it’s ever, and I mean, EVER, been for me. Just so you know. Thanks for your concern.

  3. Scrapiron says:

    The ‘man’ led us out of a recession in 2001. Led the country out of the greatest disaster in history to stike in the country on 9-11-01, and the economy roared for six years. Funny thing happened in Jan 07, the democrats took over congress and they have managed to screw everything up beyond their fondest dreams. They haven’t gave up yet, they still have to goal of killing several million Iraqi’s and will give it their all. Welcome to real life under the democrat cowards and traitors. I guess Hussein ‘Tinker Bell’ Obama is the biggest racist they could locate in the country to run for president. I’ve never heard of a bigger one.

  4. BobInStamford says:

    I see that the vice-Decider snuck into Iraq today. Amazing, that after 5 years of ‘defeating’ a 3rd world nation with limited plumbing your ‘leaders’ still need to sneak around. Lets see how it goes after you patriots pump another $500 Billion in. I’m expecting GREAT things!

  5. syn says:

    I think Boob in Stamford is dreadfully unhappy because his teachers keep taking away all his Skittles.

  6. syn says:

    “Funny thing happened in Jan 07, the democrats took over congress”
    Yep, the price of gas is higher than ever and the cost of food is going through the roof; just wait until the taxman cometh.

  7. syn says:

    Why do I get the sense that all of Iraq is today far more peaceful and united than is the Democrat Party?

  8. chris says:

    Wow. 5 years and nothing to show for it. You must be very proud. Quite a ‘President’ you flag-wavers have there.

  9. seekeronos says:

    I blame the coming recessi…xxxx (no, scratch that…) *depression* on bankers that didn’t know how to say “no, I’m not going to give you that $500,000 jumbo loan on a 3/1 ARM with no down payment and a sub-600 credit rating on your combined $75,000p/a income” to greedy real estate speculators and moronic homeowners who decided to live way beyond their means
    I also blame it on the average consumer who feels the need to rack up over $8,000 of consumer debt (most credit cards) even after cashing out their house’s equity-ATM machine.
    And the weirdness of the hedge-fund managers and the Federal Reserve which is being run into the ground by Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke, as he hovers above the banks and keeps pumping them up full of worthless greenbacks fresh off the minting press.
    The wars overseas are actually a minor part of the gas crunch … it has a lot more to do with printing press inflation brought on by the Fed loosing control over the voodoo it used so well to keep the economic house of cards standing contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. Yet Helicopter Ben turned to the only thing he knows that kept the economy so well overheated: the minting press. The banks do us no great favour either by hoarding the cash it is getting (though understandable as they want to attempt to keep *their* obligations to their stockholders) while keeping pre-foreclosure interest rates – especially on those tricky ARMs – near the ceiling.
    This in turn affects the trade price of certain commodities such as oil production [fertilizers, tillage, harvesting] of food, and the distribution of food and goods [diesel over $4.25 + not good] as well as increased commuter costs.
    Food prices are skyrocketing not just on inflation and transport and production costs alone either; wheat is severely under produced this year partly due to weather phenomena, and partly due to the demand for ethanol (to make the summer gas blend as mandated by a bunch of happy Iowa farmers), a substance that is woefully poor in its Energy Returned On Energy Invested (EROEI).
    Wheat and corn are both staple grains for Americans. With the normal price of these grains more than doubling, and in some cases increasing five- and ten-fold, it WILL ripple down to Joe and Jane six-pack (oh yeah, that means beer won’t be easy to come by either, so good luck drowning your sorrows away on the cheap!). Wheat has historically traded at around $5 per bushel, and has recently been trading at over $35/bushel.
    [ ]
    And likely, the price will continue go up in a manner not necessarily linked to printing press inflation – that article I linked to is a month old and it hints at wheat prices soaring to $50/bushel, especially if we have a dry spell or heat wave come summer time. Add to this also that increased grain prices percolate through nearly every strata of our grocery bill: grains feed both beef and dairy cattle, swine, chicken, and if you are a vegetarian/vegan, you count on increased land usage for corn to keep you from getting your legume and bean proteins and tofurkey at the prices you like.
    As the late night infotainment ads go: “And there’s more…”! The conditions that helped create the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s may very well pay us another visit in its 80-year cycle. (Libs will doubtless say that it is evidence of AGW)… hah.
    Indeed, the White Horseman (False Prosperity/False Victory) has come, and is riding to and fro throughout the earth; the Red Horseman (War) has been among us for the past seven years and riding herd on in the Middle East. Now, the Black Horseman cometh, and with him, Famine and Depression, as the voice of God commands him:
    6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
    6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure [about one litre] of wheat for a penny, [tr. “denarius”, about one day’s wages] and three measures [litres] of barley for a [day’s wages] penny; and see thou hurt not the [olive] oil and the wine.
    (Revelation 6:5-6, KJV)
    And who comes after the Horseman Famine? None other than the Horseman of Death and Disease, and behind them, Hades.
    RPENT! … for I say to you, fellow Americans – unless we repent with tears and in sincerity of heart… the fierce vengeance and Holy Wrath of the Lord is coming upon us for our continued clinging to sin and wickedness and our Babylonish harlotries.
    The cup of the Lord’s Wrath is filled to the very brim for all of our babies-murdered-for-convenience, sodomies, sexual immoralities, inhospitalities, pride, and defrauding of one another; He shall make us drink of it until that same cup is empty, and unless we repent and turn to Him for forgiveness, we shall surely perish from this earth as a nation.
    And unlike Jeremiah Wright’s diatribes and “damnations” against us, this warning is not motivated by racialist posturing or political gain…
    It is motivated out of fear and awe of God’s Divine Might and Justice.

  10. syn says:

    I’m proud of my flag, proud of my president and proud of my country; the last five years has shown me that even though defeat dwells in the hearts of monsters all good people rose above the rancorous noise coming from ugly people and continued forward in victory.
    There is something to show for it, as the years go by it is remarkable to see the anti-war crowd growing from ugly to ugliest. Keep it up ugly dudes, I enjoy watching your demise.

  11. syn says:

    See, this is what happens when Democrats are in control of Congress, though I don’t believe we’ve quite reached Jimmy Carter’s high Misery Index yet.

  12. seekeronos says:

    Ethanol produced from corn has a very poor EROEI compared to unleaded gasoline (about a 35% of the total BTUs per gallon).
    Ethanol derived from sugar cane is closer to 80%. Unfortunately, only a very small sliver of the CONUS (lower 48 states) can be effectively used to grow this subtropical plant.
    Liquid coal might be a better solution, if we can make the Fischer-Tropsch process a bit more efficient. Or we could attmpt to harvest deep-ocean methane hydrates, or cap methane vents in the ocean floor (very very nasty for CO2 emissions though, for those who care about that sort of thing).

  13. chris says:

    You flag-wavers get more entertaining by the day. Put your heads back in the sand – your idiot leader says everything is ok. Speaking of ugly, November promises to be uglier for your ilk than that thing on the side of your candidate’s head.

  14. seekeronos says:

    “— See, this is what happens when Democrats are in control of Congress, though I don’t believe we’ve quite reached Jimmy Carter’s high Misery Index yet. —”
    I hope and pray that we do not return to this… but even with a thin Democratic majority in Congress, this country is in a shambles.

  15. seekeronos says:

    “— Speaking of ugly, November promises to be uglier… —”
    Perhaps so.
    But unless you are smart enough to have squirreled away plenty of heritage (non-hybrid) seed and actually know what to do with it (which I doubt you are, and I doubt you would know), your fat, slovenly Dartmouth-educated carcass just might lose a few hundred pounds as the Democratics deliver the coup-de-grace to our economy.
    Provided of course… that you don’t gobble up the Mexican gardeners you supposedly keep around your dad’s mansion.

  16. chris says:

    Boo hoo, Jesus-lover. Go take the mrs and the anchor baby and go pray in the bunker.

  17. Dan Riehl says:

    “You flag-wavers”
    Pretty much sums up today’s left that “flag waver” is considered an insult. FOAD, Chris. The malignant ingratitude you display for generations of “flag wavers” who gave their lives so that you could live free in the greatest country in the world disqualifies you from participation in any reasoned, adult debate.
    You are litle more than a scab on a sore spot in American politics and represent no broad faction of America at all. You are a broken, now empty vessel – a veritable waste as a human being.

  18. chris says:

    Such testiness from the party of Lincoln today.

  19. templar knight says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Dan. Bravo!

  20. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    “Pretty much sums up today’s left that “flag waver” is considered an insult.”
    Yeah, that “Jesus-Lover” and “patriot”. I’ve also noted that it is never some redneck with a trailer and a ten year old car he can barely afford with his low wage job. It’s always, always someone who has “benefitted” most from being born here. I guess that’s the answer, the people who have not risked or sacrificed anything have no problem turning their backs to those who have. Yet strangely they claim that these are exactly the people they care about……the one’s they’ve kept down basically.

  21. BobInStamford says:

    Sacrifice? Risk? What for? Your stammering leader was kind enough to cut the top marginal tax rate and thereby lighten my load. Even so, I pay my share. If you want to ‘risk’ and ‘sacrifice’ go right ahead. Have fun with that.

  22. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    “Your stammering leader was kind enough to cut the top marginal tax rate and thereby lighten my load.”
    Well then Boob, apparently you’re one of ther evil rich you hate so much. It also appears that you’re another one who inherited his fortune. I’ll pray for a 75% burden on folks like you!

  23. seekeronos says:

    And there is the problem with idle rich liberals like the Boob. Hypocrisy by the hogshead.

  24. templar knight says:

    Boob is not one of the idle rich, seek. The only thing idle about Boob is his brain. He more than likely works at a pizza joint and posts from his Mommy’s basement. Yeah, he’s a millionaire. LMAO!

  25. Floortje says:

    A very interesting documentary on the war in Iraq aired on Dutch television last night….
    The website is in Dutch, but most of the documentary is in English. Watch it!!!
    The link to the video is on the right hand side.

  26. Floortje says:

    A very interesting documentary on the war in Iraq aired on Dutch television last night….
    The website is in Dutch, but most of the documentary is in English. Watch it!!!
    The link to the video is on the right hand side.