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April 11, 2008

Stacy has a full round up, including additional pics and a Coulter anecdote. The guy has to be the hardest working dude in DC. I’ve yet to meet someone here he doesn’t know.

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  1. Fred Beloit says:

    I have a feeling Mark Levin might have something today or tomorrow to say about gray-haired Howard Dean being concerned about McCain being old (A legally protected class of citizens, does that make this hate speech?) and old-fashioned, you know OLD-FASHIONED like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, John Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

  2. anonymous says:

    Good to see you had sense to wear a white shirt with a suit. Now, breaktime’s over. Back to work!

  3. docweasel says:

    I think just about everyone is pretty sick of Mann Coulter. Even hard right conservatives have figured out she’s bad for the party and interested in nothing but her own self-aggrandizement, even at the expense of making Republicans look bad. I wish she _would_ vote for Hillary, and join that campaign. Republicans don’t need her kind of crap dragging them down.

  4. Fred Beloit says:

    newrepublicanweasel thinks Coulter is bad. But just see how devious the Chinese government can be.

  5. seekeronos says:

    Coulter’s kind of annoying, with occasional bouts of funniness.