Never In My Life

August 25, 2008

Never in my life can I recall a political party vilifying it’s last elected President as prelude, if not part of its convention. There are too many to link, see them all here.

Blame the Clintons, blame some of it on Obama’s arrogance, Hillary’s run – it doesn’t matter. The bitterness and the divisiveness is still what America will most perceive. Once again, the Democrats are demonstrating why so many Americans view them as too immature a party to lead.

Bush has had far worse press than the Clintons, but you’ll see none of this when the Republicans gather. There is simply no adult supervision at the top of the Democrat Party, or the DNC.

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  1. seekeronos says:

    Howard Dean must not have as much power as the top of the muck-heap that is the DNC.
    Meanwhile, get the popcorn out, this will be interesting to see how well the Dems eviscerate themselves and toss what could have been a fantastically easy election for Obama out the window with Clinton’s bath water.

  2. SacTownMan says:

    Paging Mr. Soros, paging mr. Soros!

  3. Hyscience says:

    Is There No Adult Supervision At The DNC?

    I have to agree with Dan Riehl on this (with links to examples); one would have to dig very deep and very far back in the history books to find a political party that vilified it’s last elected President as prelude, if not part of its convention; and e…

  4. jolari says:

    So Bush announced today that he is sending Cheney to Georgia next week. Is he quietly sending a message that a VP with experience in International dealings can make up for any shortcomings a President may have in that department? Could it be that he feels so strongly about McCain that he would sell the GOP short to satisfy his own personal wants??

  5. jharp says:

    You’ve got nothing, jackass.
    Please wait till Senator Clinton’s speech and we can see how divided the party is.
    I only wish we were able to gamble on the outcome. You ever hear the term “I’m all in”?

  6. PA says:

    Bill Clinton is so…last century. Its like bashing Woodrow Wilson.

  7. Horowitz says:

    Yowza! This collection of liberal freaks is going to make the Wellstone Memorial look like a love-fest for Trent Lott.
    All they need now is Lobster Boy and Joseph Merrick and it will be complete. Hell, the entire cast from the Mos Eisley cantina is less nutballish than what is currently inhabiting the DFL convention venue.

  8. jharp says:

    My, oh my.
    Senator Clinton today.
    “I understand that the McCain campaign is running ads trying to divide us and let me state what I think about their tactics and these ads: I am Hillary Clinton and I do not approve that message.”
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  9. Paulo, Sao Cordello, Portugal says:

    Hehehehehehe…you can almost smell the liberal sweat, not that you couldn’t before (ever visit San Fran?), but now it’s just running off of them in streams. “Uncle Tom” slurs, PUMA’s roving the venue looking for blood, Billy Clinton pissed about his prepackaged speech. Yessir, the leftonian libmonkeys are seeing their upcoming failure comin’ down the road.

  10. JustOneMan says:

    Oh yes..the “Clitons” are known for telling the truth and being honest…
    JOM…are DumboCraps really that stupid?

  11. Richard Peter Wiener III says:

    I wonder if Baracko will reprise his speech about the great accomplishments of China, “why, their buses are so clean, and look at the fireworks…and oh wow what at great infrastructure”! Just don’t pay too much attention to the gulags or the 70,000 corpses who died in the last earthquake due to “great infrastructure”.
    The DFL is on the verge of nominating the dumbest man ever to walk their halls; you decide if I’m talking about Obama, Biden or both.

  12. UNCoRRELATED says:

    Michelle Obama

    Watch this space for live blogging of Michelle Obama’s opening speech. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, but Michelle’s going to try. In spite of being filmed and recorded as saying that she’s only been…

  13. jharp says:

    “I wonder if Baracko will reprise his speech about the great accomplishments of China”
    I don’t think so.
    I expect the focus to be on the failures of George Bush and the republicans. And the fact that McCain = Bush.
    It’s just too obvious and easy.

  14. Richard Peter Wiener III says:

    I don’t think so either, it just wouldn’t do to have the mask fall to showcase his extreme liberalityness (I just coined that, feel free to use it at no charge).
    The tough part for Baracko will be figuring out how to make people understand that if McCain=Bush, then why oh why oh why would ‘Vice Presidential Nominee and Assistant Messiah Biden’ declare that he would happily run on a McCain ticket. Assistant Biden has also praised McCain’s stances on climate change and troop levels in Iraq and has acknowledged that McCain’s approach to foreign policy differs from President Bush’s.
    I suppose mentioning what Biden had to say about Obama and his readiness for command last August would just be racist.

  15. Horowitz says:

    Sen. Joe Biden, in a South Carolina Democratic debate in 2007: “I don’t have Barack Obama money either. My net worth is $70,000 to $150,000.”
    Man oh man, the hits just keep on comin’.
    It’s just too obvious and easy.

  16. seekeronos says:

    Of course, by the liberal calculus, it’s tabula rasa for anything Biden said about Obama during the primaries… and even THINKING about it is a nasty thought-hate-crime of racism and un-American behaviour in the perfect Caliphate the Most Holy Messiah and Maud’ib is ushering us plebeians into.
    Just wait for Obama’s eyes to turn blue-on-blue wilst giving his acceptance speech, just like that twit Paul Atreides from Dune. Then you’ll know he is truly the Chosen One.

  17. seekeronos says:

  18. seekeronos says:

    “— Bill Clinton is so…last century. Its like bashing Woodrow Wilson. —”
    But both Clinton and Woodrow Wilson deserve to be trashed for their horrible legacies they left the USA:
    W.W. brought us full steam into a policy of global military interventionism from which we have yet to recover, and Clinton continued W.W.’s militaristic interventions, as well as reducing the land’s most noble office into a tawdry laughingstock.