Obama’s Treasurer: Another Sub-Prime Beneficiary?

August 11, 2008

After seeing the latest image of Obamabeachbum strolling the coast of Hawaii with his friend and campaign treasurer Marty Nesbitt, I decided to Google Nesbitt’s name.

Marty Nesbitt, 44, founded an airport-parking operation called the Parking Spot (its biggest investor is the Pritzker family) and chairs the Chicago Housing Authority. He’s also presidential campaign treasurer for U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, godfather to Mr. Nesbitt’s youngest son. How he stays connected:

Pritzker? Now, why do I seem to recall that name? Oh, that’s right – I blogged about Penny Pritzker after reading an Instapundit post and link to the WSJ.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Top Obama Fundraiser Had Ties to Failed Bank. "Superior was seized in 2001 and later closed by federal regulators. Government investigators and consumer advocates have contended that Superior engaged in unsound financial activities and predatory lending practices. Ms. Pritzker, a longtime friend and supporter of Sen. Obama, served for a time as Superior’s chairman, and later sat on the board of its holding company. Sen. Obama has long criticized predatory subprime mortgage lenders and urged strong actions against them."

Quite a close and rather wealthy circle of Chicago friends has the would be political messiah Obama. But how exactly does that represent change?

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  1. Dennis D says:

    Are these the same Pritzkers who own Hyatt Hotels?

  2. david lewis says:

    Has Charles Keating commented yet?

  3. Robert Lewis says:

    Marty Nesbitt tax liens
    Martin Nesbitt, treasurer of the Obama campaign (Obama is godfather to his son): His personal tax lien, his corporation’s tax liens and more