Expert On Character Walter Monegan: Palin Not Fit!

September 15, 2008

Walter Monegan, at the center of the Palin Trooper-gate attack in Anchorage:

No matter how it plays out, Monegan says that as far as he’s concerned, the trooper case has highlighted a character flaw in the would-be veep.

"Inside all of us, we have our likes and dislikes," he said. "But when it comes time for doing official business, you put those back in the personal corner.

It seems when it comes to character flaws … Monegan’s a guy who might know something about that subject. Maybe he has an issue with women?

In October 1994, Monegan’s estranged wife, who had moved from Alaska to the Peninsula with the couple’s two daughters after more than 10 years of marriage, sought a temporary restraining order against him – accusing Monegan of threatening to kill her, waving a gun at her and dislocating her shoulder, according to her declaration on file in Santa Clara County Superior Court.


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  1. BobInStamford says:

    Well,well Patriots!! What a day! Your leader FORCEFULLY assured America that the economy is sound – and the Dow dropped another 300. The bad news is that the little old man knows as much about the economy as he does about computers. The good news is that Truck and Tick’s mommy is an OUTSIDER. Plus she can see Russia from her window! BONUS!!
    Semper Fi, heroes. Stay STRONG!!!

  2. jaime says:

    The fundamental business of the country . . . is on a sound and prosperous basis.”
    Herbert Hoover – Friday Oct. 25, 1929
    “Our economy, I think still, the fundamentals of our economy are strong.”
    John McCain – Monday September 15, 2008

  3. StevefromMKE says:

    How Bob, parroting another Donkey talking point about McCain and computers…can’t you morons think on your own or do you need an email everyday to tell you want to do?

  4. jaime says:

    The man to lead us into the new Century is the man stuck in a prison cell from the last one.

  5. PA says:

    Good to know the left’s new hero makes death threats and beats up women. Classy.

  6. seekeronos says:

    “— Good to know the left’s new hero makes death threats and beats up women. Classy. —”
    Kinda reminds one of a radical, misogynist Muslim, doesn’t it?

  7. WileECoyote says:

    Ayers, Rezcoe and Wright, oh my.
    Lions, Tigers and Bears,
    A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders….

  8. seekeronos says:

    On an economic note, though the Dow fell 504.48 points (about -4.42%), it did not come close to touching the “circuit-breaker” switches (currently 1,200 points and 2,400 points) which either halt or totally shuts down the exchanges depending upon certain time criteria.
    Bob, being some sort of genius day-trader/i-banker should know this.
    While a -4.42% single-day fall isn’t exactly roses, caviar, and champagne for the markets, it is not the seventh seal coming undone, much less the sign of the Great Depression and massive famine and homelessness at our doorstep either.
    Now if we see 4% – 5% daily declines in the value of the Dow over the next few days, (for a cumulative decline of 20% or more in one week) then we may need to re-evaluate this.
    I expect that the market will have some rough spots, possibly dropping another 250 – 300 points, and then start to recover slowly, or lateral for several weeks in the 10,800 to 11,200 range with a few bounces here and there.
    People, we’ve been through worse in recent years:
    – Post 9-11 aftermath: The week of 14-21 September, 2001 running a 14.3% decline in the Dow, being the worst since the mini-crash of ’97
    – 1997 “mini-crash”, a.k.a. “The Asian (currency crisis) Contagion”: Dow loses a total 554.26 points, or 7.18% on 27 October, 1997.
    – Black Monday of 19 October, 1987, where the Dow fell 508 points (note: only 4 more points than today) but the same point-loss shredding the Dow by a mind-boggling 22.6%
    – Crash of 1929: During the three-day spread of this debacle, the market declined some 13%+, only to recover much of its loss a few days later. However, the credit troubles underpinning the crash later resulted in an overall market decline of nearly 90% in the following years (1931-1932)

    So, just to put things into some perspective, this isn’t the end of the world.

  9. Spartan112 says:

    If the guy is guilty of what he is accused of then he’s a jerk. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about whether or not Gov. Palin tried to exert pressure to have a trooper fired. Right now Dan is doing what you all have accused the media of doing about Palin, digging up dirt. The thing is the “dirt” about Palin is relevant information regarding her ability to lead and it also points to whether or not she is the “maverick” she claims to be.
    Now, of course, she’s refusing to speak to investigators. So much for cleaning up government.

  10. V says:

    If not for political bias, I’m quite certain that you’d speak differently about Monegan’s actions.
    The trooper is also “a jerk,” I guess. Tasering your step-son and threatening to murder in-laws is very jerkish behavior, but it’s not criminal or anything. I mean, come on. So an armed officer of the law is a little insane … what’s the big deal? Gov. Palin absolutely should speak to investigators and give credibility to a questionable inquiry that oversteps legal boundaries.
    I’m a libertarian and I have major issues with both sides, but the hatchet job on Palin is just ridiculous.

  11. Spartan112 says:

    That’s not what’s in question here. The point is did Palin attempt to use influence and it seems clear she did. In fact, by not directing the trooper to specifically be fired it seems the Palin camp knew precisely what they were doing.
    We know the trooper tasered his step son and was punished for that. We do not know if he threatened his in-laws or not. But I can tell you that divorces are often messy and accusations get thrown around for a variety of reasons (in this case there was a custody dispute) so who knows for sure what is true.

  12. V says:

    I agree that the death threats have not been verified beyond a shadow of a doubt. There’s still confusion over whether the investigation substantiated that claim, but I’m inclined to believe it. Regardless of the accusation’s veracity, however, I must strongly disagree with your statement that Palin clearly abused her influence. You said that she did not specifically demand that Monegan fire Wooten. So your problem is that other people may have intervened on her behalf, without her knowledge or authorization? … You know what? If a colleague were being threatened by an unstable state trooper, I would try to get the trooper fired. Hell, even if I hated the coworker with a burning passion, I still wouldn’t want someone like Wooten in law enforcement. People seem to forget how much power cops have, and that they’re human beings with psychological vulnerabilities (including to the effects of steroids). That’s why we have psych evals. An ounce of prevention, folks.
    As a hypothetical: If someone close to Palin had actually tried to have Wooten kicked off the force (and disarmed), can you tell me with certainty that s/he did it for political reasons, and political reasons only? Maybe somebody thought that the state’s Public Safety Commissioner should, you know, *protect the public* rather than allow a potentially dangerous man to wear a badge and a gun. (Again: An ounce of prevention.)
    Accusations get thrown around in a lot of situations, not just custody disputes. Apparently in this case, Palin was really PO’d that Monegan disobeyed her non-order to fire Wooten, so three years later she fired him as punishment. That’ll show him who’s boss!

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