Sullivan Finally Cracked – Now He’s Hearing Things

September 27, 2008

Sullivan’s latest nonsense suggesting McCain said "Horsesh/t" during the debate. Too bad Andy didn’t take the time to watch McCain’s lips while he utters the first instance. He was saying "Of course not." And as soon as he had the mic, he said, "I’m not going to set the WH visitor’s schedule before I’m President of the US."

Yep: McCain clearly swore twice when challenged by Obama on his disdain for the Spanish prime minister. You can hear him cuss Obama out at around the 4:30 mark in this video. A little taste of what most of his fellow senators have had to listen to for the last two decades.

It’s at 4:30 in, listen for yourself. And even if he were correct, which he is not, you’d think Andy wouldn’t mind a little rough language now and then given some of his past Internet pursuits.

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  1. How dare you insinuate that the only TRUE conservative left in the Universe is a liar. Don’t you know who he is! ;)

  2. Stealth Gay Conservative Academic says:

    Wait until Andy plays that clip backwards. You won’t *believe* what it says then!

  3. Jeffersonian says:

    Andy’s out of his mind.

  4. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    “Wait until Andy plays that clip backwards.”
    Jaime already did and put it on you-tube. It’s either satan or Marylyn Manson…..not sure.

  5. How in the F do I get a high paying job writing crap like this daily? I could surely turn my brain off for at least a half hour a day…just do all my writing in that time period.

  6. gk1 says:

    Why does anyone care what the Lord Haw-Haw of the gay set has to say anymore? Haven’t read him in years. Couldn’t care less.

  7. Richard Romano says:

    “rough language now and then given some of his past Internet pursuits.”

  8. RajivVindaloo says:

    I care what he says. He’s a neverending source of entertainment and Schadenfreudal glee.

  9. Fred Beloit says:

    I think Andrew may be behind (??) this troll:
    “Last week, McLame tells us the “economy is strong”
    Yesterday McLame tells us the “economy is in crisis”. How bad? He has to suspend his campaign to go to Washington pledging to stay until its fixed.
    Today, with no fix in sight, McLame leaves Washington.
    Some leader.
    Posted by: Worst President Ever | Friday, September 26, 2008 at 04:35 PM”
    But Mr Ever should see this howler by Obie, who seems to have changed his mind.
    Via Little Green Footballs. Scroll down to video of Obie:

  10. StevefromMKE says:

    I see that the Conservative soul taker has changed his tune…”corshucan”

  11. Andrew Sullivan says:

    I have updated my original post to set the record straight…if you will pardon the expression. My hubbie says that McCain actually said “course not.” After reviewing the tape 60 or 70 times I have reluctantly concluded that he is correct and I was probably, perhaps, maybe not right.
    Never mind.

  12. MarkJ says:

    It’s official: Excitable Andy wants to have Obama’s baby. However, Mr. (Ms.?) Sullivan remains in constant mourning knowing this will never happen because Mother Nature–THAT BITCH!–cursed him with the wrong chromosomes.

  13. bobt says:

    “after reviewing the tape 60 or 70 times” He has surely lost his mind.

  14. J says:

    And here I thought they wanted us to be more like the Euros/Brits. Ever see some of that stuff that goes on in their debates?

  15. SarahW says:

    Sullivan has worms in his ears now.
    Seriously, ototoxic meds might have contributed to his hearing mistakes.

  16. SarahW says:

    Some meds for HIV are associated with some hearing loss. Also HCV. And some antibiotic treatment (such as azithromycin) are ototoxic as well.
    Someone mentioned Allahpundit wondering about choice of words. That’s just weird. I can hear it plain as day and he says “course not”. With a hard “c”. and a NOT.

  17. mee says:

    did Sullivan hear the word “ORGY” come out of Obama’s mouth…like it says you can take the man out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the man…OMG am I now a RACIST??? we are tired of people trying to use that reverse psycholgy B.S.

  18. Rob says:

    That clown Sullivan lost all credibility with me when he suddenly reversed himself on support for the Iraq War when the gay marriage debate came along. You would think that those two things are not related, but apparently in his small mind they are.