Obama’s Campaign Finance Fraud

October 24, 2008

NOT coming to a major news outlet near you anytime soon, I would imagine. Thou must not taint the messiah before election day.

Democratic nominee Barack Obama has raised more than $600 million in his presidential campaign so far. In September alone, Obama raised $150 million, and his organization’s fundraising machine continues to pump out pleas for cash, including an appeal for small $10 contributions sent before the “deadline,” so backers won’t miss out on a nifty “Obama-Biden Car Magnet!”

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  1. templar knight says:

    Really, this is comical. The guy is going to spend $600,000,000+ trying to get elected to the Presidency. Where is this money coming from? More election fraud on a global scale by the Democraps. This jerk Obama can’t govern. Hell, he’s broken every campaign financing law on the books, and his moronic, hypocritical supporters look the other way. I can just imagine the outrage if a Republican was doing this. The lamestream media has lost what little bit of credibility it had left. All gone.

  2. Lala says:

    How are these charges going through? Is Master Card in cahoots with them? Why are the testers giving $20.00 donations, why not $5.00? Does this also have anything to do with people finding unauthorized charges to Obama’s campaign on their credit card statements?

  3. jharp says:

    “Obama’s Campaign Finance Fraud”
    What a bunch of utter nonsense.
    The article did not cite one single shred of evidence. Not one.
    Because there is none.

  4. Bilby says:

    Via Ace:
    From the above linked blog:
    Not surprisingly, I received little response, except from one Virginia paper — and yes, I was targeting swing states, thanks — who wrote:
    We’ll look for such a story from our various wire services. Thanks.

  5. jharp says:

    Oh, I almost forgot.
    It did mention McCain being hamstrung by accepting federal funds.
    Too funny. McCain opts to suck off the government teat like he has his entire life. Then Obama annihilates him with money from the private sector.
    And the wingnuts whine! Hilarious.
    This just gets better every day.

  6. templar knight says:

    Lala, Mark Steyn and Powerline both have quite a bit of information on Obama’s fundraising fraud. Everything the Democraps have ever said about elections is now down the crapper. The hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds.

  7. Bye bye, Jharp.
    “Consider the cases of Obama donors “Doodad Pro” of Nunda, N.Y., who gave $17,130, and “Good Will” of Austin, Texas, who gave more than $11,000—both in excess of the $2,300-per-person federal limit. In two recent letters to the Obama campaign, Federal Election Commission auditors flagged those (and other) donors and informed the campaign that the sums had to be returned. Neither name had ever been publicly reported because both individuals made online donations in $10 and $25 increments. “Good Will” listed his employer as “Loving” and his occupation as “You,” while supplying as his address 1015 Norwood Park Boulevard, which is shared by the Austin nonprofit Goodwill Industries. Suzanha Burmeister, marketing director for Goodwill, said the group had “no clue” who the donor was. She added, however, that the group had received five puzzling thank-you letters from the Obama campaign this year, prompting it to send the campaign an e-mail in September pointing out the apparent fraudulent use of its name.”
    Now, JHarp, you said those contributions weren’t fraudulent.
    You’ve already insisted that false voter registrations aren’t a crime. Now you’re saying that false campaign contributions aren’t. Do Obamabots like you respect ANY Federal laws?

  8. templar knight says:

    Let me see, jharp, your lying-ass candidate said he was going to accept federal funds. As for your stupid statement, get real. Your candidate is tainted, and will not be able to govern. He is a felon. He will end up in jail, where his sorry ass belongs.

  9. By the way, Jharp, as all those sources point out, you CAN’T make a contribution like that on the McCain website; it won’t let you put in a credit card number without providing correct information. Just like virtually every other website out there that cares about fraudulent transactions.
    Only Obama and the Democrat Party have websites that encourage people to use fraudulent names and addresses relative to their contributions, which makes it much more difficult to determine whether or not a person is contributing more than the legal limit. Why would they encourage such behavior?

  10. templar knight says:

    “Why would they encourage such behavior?”
    Pretty obvious, NDT. They are nothing but a bunch of crooks. They will all end up in jail, even if they do win. This country is not Chicago. They can get away with criminal acts there, but it won’t play so well nationwide. It will be fun watching these assholes fall if they manage to win.

  11. BobinStamford says:

    “They will all end up in jail, even if they do win.”
    Don’t hold your breath, patriot. Remember, it’s not your country any more.

  12. BobinStamford says:

    Oh GOD. I just went to find an ATM in a trailer park. BIG MISTAKE. I immediately realized that I didn’t belong. I took out $60 and was approached by a 5’8″ guy with a mullet and a shirt that had a #8 on it (must be some sort of redneck code). He said that I had to hand over the money so that he could buy meth and a Slim Jim or he’d “gut me like a fish”. I complied.
    As he walked away he noticed my German auto (looking great after being recently detailed, btw) and saw my Obama/Biden magnet (so as not to damage the paint). He came back and got in my face. I could tell that he had never owned a toothbrush and if he had one he’d use it to scratch the fleas off of his hound. He told me that Obama was a muslim and a terrorist. I told him that he was just a bitter inbred who had nothing left but his meth, his nascar his guns and a fat wife who was probably a blood relation.
    This seemed to agitate the perpetrator – I’ll call him Vern (he looked like a Vern). He then pulled out his oh-so-manly hunting knife and managed to carve a W on my cheek. I asked him if he was trying to go for an M – like, you know, McCain, but got it upside down. He informed me that he wasn’t too big on book learnin’ and that all the letters kind of looked the same.
    Anyway, I’m lucky to be alive. Please – I don’t need any medical attention. I’ll be just fine. I just wanted to point out what kind of people support John McCain.

  13. RHOmea says:

    Campaign finance fraud – where’s your evidence?
    More emptyheaded BS from Riehl.
    The facts are
    > in 2004 over $550 MILLION was spent on the campaigns in 527 PAC money – the Swift Boat 527, spent $22.4 million ALONE on false attack ads on Kerry.
    > Over 880 MILLION was raised 7 over 770 mill spent by both parties
    > For a total of over $1.25 BILLION SPENT in 2004
    Obama wisely saw McCain-Feingold for what it is – a sham that gives the politicians cover by accepting public finance while 527s do the unregulated heavy grifting.
    He also wisely took control of fundraising in-house and largely bypassed the 527s and Dem Party so he could control the ways & means of the message.
    ummm, not so smart. he obviously though that the Big Money Reps would come to his rescue like they did for Bush, but he has a problem – they don’t really like him too much.
    the results will speak for themselves on Nov 4th.

  14. Lala says:

    Fraud online – Obama campaign covering up who is donating.
    Who is John Galt?
    Well, I decided to do a little experiment. I went to the Obama campaign website and entered the following:
    Name: John Galt
    Address: 1957 Ayn Rand Lane
    City: Galts Gulch
    State: CO
    Zip: 99999
    Then I checked the box next to $15 and entered my actual credit card number and expiration date (it didn’t ask for the 3-didgit code on the back of the card) and it took me to the next page and… “Your donation has been processed. Thank you for your generous gift.”
    This simply should not, and could not, happen in any business or any campaign that is honestly trying to vet it’s donors. Also, I don’t see how this could possibly happen without the collusion of the credit card companies. They simply wouldn’t allow any business to process, potentially, hundreds of millions in credit card transactions where the name on the card doesn’t match the purchasers name.