Obama’s Thesis On Soviet Nuclear Disarmament

October 15, 2008

This seems a might strange. Obama has sounded mostly silly for trying to use his student travels to Pakistan to speak to his alleged knowledge of foreign affairs. Yet he is said to have penned his senior thesis on Soviet Nuclear disarmament just a few years before the end of the Cold War thanks to Reagan. Why wouldn’t he want to share his great insights with the world?

Anyone want to guess just how far on the wrong side of History Obama was on that one? I’m thinking pretty far if he’s afraid of having it read.

He barely mentions Columbia, training ground for the elite, where he transferred in his junior year, majoring in political science and international relations and writing his thesis on Soviet nuclear disarmament.

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  1. Robert says:

    We still have a good chance. Don’t give up.
    Released: October 15, 2008
    Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama 48%, McCain 44%
    Obama holds edge as race remains stable
    UTICA, New York – The race for the White House has developed a familiar ebb and flow in advance of tonight’s final presidential debate, as Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama remains slightly ahead of Republican John McCain, but cannot seem to break away, the latest results from the Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking telephone poll shows.
    After making a move forward the day before, edging outside the margin of error, yesterday’s three-day rolling average showed Obama again sliding back. He still leads McCain by a 48.2% to 44.4% margin, an advantage of 3.8 percentage points. This comes after leading by 6.2 percentage points the day before.
    In this latest report on the three-day rolling average, McCain gained 1.6 percentage points, while Obama lost 0.8 percentage points.
    The stagnant nature of this race comes as tonight’s final presidential debate looms. The first two presidential face-offs have been somewhat lackluster, failing to gain a television audience as large as the debate between the vice-presidential candidates, Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin. Tonight’s event is the last time Obama and McCain will stand on the same stage before the election.
    The rolling telephone tracking poll included a sample of 1,210 likely voters collected over the previous three 24-hour periods spanning four calendar days – approximately 400 per 24-hour period from Oct. 11-14, 2008. The poll was conducted by live telephone operators in Zogby’s in-house call center in Upstate New York and carries a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percentage points.
    Obama lost ground among independents in this latest edition of the tracking poll, and now leads McCain by just 8 points, 44% to 36%, with the rest of the independents either favoring a different candidate or remaining undecided. Obama’s lead just yesterday among independents in the three-day rolling average was 17%. Both candidates continue to perform well among their respective party members.
    Three Day
    Tracking Poll
    Others/Not sure
    McCain has flipped places with Obama among men, and now leads by an insignificant one percent, while Obama leads by 8 points among women, down from 11 points in yesterday’s report.
    Liberal voters support Obama over McCain by an 85% to 11% margin, while McCain leads among conservatives by a 74% to 19% edge. Among moderates, 61% support Obama, while 33% support McCain.
    McCain has regained the lead among those in military families, and now leads in the group, 49% to 44%. Obama has held a small edge in that demographic group for a few days.
    Among those voters who said they have registered to vote in the last six months, Obama leads McCain by a 55% to 34% margin. Among those who have already voted – about seven percent of the sample – Obama leads by a 56% to 40% edge over McCain.
    Daily Tracking Continues
    This daily tracking telephone poll will continue each day until the Nov. 4 election. With each new day of responses that are folded into the poll, the oldest third of the survey is removed, so the poll “tracks” changes in voter attitudes following events and developments in the campaigns. Keep up-to-date every day by visiting http://www.zogby.com.

  2. Spartan112 says:

    Of course he could be our current fearless leader who wrote his thesis in crayon on the advantages of booze over blow.

  3. Susan says:

    SOCIALISM 101…OBAMA TALKS TO A PLUMBER. ~Obama can take his plans ans shove them as far as I am concerned. Wake up America.
    This one is the plumber talking to Obama.

    This one is the plumber talking to Neil ON FOX ON THE PHONE ABOUT HIS CONVERSATION WITH OBAMA.

    Now if you really want to see a good video about Obama check this one out. Now this is the bomb.
    Gotta love it.