Uh “O”, … Connect These Two Dots

December 16, 2008

Allegedly Jessie Jackson Jr. has talked to the Feds about Blago since 2006 when he feels he was the target of a $25,000 shakedown over his wife being up for a slot with the state lottery. Now recall Jackson senior suggesting he'd like to remove a certain part of Obama's anatomy for "talking down to black people" on this "faith based," whatever he was referring to. There may well might be more to the animosity than that. In a sense, there are two camps emerging as Obama was definitely a Blago guy given his high profile in support of Blago's political campaigns. One of them the very same one in which Jackson Jr. felt he was the target of a shakedown.

Inject some serious bad blood between groups of people, all inside players in a Chicago now engulfed in scandal, and it might lead to all sorts of interesting information coming out. If nothing else, I can understand why Obama might want a little vacation. Maybe he should wear a cup if he goes bodysurfing. He could get hurt if Reverend Jackson Sr decides he wants to collect his prize.

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (CNN) — Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. — who was cited in a criminal complaint against Rod Blagojevich — has been an informant for at least a decade with the U.S. Attorney's office, and has informed on the embattled governor of Illinois, though not in the case currently under investigation, Jackson spokesman Kenneth Edmonds told CNN Tuesday.

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  1. jharp says:

    “I can understand why Obama might want a little vacation”
    Only a tried and true wingnut could come up with a remark like this.
    Just making shit up. You are a disgrace to bloggers. And a disgrace to our country. Good God, we’re better than this kind of utter bullshit.

  2. SacTownMan says:

    Harpo, do you EVER have anything meaningful to contribute besides the constant verbal diarrhea that spews out of your mouth?
    It’s more obvious with every new bitchy post you make why you were banned by Patterico’s.
    I like the vast majority of regulars here could only hope that Dan would bend his rule a little and do the same.
    You are truly pathetic!

  3. Keemo says:

    jharp was one of the most foul mouthed pathetic useless idiots to ever post comments at Captains Quarters… A true example of the “misery loves company” mantra so deserving of a Liberal.

  4. Eric Blair says:

    I’m not seeing where this has much to do with Obama. But what I’d like to know is, if J3R had given $25,000 to Blago in 2002, and his wife had got the job, would we he have snitched?
    /Stop snitchin’

  5. Philip McDaniel says:

    I see Narcissus, aka jharp, is ranting again. Back to your mirror, Narci.

  6. Philip McDaniel says:

    “He could get hurt if Reverend Jackson Sr decides he wants to collect his prize.”
    LOL! Someone could. I suspect, however, that there will be concerted efforts to paper over any differences between the two groups if things look to get serious.