Obama Up To His Old Tricks

January 30, 2009

If you think this is a well intentioned move by Obama, think again. A genuinely decent person would not put someone like Gregg in this position unnecessarily. It forces him to make the kind of impossible decision a truly honorable person would dread. Meanwhile, Obama aligned groups are attacking Gregg in New Hampshire. This is about removing any and all opposition to Obama's agenda. Were his only motivation to place a Republican in his cabinet, he could simply wait until Gates moves on, when he still might ask McCain to go in as Sec Def. He went behind the scenes to remove the opposition in his first election. His true motivations are nothing short of that now.

WASHINGTON — President Obama and his advisers have approached Senator Judd Gregg, Republican of New Hampshire, about becoming commerce secretary, a step that could open the way to significant shift in the balance of power in Congress.

If Mr. Gregg accepted the post, he would probably be replaced by a Democrat. Now, there are 58 Democrats in the Senate, with the number rising to 59 if Al Franken of Minnesota is seated after the court challenge to his race is completed. The replacement of Mr. Gregg could give Democrats 60 seats, the number needed to control the legislative agenda without the threat of Republican filibusters.

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  1. Chaz says:

    Does she have to accept the post? If she doesn’t, I’d ask her to refuse.

  2. swift boater says:

    If Obama was serious and wanted Sen Gregg, he and Gregg could go to the Dem Governor and make some sort of deal. An easy one that comes to mind is like the one WY has, give the Gov 3 candidates from the Republicans and let him pick one of them. Plenty of other ways I’m sure.
    Assuming the Governor of NH is trustworthy and doesn’t do a doublecross. Bet Reid, Pelosi and Obama would try it.
    PS- Sen Gregg is a male.

  3. Formwiz says:

    Turn it down, Judd. Since the Demos have become the party of Wall Street, they can find one of the bank CEOs who’s been paying them off for the post.

  4. Lala says:

    I worked for a company that was unionized. Whenever they wanted to get rid of someone they would promote him/her to a management position and then fire him three months later.
    Another trick was to promote their most annoying union delegates to management jobs. These people didn’t get fired however, as, once being in charge, they became tyrannical.
    Sen. Gregg should be wary.

  5. WBestPresidentEver says:

    Guess they are trying to bring the TV Program “Let’s make a deal back”
    Gregg should make a DEAL of his on if he accepts.
    I am beginning to think that Obama and company think people are blind to his motives.
    He knows his followers are Stupid cause they voted for him ..LOL
    But I do beleive that he is underestimating the 47% of people who did not vote for him. They are certainly not BLIND SHEEP.
    I hope Senator Gregg is cautious.
    By the way..UNIONS SUX !! They are contributors to the downfall of many companies in this country. Especially the auto makers.

  6. TheSpartan says:

    Hey I hope he turns it down, then Obama reached across the aisle only to have his hand slapped.
    Funny, I voted for Gregg for Gov the first time I was eligible to vote.